The dynamic range on these recordings is probably

much more than you or your stereo speakers are used to.


These songs are actually meant to be played with several walls of very high quality 15 inch speakers.


Twelve inch speakers would be the smallest one would want to use.


Yet, most speakers are three, five, or seven inches wide.


So, you will want to turn it up to hear the whispering parts only to find out that when it suddenly starts to become loud you might not be able to get to your volume control before your speaker cones and coils are fried and cooked.


I have blown up every single speaker which I have ever owned which is smaller than 12 inches, I am almost sure; and, as you might imagine, I have had many more than most persons.


And all of those in spite of numerous precautions.


So, a word of warning to the wise.


The best thing to do is to go through the song with the volume kept at moderate volume until you figure out where the loudest part of the song is, then turn up your volume to the max at that spot, in order to set your volume at a reasonable maximum;  otherwise you will almost certainly find that what seemed like a reasonable volume is now about to blow the speaker cones right off while instantly frying the speaker coil, and thereby causing you to be mad at me, once again.


You have been warned!!


Remember, this music is meant to be played very loud, either through large speakers or good headphones with very deep bass.


But, just for the record, as all of his neighbors can attest, the composer loves it really loud.


As a matter of fact my personal rule is the walls should be shaking hard, along with your garage door spring coils, which should be vibrating loudly and wildly, and the windows should be just on the verge of shattering from all of the shaking and rumbling.


Now you're talking.


And just in case you think I am joking, I must tell you that the garage coils will eventually tear loose and come flying across the room with terrifying speed and force and with a very loud and terribly frightening sound.

The only thing I can remember thinking for the rest of the night was "I am sure glad that didn't hit me", because it would most definitely have been certain death, untimely ("but oh how well deserved", some of my oh so numerous detractors could be heard to be saying).


I speak from personal experience regarding this matter and pass it on in hopes of saving you the expensive experience of blowing your garage door right off of the wall, like I did (by accident, of course).




I think that depends on how loud LOUD is.


--- Here, it appears that loud was TOO LOUD.


What do you think?.






So do not complain to me, because I'm too busy cleaning up the remains of my last LOUD experiment right now.


And that could take quite awhile by the looks of  what another fine mess you have gotten us into.