New material is put into

the most recent "Music" page.


Typically they are named

for the year

or time of year

during which the compositions are written.


The compositions, themselves,

are normally named for the date

on which they were composed.


(It became far too burdensome,

while writing in large volume

to make up names for every new piece.


So, over the years

I settled on using a dating system

for naming compositions.)


Whenever I add new material onto the site

I will normally post a blog

as soon thereafter as possible.


Normally will tell

interesting associated facts

and/or thoughts, etc.




This music is made for pure enjoyment.


I am always the first to get to listen,

because I am the one screening material.

If I do not enjoy it doesn't go on site.




Also, it is intended and expected

that you will download the songs

onto an MP3 player

and listen through some

high quality headphones,

preferably with maximal bass 



 they are very hard on the ears).




The music is written

to be played VERY LOUD!


But, that would be on large speakers,

NOT headphones.


Please try not to use excessive volume

with something that is so close

to your ear drum/s.


Deafness is a certainty

when headphones are used improperly.




Finally, I have granted a single user license

for personal use of the MP3s,

to all listeners,

such license to be revocable,

at any time  

upon sole discretion of copyright holder

(i.e. me).



Due to the length

and sonic complexity

of the songs,

I find it best to download the MP3

files of whatever songs you like,

in whatever order you like,

on your player,

rather than relying entirely upon

streaming across radio waves.




So, for example, if you hate organ,

then don't download any organ songs.


If you hate choir, likewise.


If you like nothing but choir,

or nothing but organ,

or electronic,

or hypnotic,

or orchestral,


then you are free

to make your own playlist.




Download what you do like

in whatever order

is most pleasing to you.



Then kick back and enjoy.



"Turn on, tune in, and drop out",

as they used to say when I was

just a young child.



Empty your mind of all thoughts.



And then, relax a little, already,

why don't you?






(note: 4-25-14 - for more writings and audio recordings on subjects of religion

philosophy, and such like, see my other webite, which I just began setting up, at: