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as in "trance, not dance" 


I have been composing music for over forty years. 

I started on guitar at fifteen years old.  During five years I learned how to read music and studied music history and styles (contemporary and classic) and harmony and counterpoint.

At the age of twenty I took up piano tuning and piano playing.

Because of my prior experience I was able to pick up the instrument very quickly.

Over the years I played piano, harpsichord, electronic organ and pipe organs.

During the middle nineteen seventies I began to experiment with electronic music and synthesizers.

I have been intensely in love with them ever since that time; a love which has only intensified with each passing year.

During the entire time I have been composing music.

First with guitar/s and then with every keyboard instrument which I played.

Following the invention of MIDI and digital audio sequencing and editing programs I began to use MIDI to write the notes out for me, as I composed live, giving me the ability to focus entirely upon the composition and it's form and voice leading, etc., instead of having to stop every few seconds to write notes on music paper.

As I continued perfecting these techniques during the past thirty years, I have become very adept at what I call "free composition".

I am free from the contstraint of pen and paper and can now freely conceive of musical ideas and follow them to their logical (and not-so-logical) conclusions as I allow the MIDI to do all of the writing down of the notes for me.

Since being a small child I have had a sense of wonder at the universe about me and about the Creator who has so benificently provided us with such beauty and awesomeness.

It is about the stars, and deep space, and underwater worlds, where things are very large, and deep inner space, where things are very small, that I like to think about while composing.

Each song which you will hear was written with no forethought whatsoever.

I never know what I am going to write or when.

I will just become compelled, over time, to write, and then am almost forced to sit down and "go under", which means to put on the headphones and leave this world and enter into another world, in which you are only constrained by the limits of your own imagination and nothing more, or less.

This music is written for your enjoyment and entertainment, and will, hopefully, stir your imagination, and cause you to think and to wonder and to regain that very precious sense of awe which you had as a very young child, to which every single thing was and is a matter of the greatest amazement.

I wish you many hours of enjoyable listening.


August 25, 2011

Ventura, California, USA



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