Coming home;  over LAX - April 2012;  the blurring is caused by intense air disturbances;  everyone on plane is oooohhing and ahhhing, except for me, of course!  Should have tried my first commercial flight, which was over to Oahu through a hurricane with hundreds of feet of dropping and being shot up into the air; I didn't know until much later that this was not normal.

The land of my nativity.  Now, someone tell me this.  Does my city look like a circuit board?  or does the circuit board look like my city?  I await an intelligent response to this query just as soon as is reasonably possible. 

 The land where I grew up.  The Rincon Highway.

The world famous California sunset;  did I just hear someone say "pink moment"?

Well, you are sitting right in the middle of one, here.

Only Napili Sunset on Maui even comes close. 

This is the view from my bed.

Yes, it can get very scary as the tide rises.

And, yes, you willl most definitely have to close and lock the doors and windows.

It gets really scary as you start to get hit;  especially knowing that you would not be the first to end up out at sea.

I figure I can justify this by claiming to be the tsunami early warning system.

I can hear it now:  "Run for the high ground!  Run for the high ground!". 

And so I shall, if I am able.

As a matrter of fact, I already have my path picked out.

This is the view from my desk, which is at front of RV. 

One more angle of same.+