FUKUSHIMA 2011 - March 11, 2011

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There are eight pieces, six of which were written during a week long bombardment by coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the Sun during the height of a tremendous decennial solar storm.


in addition, I wrote a piece four weeks after this epic disaster, which was looking  back on what had just happened during the response and the news that there was not just one reactor, but six, and that five of them are on and running with severe damage and no one able to do anything to stop the disaster which is continuing as I write.

I was extremely stunned, following over thirty days straight, day and night, attempting to find out just how big the cloud was and where it was headed and how to get out of the way if at all possible.

This is followed by a piece written six weeks later, same subject, even more dismayed.

I should note that I did no music writing at any time in between these various pieces i.e. in the four week and six week interludes, because I was in such a profound state of shock.

Suddenly realizing that we are all going to be so radiated that mass cancer clusters are a certainty is not something you want to be doing very often. 


Nor will you.


I watched for weeks as the projections and then the actual measurements across the entire northern hemisphere rose day by day until the entire northern one-half of the planet was covered in a cloud which was in the highest danger level and continuing to rise.


Once the entire upper half of the globe was fully enveloped in a cloud of Cesium and Iodine and Plutonium particles I stopped watching, realizing that we had gone far off the scale to levels no one ever expected to see.


One can only wonder what STAGGERING! consequences are in store for all of us.


Especially when the destruction of these very rich fishing grounds is added to that of the destruction in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by the Deepwater Horizion oil platform explosion.


Another huge fishing ground destroyed.


Do you suppose there will be starvation caused by this?


Or Is it already happening while our ostrich-like (so-called) "leaders" stick their heads you-know-where, while wantIing to make it "perfectly clear" that IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT! 


In addition I wrote a PROLOGUE and EPILOGUE about five months later, again looking back on what had happened, after realizing that everyone who is stuck on the islands of Japan are DOOMED!


They know it and I know it.

We are ALL just so F****D, and we all know it .


Remember, this is supposed to be FREE energy.


That is how all of these reactor complexes all over the planet were marketed, packaged, and sold.


One large up-front payment and then $$$freeeeeee$$$ from then on.


And who could resist that "syren song" anyway?


Why do things just never seem to work out the way we are told that they are supposed to be, anyway?


Could there be a major lack of credibility? do you suppose?



All eyes around the world were on the Sun as a huge arm reached out far into space and suddenly discharged (or should I say, hurled) one of the biggest CMEs ever seen or recorded.


This massive object hit the Earth just a few hours before March 11.


The magnetic belt shifted violently as a huge magnetic storm enveloped the Earth.


Within several hours of hitting the Earth a gigantic hole opened up in the ionosphere directly over Fukushima hours before a huge earthquake slammed islands and produced the now infamous tsunami which followed.


Following that came the five (out of six) nuclear reactor meltdowns (all denied, but of course, while video footage tells a completely different story) which is still ongoing as I write this on June 10, 2012.


One of the reactors was a high speed plutonium breeder reactor which had been powered up (using plutonium "MOX" pellets) about one year previously, with great oppostion from various groups in Japan.


One reactor was reported as last being seen sinking deep into the Earth, after going through eight feet of cement shielding upon which it was resting.  


If these "facts" are accurate, then those in the know (i.e. engineers who designed and built it) must be continuing to await it's discharge into the atmosphere (assuming it hasn't already happened) in a gigantic geothermal hydrovolcanic event as reactor meets lava plume beneath Japan.


If conspicuous enough it could bring down the entire nuclear industry within a matter of hours, literally.


Suddenly the richest become the poorest in a matter of minutes.


And you wonder what all of the cover up is about?


more to come ---




5:42 p.m.

Ventura, California, USA



p.s. for any who notice that the numbering jumps from FUKUSHIMA 7 to FUKUSHIMA 9 = do not look for FUKUSHIMA 8.


The song which got labeled that was put into the collection entirely by accident.

It was a study having nothing, whatsoever, to do with this.  But it managed to slip in.  I caught it months ago but didn't realize I had posted it in the interim.  Sorry about that.  vw









MIT student blog showing photos that were taken from satellite days before,, during, and after the earthquake, showing huge holes opening and closing directly over Fukushima prefecture.






Article on NASA site showing huge hole which was blown in the sky during the earthquake. 






Amazon.com site showing book by Professor Pulinets.  Buy it if you want to know more or learn more.






Transcript of interview with Professor Pulinets, which can be seen on video directly below.






 Article on what was known on subject/s of ionospheric physics several years ago.





You will need Adobe Reader to open the pdf file.  If you do not already have it, here is a link to Adobe's website.  You are well advised to use no other vendor for this particular program. 



 Interview with Dr. Pulinets by Larouche interviewer, in which the Dr. explains some of the concepts involved in ionospheric coupling between Earth, atmosphere, outer atmosphere, and interplanetary objects..






Presentation by Dr. Pulinets at Schiller Institut,, during July 2011, re: wild weather fluctuations caused by cosmic ray variations, and earthquake "prediction" i.e. what physical precursors are documented.  






A little bit of biography and curriculum vitae with list of published articles.






Arnie Gunderson, who is an expert in the construction and maintenance of nuclear spent fuel (rod) pools, discusses what we know about release of radioactive particles from Fukushima.







Discussion of "hot particles" and difficulties of precisely measuring the radiation amounts which were released.  Hot particles are particularly nasty.  Many are in the air right now.  And many were released during the multiple meltdowns.  One micron of plutonium, once ingested, can cause breast cancer 20 or 30 years following the ingestion.  Food for thought?  Especially with the huge increase in breast and other cancers during my lifetime.





Good explanations with computer animated graphics re: containment vessels and leakage caused by excessively high pressure inside the vessel.





The CERN Cloud Chamber that Dr. Pulinets refers to in his July 2011 presentation at Schiller Institut.







BBC article re: the cloud chamber.







Interesting article/s on Phys.org re: cloud chamber.


Two very interesting CERN videos showing the chamber and telling about what exactly it is that they are trying to find out and how. 





SOHO website = best Sun photos I know of, in general.







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SOHO "Pick of the Week" - February 16, 2011 solar flare.  Be sure and check out the video = quicktime or mpeg.