I believe that it is Friday, September 7, 2012.

It is 8:10 a.m. and I am getting ready to leave for northern California in a few minutes.

Last night I finally finished loading the selected photos of the walk up to the top of Delphi.

There are more photos, taken as we went back down.

Those will have to wait for just a little bit as I finish up the journey upwards.

The site is simply one of the most magnificent I have ever seen.

One's imagination simply runs wild as one looks about and can only wonder.

I hope to add the names of those things which have names, shortly.

My body is all broken up and I hurt nonstop, from one end to the other.

But this does not bother me, except for a trifling little bit, because I am so glad to have lived through whatever it is that I am going through.

I do not know that for sure, as I am most definitely nowhere near "out of the woods" just yet.

All I can do is continue forward with determination and the knowledge of what I intend to accomplish as my next step "forward".

A lot of very bad things have been going on during past year.

I was surprised when first hearing reports of this.

It has become more widespread, instead of less so, causing me to be even further surprised.

The "powers that be" have begun to move.

And I am not speaking about puny little human "sock puppets".

I am talking about the real powers that be.

As in " --- principalities and powers ---".

Something is most definitely afoot as the attacks have only intensified continuously in quantity and quality.

Seems like a good time to "hide under the covers" and just never come out.

May be the "wisest" choice in some respects, but seems, somehow, to  come up rather short of what I have in mind.

So, I must go stand in front of an oncoming high speed bus and tell it to stop, NOW!

Hmmmm ----

Sounds rather dicey to me --- .



p.s. beautiful California sunsets these past two evenings.

One last night formed a huge arch of blue cloud over the setting sun.

It was like a gigantic very thick blue rainbow.

Was spectacular to see, look at, and photograph.

It is in communing with the beauty which truly does surround us on every side that we are able to maintain a greater level of mental health than we otherwise would be able to without these little moments of "joy of living".

Hoping all is well with everyone who reads this, and those who don't, as well.

Ventura, California, USA
8:31 a.m.