It's Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m.

I know that it is just SOOOOO rude to fall asleep in the middle of an intense conversation about very important matters with worldwide, and yeah, even universal principles at stake, but that's what I just did.

I said in the last post that I would try to be back in a few hours.

Well, let's see just how well that went.

Well, hmmmm, let's see, where does one start with such a stark confession, anyway?

Remember, now, I literally just woke up.

I don't know where anything is.

I don't know where I am.

I don't even care to know these things.

I am on a (spring?) cleaning spree right now, and there is very little else which will be able to gain my undivided attention until this quarterly ritual is brought to a successful completion.

It's just as if the young Masai warrior is here ready to carry out his puberty right duties by killing a lion with his bare hands and one spear (awww, c'mon can't I bring my knife too?)

So, I must face this monster on a regular basis.

It is more as if the Chief of the tribe just said, this guy is way too cocky for anybody's good.  He must kill the biggest, baddest buck lion ever seen.  Nothing less will do.

And, of course, we all know what they are really thinking.

Having been thoroughly trained and practiced in the deeper arts of unconsciousness a la that great Vienna resident, Sigmund Freud.  I wonder how many times he got lost on the Ringstrasse, anyway?
Or did he even know it was there?  Like Einstein, who could quantify it as a mathematical theorem, but had no idea how to get from one street over to another.  And especially with all of that noise and traffic.

But, enough of that.

Anyway, you get the idea.

I do not like to clean up after myself.

How many times have I been told this anyway?

But, I never have and never will beliieve it, even for one second.

That is the glorious power of utter and total DENIAL.

The only problem with this is REALITY, oh no!

It seems that there is another, or others, who are determined to make another reality than the one which i am making right now.

So, one morning I awaken to THE FACT that my office is a total disaster area that looks like several angry terrorist organizations have just taken out their full and very explosive wrath upon it.

Good thing no one was here when this happened, I think to myself, being in utter and total denial you must remember.

So as I look at this disaster area and wonder whether I should be breaking out a roll of yellow POLICE LINE tape I wonder when all of the help will arrive help clean this mess up and to get any unfortunates out from under all of these recently fallen objects. 

So, I wonder how many days I will have to wait before help arrives, before realizing that because I am out here at Mars, or is it Jupiter, or Saturn, hmmm?  There will be no help coming.

It is only then that some slight little piece of reality will be "allowed" to intervene as I begin first, by picking up one piece, and then another and then another.

Oh boy, now I am really getting into it.

But, then, you mathematical wizard types can see just what is coming already, can't you.

Yes, because I do not have over twenty appendages to use for counting, I am beginning to get into "fuzzy math"
 before I am even up to 15.

Ohhhhhhh noooooooooo ---

Take a look around and you will see that there are as many objects laying every which way you could possibly want to look, so many that they quickly that they soon begin to resemble the hundreds of billions of stars over your head at night.

Wow!  I said all of that to say, Good Morning, or is it Guten Morgen?

And that I hate cleaning up this huge mess and am I don't even know how many weeks into it.

So, as I was almost certain that i was losing or had lost my mind, as I finished writing my blog yesterday afternoon I decided that it was time for some more extensive "wave therapy".

So, up the coast i went, back to one of my favorite walking beaches where I walked for the next three hours as the sun set and the first stars of the night came out.

There was a regular parade of low flying Pelicans over my head, as they headed south back to their colony which lies at the breakwater at the mouth of the ventura Marina about ten miles further south.

The moon is half full, which brings out the romantic in me very powerfully, like it or not.

I have to crack up, because instead of turning into Wolfman, I turn into "Really Nice Guy".

I just don't know what it is about that Moonlight, but it really does something to me in a big way.

So, I found myself, once again, not wanting to come in from outside.

Do any of you remember that from when you were a little kid and they told you to come in because it is time for dinner.

I would look all around me as the wonders of nature were coming to full life and I wanted to be a part of it and right in the middle of it all, but I am about to get my first really rude awakening in this terribly awful and wicked and evil world.

Yes, instead of glorying God's wonderous creation, I will turn and walk away, from that day forward, in order to "have dinner" instead of communing with my Creator.

I found this problematic then, and I find it even moreso now?

So, who was wrong, them?  or me?

To ask it is to answer it.

And if you had been riding along with me for any part of my long and torturous journey through the vanities which take the place of ultimate reality on a moment by moment basis (heartbeat by heartbeat? one could say), you would have seen the end of this road on numerous occasions.

You might say that I have become expert in such matters.

Far moreso that anyone who I know of, except a very few others.

Yes, an expert in what happens at the end of the road.

It's like there is a turn off the highway.

No exit, it says on the sign as you turn down the road to explore it.

As i stand for awhile, I soon see that while many are going down this dead end road, NONE! are returning.

All in, and no out (my life story, should I say?).

So, let's take a little walk down into that dead end road from which none are returning and see just where it is that it is leading to.

You already know where I am going with this I am sure, so I will try not to get too carried away, other than to say that the road leads to VANITY.

There are millions of these little turnouts.

You can see that many in one day or one hour even, if you are attendant to such matters.

The end result of them all is that nothing of any consequence or importance will ever get done, or even near done, for that matter, because of these millions of little forest fires which must be quickly stomped out before i can move onto the truly important matters which require immediate and urgent attention, but are not getting it.


Because the little incosequential matters have sucked up all of the energy and processing power and space so that nothing is left for the thinking about the bigger picture.

This would be great, I suppose, if it did not have real world consequences.

But then, we wouldn't be discussing the matter right now if it didn't, would we now?

So, it may turn out to be really important after all.

Focus on A =
Lack of focus on B

in a closed system with limited space and energy, as we most definitely will find in the common human brain.

This means that one should be much more careful upon what they focus their attention and mental energy than most seem to be.

Out of the heart spring the issues of life.

The mind has created the monster long before it becomes self-evident on the world stage.

The thoughts which you will act upon in a way which is most detrimental to your well being, while you know it full well but act accordingly anyway, will soon enough form a life all their own as they suddenly, and without invitation, intrude in upon your mental well being in a sort of permanent and perpetual PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder - using DSM IV definition).

Loss of focus = loss of real power

It requires intense long term focus to get important things done.

If the millions and millions of inconsequential trivia are draining your brain, then you simply do not have the physical capacity to do the deep long term thinking required to actually solve any given problem of complexity.

While the entire mass media conglomerate endlessly feeds trivia and makes it appear as if it is very important, in fact, it is exactly these kinds of things which will clutter up the minde and take up important and very limited processing power and energy.

You have, in effect, traded the drivel which is being promoted as somehow being important, for the mental capacity required to think great thoughts and to do great things.

What and incredibly expensive and bad trade that is going to be.

So, what to do?

Ahhhhh, that is where the Plainchant comes in.

It has been used for literally thousand of years, continuously , for this very purpose.

If you put A inside your brain, and keeping putting A into your brain, then at some point B will be driven out, simply because there is no space for him to remain in.

That is why the mass media drivel is so constant.

It is because it must be continuously reinforced.

Normally reality does this for us, but here they are promoting a complete UNREALITY.

Because their unreality is sure to clash with ultimate reality during any reality check (e.g. life crisis events) the television must continuously banter on about how A is B, and up is down, and black is white, and in is out, and, oh, by the way, everybody reallty is coming back out from that road that nobody is actually coming back out of.

While it looks so stark and simple and plain on paper, I can assure you, with very little thought that both you and I will do this over and over a million times in our thoughts today, alone, and this is when we are on our guard aganst it.

As the king of commodity traders puts it, it is as if we are programmed to fail.

Many are far more comfortable with a lifelong string of failures than they are of success, with all of it's imperious and continuous demands.

Yes, weary is the head that wears this crown.

Very weary.

Maybe that explains why i fell asleep in my meal at a restaurant last night.  Gee, I wonder.

it is a few minutes past noon and i am going to go to Barnes and Noble for a cup of coffee and to have my own reality check.

it has been fun.

Hope all is going well for everyone.

And for those for whom it is not, may you have the solace and comfort which you need, and which can only be obtained from above and from loved ones around you and family in particular.

w/love to all

12:25 p.m.

Ventura, California, USA

more to come