It is a little bit after 11 p.m. on Thursday night.

Am leaving for northern California in morning.

Am ridiculously tired and going to bed right now.

But wanted to document the fact that the Fukushima 2011 albums have been delivered.

I am listening through the three-disc set right now to make sure that all is well.

Am 1/2 way through.

So far so good.

Went to dentist today for appointment I made six months ago.

He was not at all happy about my jaw.

Is utterly amazed that I am alive, much less with so little injury.

He dug around in my mouth for about an hour making sure that everyting is in alignment, etc.


Am reminded that this is not all over just yet.

As if I really needed that.

w/love to all

am looking forward to a few days of "quiet".

I hope I am not sorry that I just said that.

as I always like to say,

we shall see,
we shall see ---

oh yes we shall.


Ventura, California, USA

11:14 p.m.