It is a little past 10 p.m. on Tuesday night.

I will be leaving for northern California on Friday.

Expect to be up there on Saturday and maybe Sunday, but must be back in Ventura by Monday.

Will the Doppelganger ever come out into the open, do you suppose?

I will wait as long as I need to.

In meantime I remain accessible.

Other than that I can only wait.

And so, I will do just that.

Have been working very hard during past several weeks on top of trying to heal numerous broken bones and badly mauled ego and very angry super-ego and with my "id" smashed in tiny bitty little pieces.

Yes, I did this just for you, so that my ego would not run so amok as it often does.

Am tired, but have accomplished most immediate goals.

Many more to come during next several weeks.

I finally got to do some sound tests with Kontakt 4 and Pro Tools 10..

That is where the three songs which I posted came from.

Actually, they ARE the sound tests.

So far, so good.

Am looking forward to getting to know this setup much better.

Am very excited.

But must take care of business which pays the bills before am able to continue much further.

Be patient.

It should not be too long --- (?)

w/love to all


Ventura, California, USA

10:30 p.m.

p.s. I just finished up other pressing business, such that I expect to be able to continue the Delphi slide show.

Have not forgotten.

Just been extraordinarily busy!

It was a truly life changing and amazing experience for me.

I knew much about the place and the culture before going there and was most defintitely NOT disappointed.