It is 7 a.m. and I am finishing packing camera and sound equipment.

Just for the record I posted chapters 4 and 5 of Animal Farm.

These were recorded in 2007 on equipment which is far inferior to what I use today, thanks to that much of a leap forward in the requisite underlying technologies.

I apologize for the "crudeness".

But, I enjoy listening to them and figure that someone will enjoy these.

Maybe I should re-record them?

When I have time?


At any rate, last time I was in Venice, about ten years ago, there was a full moon.


Especially for walking the little back alleys at night, which are everywhere.

I guess you can tell the romantics by the way they get totally crazy about the moon over this place or that place.

That would definitely be me.

Have got to get going now.



7:20 a.m.


just for the record,

all missions accomplished!!

Thanks to several very hard working helpers,
without which I definitely would not be able to say that.

Thanks "guys" (I mean, girls).