It is 6:25 p.m. on Thursday, August 30, 2012.

My body is totally thrashed as I have been crashing down off of the Advil (Ibuprofen) during the past several days.

I made it a priority to get the Delphi photos posted.

The first several are posted as of several minutes ago.

These first ones are at a site which is directly below the Delphi site, proper.

It is said to be a Tholos dedicated to the Earth Goddess, Ge.

Today, the sign says it is a sanctuary (i.e. a holy place) of Athenas, i.e. Athena.

Note the complete ability to transfer the attributes of what is essentialy the Mother Goddess into a new form, as a warrior goddess and protectress of the city.

This is not much different from the Virgin Mary cults of middle ages and today.
One need only look at the Minerva statues and iconography, just preceding the Maryology of Byzantine and Roman rites and beliefs, to see that much "borrowing" has taken place.

Also note that Inanna, the daughter of the Moon god, and the Sumerian original from which all others have originated, has exactly the same attributes, not to mention iconography.

It is as if the same person is simply changing names and costumes and geographical areas while still remaining the same, all of the time.

This easy ability to assimilate the beliefs of other systems, without any regard to whether it is internally consistent or not, into a sort of ultimate ultra-syncretism, seems to be the hallmark of all religious systems and their numerous institutions and their multitudinous progeny, until chaos abounds and social order simply disintegrates into anarchy, with all of it's attendant excesses.

And so, another cycle of history repeats itself over and over ad nauseum.

Why does no one ever learn?

That is a question which is asked,  but never answered, over and over and over again and again and again.

It is as if the human person is hardwired to self-destruct at some indeterminate, but very definite point in time.

Maybe even right here and now.

At any rate, to get back on track --- ahem ----

The Tholos is not Delphi, per se.

So, please do not be fooled, even though all of the calendars and travel posters, etc. make it look like the Tholos is part of the Delphi site which is actually above and some miles away from the Tholos site.

But the Tholos just happened to be where I went first.

That is the only reason those photos are on first.

It is part of trying to keep a chronology intact.

So that as I walk up the mountain into the site ot Delphi, you may ride along with me on my shoulders and take the sights in just as I saw them and in the order which I saw them.

It is the next best thing to actually being there,
and I must say,
it is much safer.

At least for most persons.

w/love to all


6:40 p.m.

Ventura, California, USA