It is 4 a.m. Friday.

Have been working, literally, around the clock for the past several months.

During the past several weeks I had to quite dramatically increase output while continuing to work 24/7.

I had to race fast to get out of town on time.

It took two others working nearly full time during the past couple of weeks in order to get everything done on time.

And that's not considering all of the telephone calls and other loose ends that must be wrapped up before leaving town for the better part of a month.

I have kept several paralegals quite busy, not to mention one of my private attorneys.

So, one could say that it has been rather hectic, to say the least.

But, as of last night all of the big pieces were either put into play, or confirmed that they are at play.

The plan, at this time (i.e. barring the unforeseen)
is to press two albums while I am away.

Fukushima 2011 is a triple album
Tahiti 2012 is a double album.

I have contracted out the actual day to day work to get this done, and have left all of the necessary pieces in the hands of capable persons.

That took a good part of the last several days.

But I am excited, in the extreme, to finally be getting this done.

Now, I am only one year behind, instead of more than one.

During the past couple of months I have done an enormous amount of work on what I like to refer to as "Studio A" (there is no "Studio B").

This is the studio of which I am told that I need a glowing red "IN USE" sign at the door for when I want to be left alone.

Nobody seems able to comprehend the concept of "IN USE"
ad perpetuum (perpetually).

"It is always IN USE", I can remember myself saying way more than one time.

Maybe I will have to break down and buy the sign after all, and just leave it on all of the time.

This has been a very long term project.

I have had numerous "Studio A"s over the years.

But this one is by far the most advanced of any of them.

I regularly use 5 to 6 computers at once.

All of those screens add such a nice touch, after all.

I hope to get a few shots taken and posted before I leave tomorrow.

Then everyone can see what a nice job I have done.

The point of this is that when I get back from Europe (assuming such) I shall be coming back to an extremely advanced studio with thousands of brand new sounds and hundreds of new capabilities.

It always seems that by the time you are done building the studio you are way too tired to get to use it and enjoy it until you have rested for several months (something I NEVER get to do).

So, this should be good to get away for a bit and take a long and very much needed mental vacation from the intensive work which I have been at for far too long without sleep.

Bringing "Studio A" up to speed in this rapidly advancing digital age
is and has been a huge job.

Especially the rewiring.

That is complicated as can be and takes what seems like forever, as you have to spend an undue amount of time under tables and other pieces of furnishing while all twisted up in the most unusual shapes imaginable.

This, in addition to other factors, has kept me from doing any composing for months.

I haven't even been doing any playing at all.

Especially during last month due to badly broken little finger.

The bone is just broken enough that it is still very tender to touch.

When playing keyboards, it doesn't matter how soft you will try to play.

Sooner or later, reflexively, you will hit a note harder than the others.

OUCH! I can be heard to scream out rather loudly, IN SILENCE.

After a number of those attempts I finally gave it up for the time being.

As a matter of fact, I have barely been able to type without a lot of pain, until past couple of days.

Too bad I either have nothing to say,
or don't have time to say what I do want to say.

I hope to get back onto the LIMBIC SYSTEM asap.

I have been debating which organ to go to next.

I am thinking the HYPOTHALAMUS, since it is the main controller, so far as is known, of the various neurotransmitter chemicals.

I am currently thinking about exactly how I want to further approach the matter.

Will probably have to show a number of "circuits" and explain how cascades, feedback loops and amplification come into play (e.g. the Papez circuit), either along with the explanations of individual organs, or prior to continuing too much further.

We shall see.

I uploaded the first three chapters of Animal Farm.

I also have chapters 4 and the first half of 5 available to turn into MP3s.

I have been enjoying listening to them.

I really love this book.

When I read it onto a digital recorder in 2007 it seemed as if the book had come to life right before our very eyes.

It was weird to turn on the so-called "news" and be hearing all of the same lines of reasoning that are found throughout George Orwell's classic.



As you may be able to tell by listening, I have a lot of fun doing the different voices.

I read to little kids for many years and am afraid that comes through just a little.

You might think of this as the "manic version" of the book.

Or is it cycles from mania to continuous low grade depression and back again, in an never ending "cycle of life" (or death?).

I love the part of the world to which we are going.

And am looking forward to this trip.

Hoping for the best.

ALWAYS prepared for the worst (at least I try to be, and am very exceptionally well practiced at it, I should say).

Hope to have some good stories.

Am going to try to figure out how to continue with at least some blogging.

That is not so easy as it sounds once you are on a ship.

Especially given their supposed IT people (IT = informaton technology).

Using really low budget junk and charging top dollar for it.

Gee, why does that have such a familiar ring to it, anyway?

Maybe because I am having to buy a new name brand pair ot tennis shoes every several months because they all fall apart?

I thought that outsourcing and the world economy thing were supposed to make all of us stinking rich.

Isn't that what BUBBA told all of us (or is it Mr. Bill, now?).

I am the only one who I know who has any money at all.

And I have as little to do with ex-Presidents and their lying nonsense as possible.

So, you know I didn't make my money the way Mr. Bubba told us we would, I can assure you of that. 

Oh, no ---

Don't even get ME going.

I can feel an entire encyclopedia of madness moving around inside my head as I type these very words.

Oh well.

I had better get some more sleep, as I have several meetings first thing in the morning.

Wait a minute, it is first thing in the morning, right now, as I type this.

That seems rather convoluted to me.

love you all,

w/intensely devotional love,


5:20 a.m.

Ventura, California, USA