At is about 7:15 a.m.

I got back into town on Friday night.

Have been working on rewiring, etc. in sound studio, literally around the clock, since returning.

I have been running on one to two hours of sleep per day plus "cat naps".

I cannot lay down, except in one very narrow position on my right side.

Move in any direction, for only a few inches, and you will know about it.

I do not use pain pills and do not drink alcohol.

So, I have been constrained to use only Advil.

It works really good for pain relief, for me, but it causes some rather dramatic blood thinning, which was just worriseome enough to me that I stopped using it several days ago.

Now I can feel just how many bones are displaced and moving about on their own.

Way too many, I should say.

My back and ribs hurt so bad that I have been forced to come to the conclusion that someone has unceremoniously thrown me off of a cliff, about thirty feet up.

Oh?  comes the obvious retort.

You think so ------?

So, I will be looking at weeks of healing of broken bones, and about five gouges which have taken more than their fair share of flesh out of me.

Am finishing setting up the "mastering computer" during past couple of days.

Have had some software issues, which are being remedied this morning by a 24 hour delivery of Pro Tools 10, standalone version.

I have put this off for about one year now, but have been forced by that horrible person, reality, to get with the program before more time passes as I get further and further behind into the past, instead of the future.

The tentative game plan is to go up to Northern California coast on Friday.

So, I am racing just a little bit, hoping to have all in order before leaving.

I always hope this, but rarely ever get to see it happen.

I am reflecting, during these past several days, on the White Room effect.

There are some details which I inadvertently left out of my debriefing, which I think are very important to understanding exactly what is going on.

I have left some ambiguity and ambivalence, both unintentionally.

Right now I am waiting to go over to UPS at 8:30 a.m. to pick up the software, before it gets out into the trucks.

So, decided to write a quick note, while waiting.

Just for the record, I have gathered all of the Delphi photos together into one file and am pruning 1200 photos down to 10-20 photos to post.

Just wanted all who care to know that this is in progress.

The photos are spectacular, and you can, in effect, be there with me, through the vicarious magic which these photos can provide.

I always wonder whether I am nuts for spending so much time and energy with the photography and videography on any given trip.

And then I see a set of photos such as these.

To me, it is all VERY DEFINITELY! worth the trouble.

I think you will soon enough know what I mean.

In that regard, I was just looking at a book on Greek history.

It is one of those highly illustrated one.

In one of the chapters it told the most important "sacred" sites.

I think I just went to ALL of those which are listed in the chapter, complete with photos, and in some cases, priceless video.

I did not run the video at Delphi because, or at most others of these sites, because it is simply too distracting, and catastrophe is never more than a few millimeters away at any given moment.

It is scary enough taking photos in such conditions.

However, I did get video of the lead archaeologist at the Terrace House dig, as he showed us, first, the museum of Ephesos, and then the site, while showing us where the various finds in the museum were originally located.

I had heard about the Terrace Houses the last time I was at Ephesus about 15 years ago.

There were all kinds of rumors going across the site that something very important had just been discovered.

Well, that could be said to be something of an understatement, as it turns out.

The only thing which I could think to compare it with is Pompeii.

That is, where you can actually step back in time, as it were, and sit in the same house where a family of persons sat as Mount Vesuvius rumbled and belched forth smoke in 69 a.d.

In the Terrace Houses you can do the same thing, only you are not just about to get blown up and swept off the face of the earth,  --- maybe.

Got good video and stills of that one.

What a truly strange planet we are sitting on.

And what is it with the history?

Does anyone who can see that there is only several thousands years of recorded history in a world which appears far older ask themselves just what it is that is really going on.

Because, I know the more that I see the less I am able to give any credence to the preposterous ideas which float about on university campuses throughout the world, by which they have created their own very elaborate, and should we say, very personal view of just how everything came to be and how it is all held together.

In them the proverb has most definitely found it's expression:

"a little bit of knowledge can be very dangerous".

Never forget that.

as I was reminded on the flight back,
as I got to watch a rerun of X-Files
on the flight.

I had to watch the entire episode, just to make sure of the name of the man who was writing the music for the program, on then state of the art computerized hardware and software samplers and sampling of orchestral instruments.

I thought is work on that show was nothing short of spectacular, and continue to hold the same opinion to this day.

I wonder where Mark Snow is now?

Does anyone know?

Or am I own my own, once again, as usual?

w/love to all

7:50 a.m.

p.s. life is a sacred gift and a sacred trust.

Your "license to live" can  be revoked at any given moment.

Mine was canceled and renewed in less than 60 seconds, againm, just several days ago, such that I can testify to the truth of such matters.

To all for whom I care,
please treat it like the precious, sacred gift that it is.

Learn to "redeem the time".

Be wise as a serpent,
and harmless as a dove.

And seek Wisdom as your constant companion,
and you are likely to be much better off than otherwise,
no matter what anyone else tells you, or may tell you, otherwise.