This song,
was written
at 3:30 this morning.

It is in a choral hymn style.

Was supposed to start in key of G major,
but I started in G minor,
and then drifted into G major,
and then went through
a number of related keys.

The style is reminiscent of
first year harmony class.

This is on purpose.

It is a sort of revisit
to what one is supposed to be learning.

Does anyone out there remember
Bach Reimenschneider?

It is a book of choral pieces
which were arranged by J.S. Bach,
for pedagogical reasons,
and then edited and published
by Reimenschneider.

It is intended, modernly,
to be used as a sort of bible
for this particular style of writing
(4 part chorale writing)
which lays the foundation
for all which follows.

Every once in awhile
I get in the mood
to go back to my roots.

Notice the numerous shifting modulations
and false cadences.

These are typical
of this particular style of writing.

I am just having fun with it,
because I can.

Hope you enjoy.

I am starting to feel like
working on some more
electronic oriented music,
although one can hear
that my love of choral music
is not diminishing in the slightest.

(I should note
that this was not always the case,
but that is a story for another time;
for now suffice it to say
that I was trained
as an instrumentalist,
who couldn't imagine EVER
writing for choir; 
it's funny how
these kinds of things
work out without
our ever expecting it)

In this vein,
I think I will fire up
one of the other keyboards
and see where that leads.

But, that is for another time and date.

Hope this finds all well
with those whom I so dearly love.

And may the good Lord
make his presence known to you
and felt by you.

w/ love, always


5:07 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA