So, what is happening inside the head of the child of the narcissist?

Continuous barrage of disparaging self-talk.

Never good enough.

Never smart enough.

Never beautiful enough or handsome enough.

ALWAYS! coming up short.

They simply feel that they can do no right, whatsoever.

Perfectionism, in it's basest forms continuously makes demands, all day and all night.

Of course, there is no way to fulfill these demands, as they are ALL ridiculously unrealistic.

But insist upon doing so the mind will, even though it is physically impossible.

It is a continuous ongoing internal "blame game", with the child of the narcissist being the constant, and all too readily forseeable victim of this madness.

So, how could such a thing have happened in the first instance?

It is because each word which a small child hears sticks with them hard and long.

It is intended that they remember the first thousands of words which they hear.

What if along with the words "googoo" and "gaga" and "mommy" and "daddy", etc. are other words.

Words like "you are stupid".

Or "you are no good".

Or, "you are just a little slut (or whore)".

Or, "you are a pervert".

Or, "you are a liar".

On and on it goes, day in and day out as the child grows.

All of these horrible ideas and things are being taken in along with all or the rest of the data.

The ideas are internalized, believed as true, and often acted upon in episodes of what we call "acting out".

These episodes are typically on the edges of total madness.

It is here that we can see the very powerful effects of the words which were spoken to and around the child as he/she grew up.

Of course, one must remember that juxtaposed alongside these beliefs are another set which are drastically the opposite, but just as damaging, and maybe even moreso.

For some would prefer to remember such things as how they are
"born to rule", or how they are the "best and brightest", or how they "deserve" this or that government job, because of ---.

My personal favorite comes out of what we call "diploma mills", where for a very high price and an incredible amount of wasted time hanging around with others who are learning how to waste time like no one else's business, along with numerous ones who have mastered the art.

Here they ulitmately get a piece of very unmarketable and relatively worthless piece of paper that says that they are somebody.

As an employer and manager during my younger years I handed out numerous such "certificates of accomplishment", such that I am uniquely suited to speak on the matter.

A certificate does not make you anything.

It just makes you believe anything.

So, now we have millions of persons with little slips of paper which say they are worth something, yet they have no marketable skills.

None of the student loans are ever paid off.

Nor can they be, except in unusual circumstances.

What a racket.

I have very important advice regarding this matter, having watched these programs since they were first introduced during the 1960's.

Avoid it like the plague.

You will be dogged forever.

And whoever is counseling you to do so has no care, whatsoever, for the cosmic and extremely damaging consequences which are headed your way, of a certainty, once you have signed on THAT dotted line.

It is ALWAYS pretended that somehow things will just work out.

Well, they don't! 

Never have and never will!

They will charge you a fortune (or a king's ransom, should I say?) for the privilege of warehousing you in some shoddy "student" housing and pretending that you really are becoming something worthwhile to society and to your family.

Of course, later on, when you can't get a job, but owe tons of money, you begin to rethink the matter.

But, of course, by then it is not only TOO LATE,
it is WAY too late.

And I just love how the tables have turned so that the aspiring student has now gone from the good guy who is motivated and trying to get ahead to the deadbeat who refuses to pay his or her student loan extortions.

Whereby you are introducted to one more form of gangsterism, which is now taught to you as being a good thing.

Of course, this is the first time in thousands of years that this has been the case.

Because this system of excessive usury destroyed every country and nation which was foolish enought to go down that road.

In the ancient world it was well-recognized what a fraud and ripoff this can turn into ever so quickly.

Many had been victimized by these extortionate schemes.

As a great example, go into your Roman history books and look up the Gracchi brothers who wanted to suspend the payment of these extortions and lost there lives thereby.

That is to say, this is not some new modern issue.

Rather, it is an ancient issue of which much has been written and spoken over the years.

You don't suppose the fact that Islam and Sharia adamantly oppose the idea of usury interest and basically outlaw it could have anything to do with all of the incessant little wars?

Gee, I wonder.

On one side are people who call themselves "Jews" (which they probably are not, in any real historical or genetic sense), who live off of usury and on the other side you have non-"Jews" who are the sheep being sheered by these would-be neighbors of theirs.

Do you see the makings of some societal disturbances here, or what?

(as a footnote, Jew = from Judah, following the dispersion of the northern ten tribes = the good guys who had not degenerated, yet, to the level of their neighbors;  Jesus came from the tribe of Judah;  he is the prophesied "Lion of the tribe of Judah" = true Jew.)

So, you insist on scamming my loved ones and I insist you stop doing so.

Where do you suppose this is going to end?

Not well, and that is for sure.

Just ask the Gracchi brothers how well that went for them.

Or ask Julius Caesar, for that matter.

For the issue of the African wheat supply was every bit as much alive at his time as it was several centuries earlier.

And the issues of feeding huge masses so that they do not rise up in a huge convulsive highly uncontrolled mob of very angry people, as Louis XVI was soon enough to learn all about.

So, now that we have had a few decades to see just what exactly these "social planners" have in mind let's take a look and see what life is all about according to these persons.

First you must be born in city hospital where you will learn of your first needles being stuck into you such that you realize that you are not so much a human being as a human pin cushion.

They will turn your mother upside down so that she has to fight against gravity to deliver the child.

Then they begin to take action to assist the poor mother who obviously doesn't know to stand up and squat like all of the other women in the world know as they drug her up and paralyze her and then drag the baby out of her while congratulating each other on what a great job they have done.

If she gets out without a caesarian section or a dissected rectum
(I saw this firsthand = oops!)) or badly torn perineum (seen this also), then she did well.

Now mom will be discouraged from bonding with the baby as it is put in a little incubator "for it's own safety", but of course.

And mom will be taught how unsafe and unsanitary and basically nasty it is to feed the child on her breast as God intended.

After all, God does not exist in their university taught social darwinistic consruct of "reality", so why worry about it, anyway?

So, now the little baby must be taught the importance of drinking chemicals in solution and calling that food as he sucks down whatever latest "baby formula" that is being pushed by the drug companies this year.

Who knows, maybe the baby can grow up to be a drug rep?

Maybe it was something in the "drink", who knows?

I say take the water away and see what is left.

And then ask yourself whether you would be willing to take a spoonful of that stuff and try to choke it down while hoping it does not kill you on the spot.

Oh, no, I've got a way better one than that for you.

How about you are now going to live off of several heaping spoonfuls per day of that stuff, and nothing more.

Why does this sound like it is not going to work out well?

Oh, but wait, let me fix up this mess which I have just created.

Because first we will put the chemicals in a shiny bottle with lots of important looking print on it and then we will have people walk around and hand out literature (glossy, of course) telling of the remarkable benefits of this concoction.

And then have your Dr. tell you that either the baby eats that stuff or it dies.

Oh, well now, that should have made the toxic substances less toxic now, shouldn't it have?

And I am sure that it made the highly non-nutritious components highly nutrituous.

All you really need to do is move around a few numbers on your official university know-it-all chart, and voila - poison becomes nourishment.

And now you are ready to be fully welcomed into

Eddie Bernays Land.

Or is it Peyton Place?

Or "the city of the future" during the 1920's.

So, now you will spend the next several years being denigrated with learning how to eat and talk and walk and be potty trained.

After several years of this grotesque humiliation you will be welcomed into the ranks of mandatory education to be taught how free you are.

Even at a very young age I had a distinct problem with mandatory/freedom.

As in "you are free to do what I will force you to do if you do not act willingly".

That sounds an awful lot like a crime of forceful violence.

But, of course, you will soon enough learn that the violence is supposed to be kept in check just below the surface.

It is always there.

In other words I will continuously threaten to use it, and I will use it if pushed, but will encourage you to do my bidding without my having to resort to forceful viiolence with it's various associated costs and uncertainties.

So, we learn to live in a world in which you are under constant threat from the very ones who are supposed to be looking out for you.

While t.v. commentators (modern clowns) will tell you all day and all night that they will look out for you, and while all of your politicians will tell you the same, in fact the very opposite is the true state of affairs.

There is NO ONE looking out for you, if you are not.

This is a grossly predatory society in the midst of one final catabolistic orgy of self-destruction.

You are on your own.

So, now, at five or six years old we begin the long trek through twelve years of non-productive baby sitting service which is called "school".

Now, there really is such a thing as education institutions.

It is just that these ones pretending to be these have long ago left that purpose.

Now the "education system" (read NEA paronage system) becomes little more than goodies to be given away as political prizes in a system of patronage not dissimilar to all which have existed before it.

Whether anyone can read or write after twelve years of this so-called schooling is another matter entirely.

Did the right people get the right "jobs" in trade for their backing of the candidate and the party?

So, after this you will go for even more of the same, not having figured out what a disaster you are already in and just how much more disastrous it is about to become as I begin to attach one demand after another onto your short vacuous life until you don't stand a chance.

You know the drill already.

Vapor wisp --- poof.

And there went your life.

O.K., I know you think I am being overly harsh.

I beg to differ.

I am actually letting them off far too easy, having run out of time to continue writing at this moment.

We will get to that soon enough.

I have looked back upon many, many lives and have measured and have found them wanting in the extreme.

When all of the supposed accomplishments are lined up they amount to less than nothing on the grand scale of things.

gotta go.



7:47 a.m. pdst


Ventura, California, USA