If your whole life is a lie
and you have created numerous constructs
which have no analogue in any world
except in the twisted, bizarro world of the mind
of these would-be-warriors,
then I have to wonder
just how much of a friend of the truth
are you really likely to be?

It says in the writings of John the apostle that when they see the light, they do not approach it, like you see in all of the movies and books, etc.

No, instead, they turn and run in the other direction.


Because they do not want their dark deeds exposed!

That's what it says in the holy scriptures.


There it is.

It is a matter of willfullness of the worst sort imaginabe.

So, while they will tell YOU that YOU must behave in such and such a manner, in fact, they have no intention of ever following their own advice.

It seems that everyone knows all about how to fix their fellow's lives with no problem whatsoever, while their own lives are a living disaster, or one just about to demonstrate that it is such.

Why would anyone even listen to anything these people say?
one can be heard musing outloud.

When they have become far too numerous too count this becomes far more than an academic question.

It is, rather, a matter of survival, pure and simple.

Now, take a closer look at what I am saying.

It is that EVERYBODY is willing to give up reality in trade for an alternate reality of their own making.

And they will rather fight to maintain what can only be characterized as a delusion of the most horrible kind one could ever concoct rather than deal with the real facts as demonstrated by every day matters coming toward them at the speed of life.


O.K. ---

This may work for a little while, but any person with even a slight bit of quantitative ability should be able to see that mathematically there is a very serious problem here.

With each twist and turn of reality changes will take place.

Some of those changes can later be remedied, some will not.

It is being regularly reported in associated journals that the brain actually does change, physically, and structurally when repeatedly exposed to certain kinds of behaviors.

Just think about this.

If what is seen to take place physically in the brain, as seen in PET (positron emission tomography) scans and functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) scans has an analogue in the actions which will now begin to emanate from said brain, then this can turn out to be quite problematic for all concerned.

That is, if the structural changes are followed by directly associated actions, then the damage which has been done by this permanent state of disorted reality may be structural and permanent, not to mention causing less ability to resist the next  tide as a series of degenerations has now inexorably begun which will not finish until the poor unfortunate self-deluded person becomes destroyed by the madness which they have created all by themselves for themselves.

And what about the spiritual counterparts?

Do you think that a person's soul and spirit can be changed by behavior?

I can assure you with a very high degree of certainty that this is most assuredly so, having seen it too many times to count.

Can you see it?

There it is sitting right in front of us as we speak.

The foundation for false religion.

False piety.

False humility.

False righteousness.

Fake belief.

Fake life.

And so long as there is outward conformity,
which seems to be the entire purpose of the so-called
educational monstrosity (ooops --- I meant --- institutions)
then all goes well.

That is the message.

Get your little narcissist act just right,
and the world is yours.

Just do not go outside of the box.

Do not think outside of the box.

And god forgbid, do not associate with
"the other"
i.e. anyone else who is not stupid enough to climb in the box with you.

So, now we have the formulaic life (the Stepford wife life) brought to you by none other than the father of propaganda (it used to be a good word, believe it or not) and the field of public relations (which is the name which had to be given to "propaganda" following WWI and WWII when it got a very bad name which has never since been forgotten, at least up until now).

This is where your infamous laboratory tests and university studies come from.

Yes, none other than Sigmund Freuds nephew, Eddie Bernays.

You are living in "Eddie Bernays World".

He actually had an exhibit of YOU at the world's fair many decades ago.

The world which has since become memorialized by the infamous Stepford wives, of novel and movie fame.

The underlying premise is that if everyone would just do what they are supposed to then everything would be fine.

Oh, would that we had some kind of super cop, the Super Ego can be heard crying out to the Id and the Ego (at least in classic Freudian terms).

A very seductive idea indeed.

But, like so many such things, it never works out in the wonderful way which was described to you at the outset.

Conformity to utter vanity
is thus transformed into a matter of
the utmost importance, 
and an actual matter of survival.

And herein lies one of the biggest lies ever heard and propogated.

I can sum it up,
all too well,
from the sign which hung over the entrance
to the infamous Dachau concentration camp

Work Will Set You Free

Yes, by killing you

(in 90 days on 1500 calories per day with hard labor
- and I should add that the NAZIs had to work real hard to get you that little scrap of data).

You might want to look a little closer behind every single statement which you hear.

As the sign on Mulder's wall so well put it in X-Files


And as the bumper sticker says


And as the sign several yards away from the entrance to Dachau says


w/the most profound love 



8:14 a.m.

Ventura, California, USA


back up north in about two weeks.

and then to the Aegean to find out exactly what is going on over there, 

today, yesterday, and tomorrow