It is 10:48 p.m.

I just got back to the computer.

As I was thinking about
the last post
I realized that it seemed
rather incomplete.

Almost like hearing
only one side of
a telephone conversation.

Because I have a number
of persons who have acted as
"sounding boards"
over the years,
I am used to having them
already know all of the details
about which I am writing,
as we work out finer levels of detail.

I would like,
first of all,
to tell the purpose
of some of these writings.

I have been writing
about politics and religion
(taboo subjects in the house I grew up in)
and philosophy,
and economics
since I was about 16 years old.

I have written regularly
during those entire 44 years
between now and then.

So that,
upon making my own website
about two years ago, now,
it was only natural for me
to write on it.

I know that many persons
consider my thinking
to be rather radical
or scary
or offensive,
such that I have taken
a long time
to really start writing
what I think in these fields
other than music
and it's related subjects.

But, as I have said,
things have just gotten weirder
and weirder
since the infamous 9-11 incident,
which looks very much like a coup d'etat,
and that all the moreso
as time goes on
and we continue to hear
the obscene thoughts
of all of these
merchants of war and death
who want to make their
disgustingly homicidal behaviors
have a veneer of justice
and religion
and Americanism,
when such is, in reality,
sorely lacking.

One of the questions that myself,
and others like me,
asked for decades,
was how in the world
did the Germans capitulate
to the insanity of the Nazi party
and Hitlerianism.

I no longer ask that question,
as I have had it so fully answered
during these past 12 years.

So, now, the new question is,
are these people as insane
as they appear to be,
and why so many of them,
all at once.

This is where the study of psychopathy
and the even more recent studies
of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity
come into play.

Many of us have discussed
and asked the question
numerous times
as to why it is
that the longer that people
are in politics
the worse they lie 
while exponentially increasing their bloodlust,
which seems,
much of the time,
to be insatiable.

One cannot but help be reminded
of the interview with Ted Bundy,
serial killer,
in which he explained
the process that went on
inside of him
as he degenerated from nice man
into homicidal maniac.

One can't help but wonder,
after watching those interviews,
if the same process
is not taking place
in numerous others.

Or, how does a Sadam Hussein
or an Adolf Hitler,
or Joseph Stalin
become so paranoid
that they begin to murder
the people who helped
put them in power,
now deciding that their lifelong friends
are actually their mortal enemies.

And what exactly is it
that causes so many politicians
to become pathological liars,
to the point where
it becomes embarrasssing
to watch and/or listen to.

So much so,
that I finally was forced
to pull the plug
on my television set
ten years ago,
and never plug it back in.

And being really glad
that I did so,
especially when I am forced
to watch one
at other people's houses
or in public venues.

It is nothing but mental rot,
so far as I am concerned,
and cannot be good
for anyone
who is going to feed
on a steady diet
of the garbage,
and hysteria,
and paranoia,
and fear mongering.

I worked in places
which I refer to as "war zones",
where death and destruction
are rampant
on every side of you.

I certainly have no need
to have some grotesque
presstitution service
try to titillate me
with their latest
vicarious Roman colosseum.

I find it utterly repulsive and disgusting.

You can only imagine
how difficult it is for me
to relate to all of those
who are feasting regularly
on this garbagefest.

So, it is in this context
that I try to find out
all that I can about
what the latest real science
is showing us
about the inner workings
of the mind.

And, it is, indeed,
shocking to behold.

This is because,
as I have mentioned before,
we are learning
that the brain is making new tissue
with every lie that is told.

With every wicked imagining,
a new layer of tissue is formed,
until the layers become so thick
that they are able to
take on a life of their own,
as fantasy begins
to turn into compulsive behavior.

Yes, out of the heart come the issues of life.

Your thought life really does matter.

And it WILL be reflected
in your persona,
one way or another.

So that the politicians
with their constant lying
become ridiculous to listen to
over time,
as they continue to believe
that we are all as stupid as ever,
and will repeat whatever they tell us.

But, instead,
it seems to be part of their judgment,
that anyone with
an open ear,
open eyes,
and an open mind
can only continue
to be shocked
at the degeneration
that takes place
right before your eyes.

I always like to say

that the best argument for term limits
is to watch the people
who have been in political office
for a long time.

They start with some shady backroom deal,
which is then followed by another,
and then another,
until they are certain
that this is just how the world is.

They have no idea
the change that is taking place,
for all to see,
even if they don't want to admit
just exactly what it is
that they ARE seeing.

I have watched this
for many years
as our entire country
has degenerated more and more
until one can only shudder
to think where this is headed.

And that is where
my studies of psychopathy
and sociopathy
and neurogenesis
and neuorplasticity
come into play.

We have reached a point
where we can actually
the changes
as they take place.

And those "photos"
are very scary to look at.

And the implications of them
are very scary to think about.

We are at a dividing line.

My recommendation
is to watch your thought life
even more closely
than you watch your outward life
which you are trying to project
onto the world about you.

So, with these few brief comments,
I am going to wrap it up.

I have to go back
on the road tomorrow morning,
and do not expect
to be back online
until Monday evening,
or Tuesday.

In the meantime
I hope I have given
some food for thought.

Please do not judge me
too harshly
for being so frank
and forthright.

I started out life
as one who had little regard
for truth and property rights.

By the time I was a teenager
I had begun to feel the effects
of my wicked ways,
and swore off of them,
and decided to take
the very opposite course of
"truth at all costs".

I really do not care
what anyone thinks about this,
at a deeper level,
because I believe that truth,
and integrity,
like virtue itself,
are their own reward.

I am very glad
that I have taken the course
which I have.

It is true that
the truth will set you free.

But not without offending
numerous persons around you
who are all too wedded to the lie,
which seems invariably
to lead directly into psychopathy,
and from there to
a complete unraveling of the mind,
as up becomes down,
and in becomes out,
and black becomes white,
until one is simply forced
to shut up,
being afraid of
what other people will think.

That's not for me.

And I hope that
any who read this
and consider these matters
will join me in this opinion.

I am tired and
really must try
and get some rest.

I hope to write some more music soon.

In the meantime,

my focus is on learning to love the unloveable.

I am not very good at it.

But, I sure am trying.

I can say that with honesty and fidelity.

w/ love to all


11:19 p.m.
Friday night
Ventura, California, USA