As I was thinking about the matter I became amused at the fact of how many "mommy's little girls" I have seen lately.

"Daddy's little man" has been a mainstay of every dysfunctional family since day one, I am sure.

But "mommy's little girl"?

It's not that it's new to me.

It is that it used to be extremely rare.

I grew up with extreme wealth.

In that rarefied world of the upper stratospheres of "Stepfordland" the girls are not thought of as human beings at all.

Rather, they are sacred gene pools.

I guess if you are raised being told this all of the time, maybe you don't really understand just how ridiculous such an assertion is likely to be.

But, what of all of these others who I am seeing in all of the gallerias and shopping malls of this once mighty nation.

Can anyone explain this to me?

I just can't help but say it, as I must.

But, it reminds me of that movie with Nicole Kidman where everyone is walking around with an animal on a leash, which they are calling their "demon" (i.e. their elemental inner self)
(it was The Golden Compass).

What struck me about those scenes was how haughtily each one paraded around the animal which was supposed to represent his, or her, higher and truer real self.

It was sort of like a dog show where each owner is just oh so proud of their little beastie that they are beaming with pride and jublilance as they take little prancer through his moves.

It can really freak you out, but good, when you see humans directly in front of you doing this with their little daughters.

Men and women both being equally guilty, I should say.

But after the book Lolita became a best seller I think most people have some idea, even if very stereotypical, of what I am talking about.

But here, is something far different.

For it is far easier to see daughter as projection of mother than it ever is to see her as projection of father (although such is often the case).

But why has the mother such a tentacle-like grip upon the daughter's every thought and action?

I can see giving direction and having some level of sternness.

But this?

It seems to me that something very ill is going on.

The reason why I think this is because I worked with this monster for many years.

And I am not happy about what I have seen.

For, believe me, it is not about the mother protecting her little apple of her eye, even at all.

It is all about mom, and her fading beauty and her fading glory, and her inability to actually face rotting and death head on, as will be required all too soon enough.

The poor little girl has now become mom's hope of finding that eternal fountain of youth of which Ponce de Leon is said to have searched all over the peninsula of Florida for.

It is mom claiming that her worn out haggard body which is full of hatred and lies and putredness is not actually this at all, but rather it is the little girl.

Believe me, whatever good there is in that little girl is not coming from the mother, but is coming in spite of her.

The looks on their faces say it all.

They are so defensive as to be frightening.

I am reminded of the 20,000 fish ladies and friends who stormed the Tuilleries during the French Revolution, murdering the entire contingent of Swiss Guards in hand to hand combat and then demanding an audience with THEIR king.


They are on a mission, and that is for sure.

Too bad it is an evil one.

And that reminds me of this ----

I am walking through a local grocery store and there is a little boy in a shopping cart. 

Dad is pushing him around and calling him "bud".

As in my buddy.

As in my little buddy.

Now, here is the problem with that "oh so cute" picture.

Dad is not the child's bud.

The relationship is so inherently unequal as to make one immediately wonder in astonishment at the low level of sanity or lack thereof which is being displayed within inches of me.

Yes, that really freaks me out too.

When parents use their children as confidantes, especially regarding those matters which are properly private between mates (family decisions, medical decisions, financial decisions, marital counseling decisions, etc.) as in, I think this, but your mother thinks that, this is known in books on emotional abuse as "emotional incest".

It has all of the hallmarks of incest without the overt sexual acts.

All of the emotional components are present.

The very young girl acts more as if her dad is her date than she does what he actually is.

She pretends to share in his pool of knowledge and experience.

Of course, this couldn't possibly be more delusional.

It is so transparent that one can understand full well why these people typically go into hiding and encourage their children to do the same with them.

Because that is the only way they can keep their little game going.

Once again, lives gone up in mist --- poof.

Oh, and did I forget to say how many times this is done in the name of religion?

It seems to be the perfect hiding place for these people, as I find a disproportionately high amount of them are very much into putting out how morally superior they are to you and me.

Well, I have got news for them.

They are not, never have been, and never will be.

I'll leave whether that is a good thing or a bad thing for another post.

10:43 a.m. pdst (or is it ptsd?)
Ventura, California, USA