It is 4:40 a.m.

I cannot sleep, once again,
so that I have gotten up
to write a few words on
what I have come to term as

One of the best examples
I have ever seen
of such a thing 
took place
on one of the first cruises
I ever went on.

I believe it was the very first one.

It was from Los Angeles,
to Ensenada, Mexico,
and back in five days,
with a stopover at Catalina Island,
and a quick swing through
the Channel Islands
off the coast
here where I live.

We got off at Ensenada,
and there it was.

A pharmacy,
right there on the dock.

And one could buy
all of the narcotics
which one could possibly
want or desire.

Lots of Vicodin,
and Oxycotin,
just like Aspirin
and other
over-the-counter drugs.

I looked around
to see all of the drug addicts
lining up to get their narcotics.

But, there were none.

I looked around
to see all of the people
laying in the gutter, 
half out of their minds.

But, there were none.

Then I was forced to ask myself,
and to consider,
why is it that people
who are much less educated
than myself
and my fellow countrymen
are able to have
these drugs available,
but we are not?

Years later,
I was in Amsterdam
in the Netherlands.

There people could buy marijuana
and magic mushrooms
over the counter.

There were places
set up like bars,
where everyone
was smoking weed,
instead of drinking.

But, according to local statistics,
90% of sales
are to foreigners
who come there
for that very purpose,

I looked around,
once again,
to see the end of civilization
as we know it,
and saw instead,
nothing but very intelligent people
going about their business,
with 99.9% of them
plainly and obviously sober.

Yet, in my country
we are told all kinds of horror stories
about what would happen
if we had legalization
or de-criminalization.

This is "mommyism".

Mommy says
you cannot have this
or that,
because you are simply
not smart enough
or moral enough
to be able to handle
the consequences.

That is the message.

Only "mommy" knows
what is good for you
and what is bad for you.

You simply cannot be trusted
to make such decisions
of your own free will.

So, all of a sudden,
the state,
which is supposed to
stop crime and violence,
has instead,
become my mommy,
while being by far
the number one perpetrator
of violence and plunder/theft.

And we all know that
mommy knows best.

It is when the state
gets into attempting
to regulate morality 
and thought,
in place of stopping violence
and theft,
that we get into
what is otherwise known as

As in, the paternalistic state.

Every fascist dictatorship
and their various different offshoots
being very good examples
of this type of divisive
and degenerated 

I put thinking in quotations marks,
because the very point of "mommyism"
is to not have to think.

In the final analysis
it is for the intellectually lazy,
who would rather be told
what to do
than to think for themselves.

Frederic Bastiat,
in his brilliant little booklet,
"The Law",
shows how this insidious process
is activated and energized
by "legal plunder"
and "false philanthropy".

The false philanthropy
generally being the excuse
for the legal plunder.

While the Soviet
and Chinese Communist
totalitarian police states
used to be the models
of such behavior,
our own country
has come a very long ways
into that camp,
such that the dictator
of modern day Russia,
Vladamir Putin,
can speak,
just several days ago, 
of his "strategic partnership"
with these United States.

And the very unapologetic
Communist Chinese
have become
our largest trading partner.

Just as one can see
in George Orwell's
opening chapters
of his novel 1984,
either of these two parties
can one day be friends,
and the very next,
enemies of the most devious kind.

It just depends on how "mommy"
wants to play her cards that day.

Consistency is something
which has little or no relevance
when mommy decides to speak.

So, why mommy,
instead of daddy?

Because mommy wipes your butt,
and wipes your nose,
and dries up your tears
and tells you everything is o.k.,
even when it is not,
and you are,
in fact,
in great peril.

Mommy tells you
who you can date,
and who you can
have sex with
and in what manner,
and where,
and why.

When we were just kids, 
during the 1960's,
we were told that the Communists
were our mortal enemies,
and that we had to give up
our liberties
and bank accounts
in order to fight this monster.

We fought the Vietnam War,
without anyone being able
to give a coherent answer
as to why we were there.

To contain Communism,
was the answer that mommy
always came up with.

Well, how did that work out.

They are still Communist.

But the world did not end
the way that mommy told us
it was going to.

That was at the height
of the Cold War.

With Russia having tens of thousands
of nuclear warheads
all targeted on the U.S.

This is why 
none of us expected
to grow old before dying.

We were sure
we would be incinerated,
long before that.

So, you can only imagine
how strange it seems to me
to watch mommy cozy up
with the enemy, 
to whom we shipped
all of our industrial base,
while our mommyistic politicians
told us what a good deal
we were getting.

We were going to be the brains,
and the Chinese would be the laborers.

It was the same with immigration.

We were told by the mommyistas 
from both parties
that these people
were only taking the jobs
that no one else wanted.

It didn't take long
to figure out
that either mommy is
a big fat liar,
or else nobody wants any jobs,
as one after another
was taken over
by undocumented aliens
and their families
and friends.

in order to
complete the destruction,
we are supposed to take joy
in the fact that mommy
has decided
that it is in our best interests
to legalize all of the illegals,
instead of being honest
and stopping the damage
which has been done,
before it becomes even worse.

This is happening
while there are few or no jobs
to have,
as our country sinks
further and further
into institutionalized insolvency.

As I grew up
we fought the Korean War,
and then the Vietnam War.

These were followed by the
War on Poverty.

And then the
War on Drugs,
during which our 4th amendment
was systematically eviscerated
by the Supreme Court
of Justice Rehnquist
who found one exception
after another to the warrant requirements,
until the exceptions
were well said
to have swallowed up the rule.

The reasons?


That is to say,
the drug war.

Now we have
our latest incarnation
of this same process.

It is now the
War on Terror.

What utter nonsense.

The so-called enemies
are fabricated
and financed
by our own mommyistic government.

And it is going
just the same way
as mommy's prior wars.

For, think about it
for just a moment.

Is North Korea still Communist,
and moreso than ever?

Is Vietnam still Communist,
and moreso than ever?

Did we get rid of poverty,
after spending much
of our entire substance
on the war against poverty?


It could be argued,
that we are well on our way
to the greatest amount of poverty
this nation has ever seen.

Did the war on drugs
get rid of the drug trade?

mommy has instead
empowered the drug lords,
such that they have so much money
that they were forced
to go "legit".

right into the banking business,
the insurance racket
(AIG, for example),
the stock exchange business,
and the housing market business.

And finally
into the government business.

that is the real reason
behind NSA.

It is not to protect you
from anything.

It is the mob protection racket
in it's most sinister form,
and little else.

For if you have captured
all of the mail bags,
and all of the communications,
you can blackmail persons
to no end.

you can make people
do your evil bidding.

Don't think that is what is going on?

Then you might
want to stop for a moment
and take a longer
and harder look.

You wonder
why the Republicant's
don't jump on the
when the opportunity
is so ripe for it?

Not when certain people
have the goods on you.

Complete with dossiers
which would make
J. Edgar Hoover
with photos
and taped conversations
and intercepted communications.

This is why they are
recording everything.

It is in hopes of
finding something
which they can
use against you,
later on,
if you become
too much of a liability,
where mommy is concerned.

And it further
serves as a warning
not to get out of line.

Because remember
that night when you ---------?

Well, guess what?

We recorded the whole thing
and can replay it
at any time we want.

So, don't even think about
f***ing with us,

It will be to the Gulag with you.

And that without
even the possibility
of judicial intervention.

Not that it would really matter,

As we are now
in the world of Hitler's Justice,
in the place of Magna Carta
and the "rule of law".

As an example
of just how ridiculous
mommyism becomes,
with so little effort,
one only need
to read of the arguments
being put forth
by the federal government
in justification of 
tube feeding
the hapless prisoners
at Guantanamo

(which Barry O.
promised would be closed
within one year,
for all of those of you 
who can't remember
what mommy has told you).

The argument
being presented in court
is that
they would be taking part in a suicide
if they allowed the prisoners
to starve themselves to death.

And the numbers were astonishing.

It was over 3/4 of the inmates
who are so desparate
and despairing
that they are simply refusing to eat.

They would rather die 
than live in the degrading conditions
in which they are being
forced to live,
with no ability
to seek any legal remedy,
as the "rule of law" 
has apparently been
indefinitely suspended.

How could these psychopaths
care for even one moment
about whether these persons
are dead or alive.

Their actions
betray their motives
with a vengeance.

But now,
they put forth some of that
"false philanthropy"
made so famous by Bastiat.

It is only because
mommy is looking out
for her little children
that we are in court fighting
for the right to kill them
when we want to,
after torturing them for years,
and not one minute sooner.

But, mommy
is able to tell this
in an entirely distorted version
about how she is trying
to protect their souls
from eternal damnation,
because god forbid
that they should be allowed
to commit "suicide".

One cannot but be reminded
of the infamous Spanish Inquisition,
which was modeled
after the Papal Inquisition
(against the Cathars)
approximately 500 years earlier.

While it is really
all about power
and money, 
mommy will never tell that.

she is out to save the souls
of these recalcitrant heretics,
who just simply 
do not know any better.

So, now,
in a complete inversion
of moral values,
we are to claim
that we are doing a favor
by torturing whoever we want,
when we want,
and how we want.

After all,
it is their eternal soul
which is a stake.

And thankfully,
mommy knows
just how to help you out
by burning you to death
at the stake.

Please DO NOT
do me any favors,

here is
one of the ultimate ironies
of mommyism.

There is more violence
and theft than ever.

That is to say,
if the job of government
is to stop theft
and plunder
and violence,
but instead
they have become
the epitome of such things,
which are now
more in abundance
than ever,
does this not mean
that they are
a complete and utter failure?

It is like what happened
to the President of Bolivia
the day before yesterday,
as his plane was forced
to land in Vienna,
because France,
and Portugal
would not allow him
to fly through their airspace.


Because the U.S. 
had it "on good authority"
that Edward Snowden
was in that plane.

Or so it was claimed.

Of course,
he was not.

Which can only mean
one of two things.

with all of that electronic spying apparatus,
they still cannot get it right,

or they are just acting
like the mommyistic monsters
which they truly are
and intending
to send out a message
to any would-be helpers
of one
who is lawfully seeking
political asylum.

It is the same with Guantanamo.

There is a very good reason
why it remains operational,
and it has nothing
to do with "terrorists"
or "terrorism".

It is, rather,
a warning to you and me.

If we piss these people off,
then we may very soon
find ourselves there,
in the very same predicament,
as we are force fed,
as our captors
pretend to have ultimate power
over life and death.

They do not
and, indeed,

And have certainly
shown themselves
for the mobster bullies
which they most definitely are.

in the final analysis,
mommyism has joined hands
with mobsterism,
while turning a blind eye
to all of the numerous crimes
which are being committed
in the furtherance
of turning the entire planet
into a Gulag,
with nowhere to run
or hide.

What a sick bunch
these people truly are.

this is mommyism
come to it's ultimate conclusion.

Mommy hates her children,
as it turns out.

But, why should that surprise you?

the worst part 
in all of this
is who those persons are
who pretend to be looking out
for our best interests, 
as our mommies.

The people to whom I refer
are moral degenerates.

They are clincally defined
as sociopaths
and psychopaths,
to a person,
the best I am able to tell.

So, to hear them moralizing
is just a bit much.

But, oh how they can moralize.

They can tell you
all about 
just how screwed up
you are
and how lucky you are
to have them here
to protect you
from you.

To hear one ex-President
after only having been stopped
from the worst slander imaginable,
thanks to a real mom
saving the
blue sperm-covered dress,
really is just a bit much for me.

And to hear another moralize
after he has sold
all of our liberties
down the road
for a song and a dance;

And having created
a bunch of torture sites
and death camps
which would be the envy
of Hitler and Stalin and Mao,
is also just a bit much.

It really creeps me out
when these people
think to tell me
how I should live
and by what moral code
I must subscribe to.

I most definitely 
DO NOT want
to be like them.

And I do not want
any of my children
or their friends,
or my friends
to be even
a little bit like them.

When these persons started,
a banker was considered
a pillar of the community
and a fount of financial wisdom.

we refer to them as "banksters"
because the shoe fits
only all too well.

The least trustworthy people
to give your money to,
for the most part,
as it is turning out.

as in huckster.

Politicians as in

to a person.

And thinking
that this is not only
a requirement,
a moral imperative.

One can only wonder
where this is leading to,
or where it is
all too likely to end.

I sure wish people
would wake up.

Where is the outrage,

When will our people
rise up in the millions
the way they did in Egypt
during this past week?

Only when it is too late?

And all is alreadly lost?

That is most assuredly
how it looks at this time,
as I can only hope
that I am wrong,
but never having been so
when it comes to these matters.

How many wake up calls
are required,

There have been far too many,
such that any intelligent
and observant person
must be in a
continuous state of despair
as he/she watches
his/her fellow humans
lining up for the slaughter
as if all is well,
while mommy tells them
not to worry,
mommy has it
all in control.

Happy 4th of July.

I can only imagine
our founding fathers
are turning over
in their graves
at what has become
of their once mighty nation
and belief systems.

From riches to rags.

And from enlightenment
to the most profound darkness

But, I am no doomsayer.

And I do believe
that the true gospel power
(as found in the red letters
in the NT)
will prevail,
in spite of
all of the phoney religions
and phoney politicians
and phoney moralists,
and pretended do-gooders.

I guess every so often
a bunch of us
just have to eat sh*t and die,
so that our blood may provide
fresh inspiration
for those who follow
who will be forced to say,
once more,


I am told that
at some point
the swords will be beaten
into plowshares
and pruning hooks.

Just when,
I do not pretend to know.

But, I do know
that there is a higher being
and power
at work
throughout all of this.

And we have
yet to hear
from that person.

I suspect that the plans
of all of these
would-be oriental despots
and their ilk
will be quickly overthrown
with great violence.

It is just a matter of time,
if that is any consolation.

In the meantime,
we ALL must resist evil.

And there is most certainly
a lot of evil to resist
right now.

I guess we had better
get extra tough
if we expect
to make it
through the coming firestorm.

God be with all of you.

w/ the greatest love imaginable


6:25 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA