I thought I should briefly touch base.

All is well here
(except for my broken neck; 
the cervical vertebrae
have been moving
all over the place
for past two weeks
= very uncomfortable,
but I am hoping that
they are realigning themselves properly,
following a whole series
of hits to my head,
each of which managed
to cause further compression injuries
= OUCH !!).

I have had no "inspiration"
to write music
since the untimely
and tragic
of my very good friend,
in spirt,
Michael Hastings.

One could say that
I have been in deep mourning.

That is probably
not far off the mark.

I have also been very busy
playing catch-up
with my own paid work.

Just for the record
I re-worked the June 14 post,

So, just what is "Clownism", anyway?

This is the one
which I had
a lot of problems with
getting it edited,
after adding a reference
to the very illuminating work
of Kevin R. Ryan.

I hope any who are interested
will take a look at it,
now that it has been edited.

It couldn't be more on point,
based upon what has transpired
since that date.

My personal favorite,
during these past weeks,
was Senator John McCain,
making a speech in Israel
a couple of days ago
in which he came right out
and argued for arming
the so-called Syrian rebels
with anti-aircraft guns
and shoulder launched missiles,
even though they may get
into the hands of Al Qaeda,
who just happen to be known
for liking to shoot those missiles
at passsenger airliners.

Small price to pay,
according to McCain.

After all, it is a win-win
for him 
and his fellow delusional paranoids.

Much better than letting that arch-fiend,
continue to peacefully govern
his highly pluralistic country,
as he had been doing up
until all of those
CIA and MI-6 sponsored attacks
upon a sovereign country
began and continued

(which were,
once again, 
reported in the foreign press
from the very first day they started,
about two years ago,
but not in
the good ole US of A).
for him,
and his fellow countrymen,
Assad just happens to be in the way
of all of that nice yummy Caspian Sea oil.

Repeat after me: 

"No blood for oil, here. 
No siree.
We only want
to bring
Democra - seeee"

"What an incredible
and unbelievable waste
of both blood and treasure",
I can hear the inner historian
deep down within me
complaining very loudly.

I am currently brewing up
another blog,
on a closely related subject,
which is very dear to my heart:

So, just what is "MOMMYISM", anyway?

If you already hate me,
you will hate me even more.

If you like to read
some freethinking,
in place of all of the
pablum and drivel
which you can get
and any time,
then this one
is most definitely
for YOU !!

Just for information,
in case you cannot figure it out,
I am a lifelong Libertarian,
in terms of political philosophy

(as opposed to the party
by that name,
which I do not belong to; 
but only because
they have been so disorganized
and ineffective,
and untrue to
the underlying philosophy
from which they have
taken their name).

That means,
to me,
fiscal conservatism,
and social liberalism.

"Live and let live".

But quit spending
all of our hard earned capital
on various
social engineering schemes
which are really
nothing more than
disguised forms of patronage,
right out of
the ancient Roman system.

I may speak more on these matters,
at a later time,
if I am able to.

In the meantime,
I can tell any
who want to know
what is
REALLY going on here,
to go get a copy of
Frederic Bastiat's little book
"The Law".


He watched
all of the same things
we are watching,
right now,
only it was in
the post-revolutionary
French Parliament of 1803,
or thereabouts.

He was a renowned economist

(a real one,
unlike the shills
who call themselves such,

and a member of
the French Parliament.

I think he nailed
the entire system
for exactly what it is
in the fewest words possible.

I have often wanted
to write an updated version
of his little booklet,
or an annotated version
of it,
but am unable
to add much
to his very prescient
and insightful
of just how exactly
this fraud

(which is called by
many different and 

actually operates.

Also, I highly recommend
the little booklet
most highly decorated
General Smedley Butler,

"War is a Racket".


As an overseer of this racket
for many years,
he was in a far better position
than most
to tell just exactly
how war profiteering works.

It was his contention
that none of the modern wars
were fought for the purposes
which the public was told.

They don't want
to be told
that they are having
all of their
hard earned cash
bled off of them
to pay for
a small handful
of extremely psychopathic

i.e. without conscience,
or remorse,

to get so rich
as to be absurd

how many pairs of shoes
can you really wear,

On a lighter note,
I hope to have a new song soon.

I can feel something
brewing and clawing around
deep down inside of me,
but it is not yet screaming
to get out.

Until then,
I shall impatiently wait.

Hope this finds all well
with all of you
who mean so much to me.

May God be with you
during these coming days

w/ intense and devoted love


1:43 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA