I am feeling pretty tired tonight.

Have put on about 1,000 miles of driving
during past week and am feeling it.

Am booked to leave in one week for Aegean Sea region.

Several days in Venice to start,
then throughout Aegean region
and ending in Athens,
where will spend several more days before returning.

For ALL who should be aware! of such things,
Greece, Spain, and Italy will probably bring down
this entire house of cards,
very soon,
by the looks of things.

Plus war brewing bigtime in Syria/Iraq/Iran.

Many troops and much equipment in place
for imminent very aggressive attack,
forgetting, far too quickly,
that this is Russian buffer zone.

It will not go down well for anybody,
the best I can figure.

This can happen at any moment.

It is a high probability event in next 12-18 months.

Only thing holding back very aggressive action
is election year
with each candidate screaming about
how much more blood he can shed than his opponent.

This is what so-called "majoritarianism"
devolves into all to quickly.

It seems to me to be a very good argument
for proportional representation,
as is practiced throughout much of
post-World War II Europe
as a result of demands made
in the Marshall Plan,
no less!

Should be colorful and interesting.

Just like sailing into the Fukushima Sunset was (Tahiti 2012).

I'm still alive,
but very much wondering how and why.

That is a whole lot of radioactive Cesium and Iodine,
not to mention probable Plutonium particles.

One can only wonder how many millions,
or is it billions,
of cancer cases there are here.

The implications are really rather startling and ominous.

On a lighter note (really?)

The audio recordings.

I made an audio recording page
when I first set up this site,
last August.

I posted "When the Dragon Smiles",
on the subject of the completely out-of-control
way overinflated
narcissistic ego,
by which much emotional and material wreckage is caused.

I then pulled it later because of website redesign considerations.

I have many recordings from all over the world of many different things and places.

I decided long ago to post some of them.

Such things as rain in San Juan Puerto Rico,
Cocqui frogs in Hilo, Hawaii,
waves in Normandy
and violent storms in the North Sea,
with my micorophone hanging out the door
in the wind and surf.

Or, some of my favorites
are waves on the rocks on the reefs
on the North Kona coasat on the big island of Hawaii.

Waterfalls (and streams) in Big Sur area is another favorite.

And don't forget the bird recordings
from various different locations,
and frog recordings
made with the machine sitting in the tunnel
with frogs on every side and hopping all over it
as they make more noise than I have ever heard.

The problem with getting them posted 
is always a matter of no time to edit.

I also have been making numerous
social commentary audio recordings over the years,
often while driving,
which are probably far too radical
for my broad and tender audience.

I feel bad pushing the envelope as far as I am here, 
but feel that it is necessary
for reasons far too obtuse to understand or explain.

So, in order to break with what I think has become a bad tradition,
I decided the other day,
while out hiking in the middle of nowhere, alone,
that it is time!

But, I didn't happen to have my digital recording machines with me.


So, I decided to use the video ability of my still camera
to record the sound
while leaving the picture fixed on a pond I was sitting by.

The only trouble is that it heats up rather quickly
as it is not really made for videography.

You will hear comments about that.

Please disregard them.

I am the sole intended audience of those
"off the cuff" remarks and comments.

I am just thinking out loud,
which I do a lot.

That way,

what I am thinking.

That is better for both of us.

The important thing that I wanted to get across
is that while I look, act, write, and sound
rather hateful and scornful
such is really not the case at all.

Actually far from it.

As I said at one point,

I am just a good reader
and a good writer.

Don't get too crazy.


Or as a dear and close relative tells me every so often

You make me think about things I don't want to think about.


Except when it is so patently destroying your life
in numerous different ways all
simultaneoulsy leading to common roots,
which is then wreaking havoc
in my otherwise purposefully tranquil little world.

Also, I want to emphasize that



I do not claim to be any different from anyone else
when it comes to the various faults
which are described and illustrated.

Some of it is very visceral.

I get just as upset as I am sure many others do also.

I intend to face these monsters head on
and roll over them,
not turn and run,
and spend the rest of my very short life
running and running and running
from I know not what,
other than some shadow.

That's right --- can't you see it coming, yet?

Mist ---

vapor ----

poof ---

Your life is over.

Now, I must say, respectfully,

that is really f****d up!

I would recommend way less television and social life
and anything else which is getting in the way
of getting these matters dealt with
and settled
once and for all.

During the next few day things will start speeding up really fast.
Will likely get harder to post.

But, I will do what I am able.

Anyone who doubts what I am saying
go read my posts right before I left for Zurich last time.

This will be the same but by a factor of 10x.


That sounds really painful.

But, at least we will know,
first hand,
exactly what is going on in Italy and Greece,
on the ground,
up close and personal.

I can't wait to hear from the real people on the ground.

Next stop Hong Kong

or Dogubyazit, Turkey?

Only time will tell.

Neither?  Both?

Holy Land and Egypt booked for start of New Year.

Why do I feel like I am about to be sucked into
some major action really soon?

just because I am standing right dead center
in the middle of it all?

Another BIG oooooops!?

Only time will tell.

Am really tired.

Must go lay down.

With love to all
and especially to those who feel the most insulted
by what I have written and read.

I love you the most, by far.

I do not mean to hurt,
while I know that the subject is by it's very nature hurtful.

I would not bother if you were not so important to me.

Please know that.


11:29 p.m.



Ventura, California, USA