Now, for a couple of housekeeping details.

I woke up Sunday morning
completely unable to believe
what had just happened to me on Saturday.

What are the odds?

I am in as remote an area as I can get into
without heading into the adjoining mountains.

I have been going to this location very regularly for many years.

I have visited and fed numerous animals
in this area one winter after another,
when there are no tourists and very little food.

This is MY homeland,
where I live and work
and has been so for many, many years.

So, where in the world,
and how in the world
does someone just turn up
from thousands of miles away
to come to this very spot
when I am only there at that time
by the most "happenstance" of circumstances?

Does this strike anyone beside me as rather strange?

Even weirder
is the fact that I only received the horrible e-mail
several days prior,
even though it had sat for one and one-half months.

I picked it up by what I would call a "fluke",
although, now, in retrospect,
I can see that it was VERY PROVIDENTIAL.

After thinking about this matter for several days
I was so mad that I handed a certain party over to God himself,
"total and utter destruction,
and annhilation,
if not sooner".

But, then I always ask Him to temper it with his love
and run it through the prism of his knowledge
in light of the fact that I have little to none
on which to base any given decision,
and the fact that I am intensely grieved
and ridiculously angry.

I kept telling the Lord
during the 48 hours leading up to Saturday late morning
"I am venting like Mount Vesuvius",
and to please disregard and ignore everything which I say,
because it is wrong or untrue or based on igorance, etc.

That's right,
just as I finished a 48 hour "hatefest" and tirade,
the object of my rage appears in front of me,
IMPOSSIBLY and completely unexpectedly.

Well, it gets even weirder yet.

I was told by a little bird several days prior
to prepare a package for Doppelganger
in case I should run into this person.

I thought that this was the strangest thing,
but made the package anyway.

I knew that there was simply no way
that this was going to happen.

But, lo and behold.

It did happen!

Oh, but here's the funny part.

I was so stunned and shocked
that I completely forgot to even think about the package
until hours later
when I realized that I had it in my shirt pocket to give,
but was in such disbelief at what was happening
that I completely failed to carry through.

In this regard,
I would like it to be noted that the paper written on July 22,
at about 1 a.m.,
several hours after the actual incident took place,
is intended as a DEBRIEFING.

I know from lots of experience in this regard
that it takes about 48 hours
for dramatic loss of fine details.

I always try to get IMPORTANT things written down ASAP,
while it is still fresh in my mind.

That was the purpose of this exercise.

First I had to get back to Ventura
from Northern California,
arriving here at about 11:30 p.m..

Then, it took two hours of typing,
plus additions and corrections during next 24 hours.

Some very fine details
and some very personal details
are purposely ommitted for the sake of privacy.

I would like very much to have met the two other persons
and hope that I may be able to before too long.

I certainly did not intend to be as rude
as I must certainly have appeared to be.

I was shocked,
and nothing more,
or less.

And finally,
in these remarks,
I want to say how unequivocally glad I am
to get to see the Doppelganger in person.

What a privilege and honor
it truly is
and has been.

I cannot understand why so much energy
has been expended to keep me from talking with you.
Efforts have been made
and are being made
to see to it that I NEVER get to speak with you
for even one minute.

Seems a little bit extreme to me.

It strikes me as excessively bizarre.

And then you manage to surprise me
over and over again
until I cannot help but take notice,
like it or not.

Oh, also,

After thinking about the matter some more,
it occurred to me that you actually have plenty of reason,
from your perspective,
why I may be getting the "stink eye".

You didn't happen to be following along in my blog, did you?

I know that I sent you a message
telling you to read the blog for info,
but have no idea
whether or not you got the message,
or understood it.


I hope you are not mad at the monsters
which I am dredging up
out from the swamps deep within.

I want you to know
that the only reason I will
or ever would 
is to get it out in the open
where I may destroy it
all the more easily.

Also, in this regard,
on Friday, July 20,
I made a couple of audio recordings
while up a stream at a secret location of mine.

I made an audio recording of the last two posts
and then explained before and after each
just what it is that I am really driving at.

I remind everyone
of just how NOTuptight I really am about these matters,
very contrary to how I sound when writing and reading.

I will get them posted ASAP.

I think they help a lot at keeping matters in proper perspective.

My only object is
and always has been
and always will be
the liberation of the human spirit.

And especially one
that has been trampled under foot repeatedly.

I am tired and will, therefore, wrap it up quickly here.

But, first, oh Doppelganger,
I sent you a B-day card 6 months ago this night,
with a nice present for you.

It was stolen.

I also wrote a very beautiful song for you
and about you
to complete a cycle of songs
reflecting my best compositional writing to date.

There is a very interesting story or two behind this song.

I hope to get to tell you in person some day,
as that is the only way it is going to happen.

It is dated 1-24-12.

But that is only because it was after midnight.

It actually was written on the night of your B-day,
just technically after midnight.

They could not steal that from you.

And it cannot be undone by any of these persons.

This one (and several others) was/are FOR YOU.

I wish you the best

--- and many more ----.

w/profound love, gratitude, and thanksgiving


11:18 p.m.

7-23-12 pdst


Ventura, California, USA


I cannot begin to tell you
how happy it made me to get to hear you laugh
and watch you carry on
like a complete lunatic/maniac.

Something I have not been privy to.

I think a lot more of that just may be in order.

I love how your friends look at you
and look out for you.

It is very endearing.

I can see that they revere you.

And I can most definitely see why.