I want to continue with the subject matter which I was just dealing with in the last post.

But, suddenly, last night, I realized that here we go again.

It is this horrible Friday the 13th thing.

Who knows that this is the day that Jacques de Molay was ruthlessly cut down and butchered?

And so ended the Knights Templar.

I'm afraid that this is a constant reminder to me of what the rest of you do to people like me.

You do know, for example, don't you that every single one of the apostles of Christ, excepting John was violently and heinously murdered?

That can give some people cause for pause.

Or go into the Acts of the Apostles and read what Stephen (his name means "crown" in Greek), the first martyr, says regarding this matter.

The man who was to become the so-called "13th Apostle" stood watching as he had been the one who had ordered this cold blooded unprovoked ruthless murder for "thought crimes".

Yes, it is a funny number, indeed.

And it is a day with an odd history, indeed.

And it seems that many of us can just simply feel it in our bones, whether we like to or want to or not.

I fought hard against this "superstition" for many years, only to finally be forcibly and very violently crushed as if run over by a steam roller several times.

And then once again, equally forcefully, and then again, just for good measure, in case I didn't get it.

Unforturnately, it seems that I am all too well known in the halls of the netherworld for having a peculiar ability to "not get it".

And then, another catastrophic Friday the 13th again, in a
delayed fashion following the last one.

Yes, fffffolks, I forgot to tell you the answer to the question posed on the last Friday the 13th.

Go there and see what the discussion was precisely and specifically about.

And then let me tell you that there is such a thing as a delyaed Friday the 13th.

So now, maybe it can be said that "I do get it".

But, don't forget my good and ever present friend CONTINUOUSLY CONFLICTED EMOTIONS AND THOUGHT PATTERNS.

For he is never far away as I say in the very next breath, apparently with no awareness, whatsoever, of just how contradictory I am being, "I don't get it".

Let's make sure we are getting this straight, now.

It is very important.

I do get it;  I don't get it.


Or just the nature of the reality which we live in moment by moment on a daily basis?

I do get it, because I just got rolled over by it.

But, upon further reflection, I realize that all I really "get" is that I have been forcefully crushed, yet again,
but "I don't get" how such horrible things could happen to such a "wonderful" person as "moi".

Am I asking for the divine wrath, do you suppose?

As I am quickly reminded from on high that many people would not necessarily regard me as this "wonderful" person which I have so eloquently imagined into existence out of nowhere.

And now, the conflict really begins to set in.

Which is it?


Or both?

Or neither?

Or maybe I really have finally lost the last few remaining pieces of my "quasi-sanity".

Now, the mind will do the most amazing trick which you will ever see anywhere.

Get ready ----

It will just simply forget the whole thing and pretend like it never happened.

I have now entered into an "alternate reality".

The mind just simply is not constrained by the same rules of which the individual human is in their day to day living.

If the mind does not like what it sees


This is a constant problem in color correction.

Your eyes do lie to you.

And it is a constant problem with eyewitness testimony as it is gathered during the first minutes on any given crime scene.

People see what they expect to see.

And if what they see if not what their mind expects and believes it should be, then it changes it, pure and simple.

As an example, you are seeing everything upside down, every second of every day.

The image which the lens of the eye projects onto the retina at the back of the eye socket is, indeed, upside down, so far as OUR points of reference are concerned.

Your mind turns it over, continuously.

So, what would happen if you wore a pair of glasses which turns everything upside down, like it really is?

Within a few hours your mind adapts and flips the image so that now everything is right side up.

When you stand under any greenery, your skin becomes a hideous shade of deathly green.

When you stand in shadow your skin color becomes very blue and deathly looking.

But, don't tell your mind what can be so clearly seen on film.

Because it knows that your skin is supposed to be a nice ruddy shade of reds and yellows, with just a touch of blue, it changes it right before your eyes into what it is supposed to be.

This constantly freaks out new photographers who cannot figure out why everyone looked so good in person, but they now look terrible in the photos, at least so far as skin tones are concerned.

These are obvious examples of a process which is going on all of the time and which is, in fact, altering your reality in very substantial ways.

So, in a way, your brain is ALWAYS making alternate realities.

It seems to be a kind of survival mechanism.

Perhaps this is where the saying,
"Love is blind"
comes from.

Now, as in all things, it would seem, it is, ultimately

My famous equation of


The continuous balancing of the chemistry of the brain.

Just as things are not likely to go well when your brain chemistry is seriously malfunctioning, so it is with your mind's creation of alternate realities.

It seems that the mind is unbounded,
by virtue of the very nature of it's structure.

This is so that it can rapidly handle literally any scenario which is thrown at it, and can calculate odds on thousand of inputs almost instaneously as it sifts through huge amounts of data at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

And it can create alternate realities very fast,
because an analysis of all possiblities may turn out to be very important as one is forced to rapidly analyze a quickly developing catastrophic situation and act appropriately.

But, what happens when this same mechanism begins to misfire just a little so that the cerebral cortex begins to program things which are not real into circuits which are intended for things which are real?


If this does, indeed happen,
as an ever larger and growing impressive body of evidence seems to indicate, then we are dealing with an entirely different set of facts and circumstances than we had, heretofore, thought.

And, yes, it appears that this is exactly what IS happening in this field of inquiry at this time.

12:29 p.m.
Friday, the 13th
July 2012

Ventrura, California, USA

I'm going out for a cup of coffee.

If I don't make it back unscathed, please remember,


w/abundant and growing love