It is about 6:45 a.m.
as I am starting to write this morning.

I have been out of town
for the past several days,
back on the road again.

These past several weeks have been strange,
in the extreme.

I told several weeks ago
of Doppelganger sightings,
far more than is ever normal,
in my experience.

And then, on the last return trip
I told of the numerous Mustangs
and silver colored Mustangs.

Well, whatever it was that was happening,
it advanced by tenfold or more
during the following weeks.

I saw as many silver Mustangs in one afternoon 
as I had seen with the numerous ones of many different colors.

Very disconcerting.

Especially when I have no idea
what it all means,
if anything.

It went on for days,
down here in Ventura area,
and then exploded

Just wait and see,
I kept telling myself.

Unable to deny what I am seeing
with my own eyes,
but also unable to make sense
out of this very unusual
and strange
series of events.

I didn't want to tell about any of this,
because it sounds really "crazy",
but having been through any number
of similar experiences in the past,
and therefore realizing the significance of such things
I just continue to watch and wait.

I know that things will become clear at some point.

During the interim,
all I can do is document what is happening,
as it happens.

At any rate,
I am telling these things as background only.

Because it is in this context
that I unexpectedly hit the road
on Saturday morning.

I wasn't intending to return until Sunday
at the earliest,
but changed plans according to events
taking place on the ground.

I also would not normally get out of town
unitl the mid-afternoon.

But on this morning EVERYTHING
went strangely smoothly
as I realized that I was getting way ahead
of my own (intended) schedule.

I did not want to get up north too early,
but I wanted to be on time for sunset.

I got into the area where I was intending to go
when I looked at my clock.

It normally takes me 3 1/2 hours at a minimum
for this 167 mile leg of the trip.

I usually spend 5-6 hours,
because I don't like to be in a hurry,
unless lives are in danger.

So, I look at my clock as I am entering
where "the Pines meet the Sea"
(my first destination).

I am completely baffled,
because my clock says that I made the trip
in a little over two hours.

"That is impossible",
I remember telling myself,
while remembering how many "impossibilities"
I deal with on a nearly daily basis.

Then I decide that
I had better get some water
from the water machines
before entering into the residential neighborhood,
so I very uncharacteristically went to local market
to fill up my water bottles
with clean

So, because of this decision,
I just happen to run into the very person
who I am on my way to meet,
first, at the market,
before heading further north.

This saves me between 30 and 60 minutes of time.

This is going to place me just where I need to be,
in a most providential way,
as you shall soon enough see.

It had been reported to me
that the weather had been very cold,
while I am enjoying sunbathing every day,
here, in Ventura.

Well, maybe I should bring some of this nice weather
up there with me,
I remember telling the night before on the phone.

I had actually asked for such,
in prayer,
while apologizing for asking for such a stupid
and carnal thing
in a prayer petition.

Fat chance,
I thought to myself,
knowing the weather patterns here very well,
for my entire life.

Well, sure enough,
once I get far enough north
and close to my destination
I notice that I have gone through
several cool belts interspersed by warmth.

When I finally get to my parking location
it was a weird mix of cold and warm.

Cold enough that I started my 3 1/2 mile
trek northward to the pier area
with a windbreaker
and vest
on over my very colorful
Caribbean shirt
from St. John's
in West Indies
("nice Hawaiian shirt",
I am told a lot = ooops!)
and a white cotton t-shirt.

That is to say,
layered clothing,
as I learned by experience
is so often needed in Alaska
during the very long (20 hours) daylight
as hot and cold mix
in a most strange way.

So, I have arrived early enough
that I have hours to spare,
so that I decide to put in my walk,
even though I am ridiculously tired.

Long week and long drive combined.

I have a nice walk up to the pier,
although my feet are badly blistered
and getting much worse,
as my shoes have simply had it
and need to be replaced
and tossed.

In meantime I turn on the music
and get into a mental groove
for a seven mile round trip
while thrashed tired.

Now, this should be interesting,
I am thinking to myelf
in terms of Spartan conditioning
and strength
and stamina.

I wonder how far I will be able to go
before the blisters take me out,

I am thinking of turning back
because it is getting so paintul
and then I just told my deep inner Spartan
to just shut up
and get on with it, already.

So, I did just that.

I made the first two and one-half miles
in about 45 minutes,
much to my amazement.

I have had to take off my vest,
my windbreaker,
and my t-shirt
and Caribbean shirt,
so that I am now topless
and feeling the mixture
of warm and cold,
which is almost exactly the weather we have
been having in Ventura
at this same time of day,
due to cool northern winds
which dominate in the afternoon.

That's really weird,
I thought to myself
as I realized that our weather
had followed me north.

As I got near to the pier
which lies one-half mile south
of my intended destination
I mused over whether to go out on the pier
or to head straight up the coast
to my ultimate destination.

I rarely go out on the pier,
but it was just so pretty out
that I decided to take a stroll
out to the end,
before continuing onward.

Once out at the end of the pier
I stood silently
as I heard a group of several elderly women
talking with one another.

The one was remarking to the other
how unusual the weather is.

"This is VERY unusual weather"
I hear the local tell the friend
who is visiting the area.

I chuckled to myself as I suddenly realized
just how many times
I hear that phrase while traveling.

The best weather they have ever seen
seems to come in right ahead of me
many different times
in many different locations
throughout the planet.

As I listened I couldn't help but want to interject
as I finally spoke up and said,
 "Wouldn't it be nice if this was the normal weather here?"

"Yes", the four women answered nearly in unison.

"You know,
this is the exact weather
we have been having in Ventura
during the past several weeks. 

I think I brought it up with me
when I left Ventura this morning."

At first I got a
"Who the hell are you" look,
for butting into their conversation,
and then all faces became more and more
incredulous looking
and then full of curiosity
as I turned
and quickly made myself scarce.

I saw the looks of amazement
as the few words I had just said
started to sink in
as they realized that what I was saying
was more true than not.

I look up the coast
where I still have one-half mile
of walking further north
before completing this part of my circuit.

For the first time
I notice that there are a whole lot of people
on this beach
who are not normally here.

Usually most of the people here during weekends
are local Mexicans with their families.

But these are all white people
and fairly young,
as in college age.

it looks like something
(as in circus)
is going on here.

I am VERY leery
of getting anywhere near
this mass of who-knows-what
as I begin to scout ways
around it to avoid it.

I am on a contemplative
"nature walk",
after all,
not going to a disgusting
"frat party",
which this looks far too much like,
for my taste.

I got back down to the start of the pier
and then began to descend a set of stairs
which leads down to the beach.

As I am descending
and scouting out my intended walking path
through all of these people
I suddenly hear a very loud crow
about twenty feet above my head,
apparently scolding me,
very loudly and forcefully.

Now, as I told several posts ago,
the crows have suddenly
and inexplicably
(after 25 years)
become very good friends with me.

Where they avoided me
(and ALL other humans)
for all of these years,
they are now coming over
and sitting with me
for hours at a time
as we all have fun together.

They come and say hello to me
everywhere I go
up this coast
as they seem to have FINALLY
gotten used to my presence
and even seem to enjoy
my talking with them
and inventing games
to play with them.

[As an aside, in explanation,
I rehabilitated scrub jays
for a number of years
for Santa Barbara Wildlife Refuge

(I thank God for them
every time I find an injured animal)

and got to know the Corvid mind
very well. 

Corvids are the smartest birds
= jays, crows, ravens, and magpies. 

As an example, one of my jays
loved to fly from out of nowhere
and grab my Pentel mechanical pencil,
with the shiny silver eraser cover,
out of my hand
while I am trying to write notes,
and then fly out of reach,
up above me,
and would then taunt me, with the silliest grin 
I have ever seen on any bird, or other animal, 
for that matter. 

Because of these very precious experiences 
I have an extremely strong kinship
and appreciation
that few others have
or are ever likely to have.]

Because of my unusually deep
and intimate knowledge of these animals,
and because I spend a lot of time
with these very ones,
I was concerned at hearing
the level of apparent alarm and hysteria
which I was hearing in the tree right above me.

I looked up in the tree
and made eye contact
and then asked the bird to calm down.

"I can understand your language quite well",
I told him out loud,
as I began mentally beaming out
and receiving
mental images from the bird.

"So, you don't need to talk to me that way"
(i.e. scolding me).

I first thought that there must be a nest nearby,
but upon looking around the area
I could see that this was not
what all of this noise was about.

The bird was definitely very agitated
and upset
about something.

I told the bird to calm down
and that I love him/her very much
and will see what is going on here
that is so upsetting to my little Corvid friend.

I looked down at the beach
while deciding whether to continue north
or head southward on the sand,
and wondering just what it is
that was so upsetting to that crow.

My senses told me,
in no uncertain terms,
to continue northward,
which is what I did.

I watched as the crow was met by two others
and the three of them took off
toward the foothills,

I went down to the bottom of the stairs
and nearly fell over
as I looked at the crowd
I was about to have to go through
to get back down to the waves.

For there right in front of me was,
you guessed it,
our ubiquitous Doppelganger, "J".

Close enough to reach out and touch.

As I am looking on in amazement,
I could feel shame and discomfort
in the air,
coming off of "J",
big time.

For what I know not.

But you could cut it with a knife.

It was downright palpable.

I am for an instant completely unsure
just what to do.

I wanted to stop and say hello,
but the panic in the crow's voice
was already having an effect on me
as I realized that I was being instructed
to move northward,
immediately, and quickly,
as in forthwith.

So, I started to move,
while wondering why this sudden
and very powerful impulse

I now looked up the one-half mile stretch of beach
as I wondered what was up there
that was beckoning so powerfully.

It was only then that I realized
that there was a group of about ten persons
milling about up toward the far end of the beach.

As I continued up the beach
and got closer
I saw that there were beers being lifted to mouths
and that something was being smoked,
as I could see the smoke rising.

Several young men were breaking away
from the group
and heading down the beach
directly toward me.

The first two which I encountered
stood at attention for a moment
and saluted me
without saying a word
as I passed them by.

That's rather odd,
I thought to myself,
while wondering just who it is
they think that I am,

A couple of minutes later
I am encountering two more young men.

I acknowledged them as I walked by them.

They stopped and turned around for a minute
to ask where I was coming from.

We have been watching you
for a long time
as you walked up here,
one of them told me.

I explained that I leave my car about three miles south 
and then walk up here.

Not bad for an old dude, like me, 
I tell them as they laughed
and continued on their way.

It is now that I am realizing
that there is something unhealthy
going on here.

I can now see the individual members
of the group well enough
to see that there are at least five guys
who are basically surrounding two girls,
such that they did not look like
they were free to go,
by any stretch of the imagination.

There are guys pressed up closely
against the two girls, on either side, 
as they are obviously "corralling" them
to the end of the beach,
as far away from witnesses
and other "prying eyes",
as possible.

As I approach I can feel the evil
and just how threatening this situation
truly can become

I am, of course,
still really pissed off
about the Steinmann boy
who was alleged to have taken his
(extra-marital) "girlfriend"
in the back of his van
and raped her,
just several months ago.

Gee, I wonder how the stage
was set for that one;
as in from party to van to rape.

The defendant was running
with this same crowd
of wanna-be cowboys
who will now challenge me.

Having had many real cowboy friends
and associates during my life,
I find this particular wanna-be crowd
to be especially pathetic.

You want to talk about an identity crisis?

I have known the Steinmann family for many years.

So, I know, fully, the pain and horror of this all.

Whether guilty or innocent.

It's that old
"appearance of impropriety" problem
which we are supposed to avoid at all costs.

This whole male dominance thing
with the sense of entitlement
which is always so closely associated with it
is just a bit too much for me.

Remembering that I have four daughters
and two teen and pre-teen grandaughters.

You do not want to hurt young girls around me,
or even look like you possibly may be about to,
I can assure you.

You can only imagine the fury
that would be demonstrated
on any assailant foolish enough
to be caught red-handed
in my presence.

Now, I, who am very experienced
on crime scene care,
and maintenance
am studying what the various possibilities are here,
and how I can test to find out
what is actually going on.

My first concern 
is that the girls are truly free to go.

At this moment it is dusky and getting darker
on this little stretch of beach.

As I conitnue to approach
I close my eyes and feel
what is going on around me.

The sense of fear coming off of the two girls
is very strong and very worrisome,
although they are outwardly wearing
their best "brave face" for me,
you can be assured.

It looks and feels like nothing has happened yet,
but the potentiality is very great.

Time to test the young bucks.

I have traveled this particular stretch of beach
for many years
and have talked or otherwise communicated
with numerous local persons,
such that I have a very good idea
of what is normal and what is not.

There is nothing about this which is normal.

It is very threatening by it's nature.

So, let's get a little closer
and see whether we get threatened or not,
I am thinking,
without even the slightest amount of fear
anywhere inside my person.

Sure enough,
as I get closer the five big guys
form a sort of scrimmage line
to block me.

I am not afraid of you.

you will NOT be able to stop me.

if anyone has hurt or does hurt those little girls
he will not live to whine about what a victim he is,
so far as I am concerned.

That is my mental state,
coming at you,
with full intent and purpose.

And you can feel it coming up the beach
as I suddenly realize
that my inner self has spread out across the entire beach
to block them from retreat
while they try to block me
from further advancing.

I really do not like the vibe I am getting.

Yes, Ted Bundy, serial killer,
was said to be such a nice man
until he gets a girl in the car, alone,
and locks the doors.

Not so nice now.

This is exactly the kind of scene I felt.

The door has not been locked yet,
but it is about to be.
Then I realize that I have seen six young men leave,
two by two,
with only five left with the two girls
at a remote location.

That would be eleven young men
at a remote location, 
with two scantlly clad young girls (bathing suits)
with several drunk "jocks"
who are threatening the only possible third-party witness
on the entire beach,
while trying to intimidate him
and to scare him off,
with all of the other cowards,
while there is lots of evil in the air.

As I approach I hear the apparent ringleader
call out to me in a very menacing voice,

"Where do you think you are going".

Oh, a challenge, I think to myself.

Someone is standing on MY BEACH
and challenging ME.

Well, let me tell you
just how unafraid I am
and why.

I got blocked two months ago
at this very spot
by a gigantic male elephant seal.

I was worried about running into one of those monsters
and was making mental preparations
for how to deal with a 2500 pound
very high speed slug
coming at me
(not hardly the first time).

When I saw puny little humans
I had to laugh to myself.

I continued to approach as I said,

"I AM going to the end of this road"

as opposed to where I think I am going.

As I keep walking right up to the "football lineup"
I am thinking to myself,
"You know, I stop for dogs,
because they are God's little creatures,
and I feel that I should show proper respect
to living creaures. 

But, I shall not even hesitate
one moment for you,
because you are not worthy."

With this I simply walked up to and around them,
while looking at the ground,
but mentally preparing  myself
to show these young punks
why you do not want to mess with me
when I am not in the mood for it.

Clearly this situation is hostile.

And it is highly unusual for this stretch of beach,
which I have been coming to
during all times of the year
for the past 30 years,
such that I have
a very highly developed sense
about such matters.

I avoid confrontation
because I am in "kill mode".

That means I only have two speeds.

On and off.

And only one objective,
and that is to permanantly stop any assailant,
with as little effort as possible.

I was taught, when younger,
to never aim a gun at anyone
unless you have lethal intent.

You only shoot to kill.

NEVER to maim.

If you are having to use lethal force,
then it must be used lethally.

That is the rule I learned with guns
and self-protection.

Eight inches across the chest is your target,

So, when it comes to hand-to-hand combat
or stick fighting
(did I forget to tell that I am carrying
two fighting sticks
and using them as
"walking" sticks)
I will not engage
unless I feel that my life
or the life of someone else
is in serious danger.

As I just said, On or Off.

Only two states.

On state meaning to kill or be killed.

So, here I am,
at the end of a deserted beach
as dusk is setting in.

I am entirely alone
and amongst hostiles.

I am outnumbered.

They are all way younger
and way stronger than me.

Most people would be scared,

not me.

I am outraged
and not going to put up with
even the slightest of this.

I am thinking to myself
how I was already dead
(not the first time)
just several months ago.

I was not afraid then
when I was in "the white room"
and I am not afraid now,
as I stand ready to take down all five rapidly,
not doubting for even one moment, 
my ability to do so.

(Just how smart or wise
that is or is not
is an entirely different matter,

let's talk about mental (and spiritual) attitude
for just a moment.

This is/was my attitude.

There are five of you.

I do not care if I live or die 
= is not a deal breaker.

I know that I can take one of you with me,
preferably the mouthy guy
who was just incredibly stupid enough
to challenge me
as I am wondering
what I would be doing
if the Doppelganger ("J") 
had been one of the persons
being trapped.

that could quickly become.

I can take one out
with little or no problem
and probably a second one,

Find the ringleaders,
they should make the best candidates.

Oh, and then one more thing.

My objective is ---
making sure that there is a DNA trail
i.e. I will draw all of the blood that I can
so that it will drip onto the ground
so that arrests can properly be made
when it is all over.

No secrets here.

I don't worry about the outcome
nearly so much as I do obtaining
and preserving
the evidence
of who the perpetrators are.

Let there at least be a modicum
or possibility
of justice.

With this mental state
I walked right through the wall
of young wanna-bes
and flanked them from the rear
before they even knew what had happened,
such that I AM NOW
at the far end of the beach
and will not allow them
to use this space
for their evil machinations.

I also will not leave
until they do.

And if they want to start something
then let's do it here and now.

I don't think they are used to seeing
so much willingness to stop evil in it's tracks
before it continues to get bigger
and uglier
and far too difficult
for ANYONE to take control of.

more to come
must take a break
coffee time

at 9:19 a.m.