Can someone take over a modern automobile
without the owner or driver knowing it,
and then remotely control
door locks,
and accelerator?

ANSWER: Yes they can


Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security

Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile - 2010



Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security

Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automobile Attack Services - 2011




Have any cars been reported
to have their accelerators stuck on
as car speeds up and crashes?



Electronic Vehicle Controls and Unintended Acceleration

Project Information


Electronic Vehicle Controls and Unintended Acceleration

Committee Membersip Information



MIT Technology Review

Computing News

Toyota Applies the Brakes

The company hopes a "smart pedal" will help defuse criticism




Could that be happening in this footage?

If not, why not?


that is exactly what it would look like
as he hits the brakes
while racing through a red light,
with the accelerator stuck on
with the car beginning to move



Michael Hastings "CAUGHT ON TAPE" Running Red-Light Seconds Before




Is there anything
in that piece of footage
which reminds you of
Mercedes Benz
Adaptive Brake Lights?



The red lights

and the white lights

both appear to be on

First watch the following two promo videos.

Then rewatch the footage
of Michael's car
flying through the red light
at Santa Monica Boulevard
and Highland Avenue,
just about 4/10 of a mile
above the crash site.

Can you see them
(the adaptive brake lights)?

Are they on?

Is he trying to panic stop
as he is flying through that intersection
and is rapidly accelerating?

Is that a reasonable interpretation
of the footage,

given the facts which are shown
in this blog post?

If not, why not?

If so, the remarks about being all "paranoid"

are way off base,
and very misleading.

Given who the paymasters
are suspected of being,

it is also very suspicious.

Kind of like

Rachel Maddow show

slandering heroic whistleblower
Edward Snowden
with any and every opportunity

(whose life REALLY IS
on the line,
"presstitute" show hosts).

So far as the REAL Young Turks go,
Snowden being quite a lot more Ataturk

than any of these others,

and that's for sure.



Mercedes Benz

Adaptive Brake Lights

Demonstration Video



Mercedes-Benz GLK Adaptive Brake Technology

Demo video





In light of the facts given above,
can you see anything in this raw footage
which you feel may shed some light
on the attempted accident reconstruction
of this scene?

Are the statements of witnesses
and physical evidence consistent
with another "run away" accelerator?


Most of known facts
are perfectly consistent with this.

Yet we hear nothing
of anyone looking into that question
and no "reporters"
even thinking to ask the question.



Or could it be consistent
with remote controlled operation?

Don't think that's possible?

we shall see,
oh yes,
we shall see ---



Original KTLA news report

I saw it late at night on evening

of 6-18

It was pulled down by 8 a.m.,
following morning.

Replaced by Cenk (the Young Turks),

(but this guy is definitely no Ataturk !!),

telling how Michael was paranoid

and chasing shadows.

Post I read last night

listed Buzzfeed,
where Cenk works, 

as one of the fake internet news organizations

funded by megabucks foundations.

I am not yet sure what to make of all of this.

But will be keeping an eye on it.

"I am not a shill.

But I work in a shill mill" --- ??

Now, how exactly does that work,

do you suppose?



Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Hollywood Crash:

"It sounded like a bomb



was the next footage which I located

by running the query:

Michael Hastings accident investigation

on the night of 6-19,

after I was unable to find any news updates

on all of the so-called news networks

and news sites.

Lots of obituaries

and boo-hoos

by people who pretended to be his best friend,

while never having met him in real life,

or only having a very superficial relationship.

But no news ---

I was going nuts

from the apparent
"sleeping at the wheel"

on a story which really needed
REAL reporters on it,

and fast,

while the facts are

still much less
subject to manipulation.

That is how it was
when I was growing up.

But, this,
which passes for news,
is a disgrace!!


Oh, but ------ aaaahhhhhhhh -----

There is just nothing like raw footage.

I think I was drooling a lot

as I watched this footage,

because I was so riveted

to every single little detail

that I knew of nothing else

for the approximately six minutes

it took it to run.

Then, but of course,


Voila !!

"Wow !!"

is all I can remember myself saying,

under my breath,

over and over again.

And where are
the real news reporters,


All MIA (missing in action)


KIA (killed in action).




Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE




Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE

a second link




RAW Footage Of Michael Hastings Car Crash (Thanks To LAnewsLOUDLABS


a third link




Witness to Michael Hastings Car Crash Shares His Story - TYT News

(note: does he look scared sh**less?

or what?

Green card current?

You and family and friends?

Or is that just me, again?

And who in the world is TYT News?

and are they the only one interviewing him?)





Is it relatively easy for a computer hacker

to take over the operations of a modern automobile?

Can it be done remotely?

And with full control of driving?





Yahoo query:

researchers show how a car can be taken over;_ylt=A0oGdVbw689RVG8ADBVXNyoA?p=researchers+show+how+a+car+can+be+taken+over&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-900&pstart=1&b=11




Computer Science & Engineering

University of Washington


Researchers Show How a Car's Electronic Can Be Taken Over Remotely




MIT Technology Review

Computing News

Taking Control of Cars From Afar

Researchers show they can hack into cars wirelessly



MIT Technology Review

Computing News

Is Your Car Safe From Hackers?

Interconnected computer systems provide openings for attackers



Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security




Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security

List of recent publications w/links



Threatpost: Researchers show weaknesses of vehicle software systems


Car and Driver: Can your car be hacked?


CNBC: Researchers Show How a Car’s Electronics Can Be Taken Over Remotely




AutomatioNation: Researchers Show How a Car’s Electronics Can Be Taken Over Remotely



ConsumerReports: Researchers warn cars' electronics can be hacked remotely




With hacking, music can take control of your car




Making Cars More Hacker-Proof




Researchers Aim For Car With Auto-Pilot, But Would You Trust It?



University of Oxford

Robotics Science For Smarter Cars

We are not condemned to a future of congestion, accidents and time wasting





In conclusion,

I only ask that you look at the facts,

and consider,

and then listen to those around you

who are either misinformed,

or have been purposely misinformed
and misled.

Then what do you think?

Only you need to know.

I am still searching.

And seeking "truth".

That is all I can do,

or say, at this time.


w/ incredibly abundant love, 


1:04 p.m.



Ventura, California, USA