O.K, so let's see how this plays out in the real world.

Let's start with the fact that the frontal lobe of the cranium does not become fully functioning before 18 years of age.

This means just what it looks like.

A lack of higher reasoning power until about 20 years old.

Cannot see the consequences of the actions, at all!

The symphysis pubis on women does not become fully developed, such that it is able to open and let the baby out, until the woman is 18 years old.

Do you suppose that nature itself is trying to tell us something?

Like that girls are not supposed to be getting pregnant before 18 years old? maybe?

The consequences of the sexual act are typically horrific with tremendous consequences that can resound through any given family for years to come.

It is children having children, which is never a good thing.

Everyone is looking to grandma and grandpa to be babysitter and maybe even eternal guardian.

I did not, and do not want either of those jobs and refuse to take them, as a matter of principle.

But, how many others have I watched do this very thing over and over again, like they are a revolving door babysitting service.

And it is pretended that this is for some higher cause.

Hmmmmmm ----.

So, the consequences are incalculably bad and devastating and the people doing the act are either not operating at full mental capacity or are taking advantage of someone who fits that description

Does this sound like a thing which should be done casually?


An occasional (and incredibly nauseating) look at any t.v. set or at most movies will show that this is a wonderful thing and that all of the kids should be doing it.

And many are, as a result of this.


The boy who claims that he LOVES the girl is willing to risk her very life, honor, and reputation, for the impulses of a moment with little or no regard for consequences real and potential and then acts as if he has done some heroic act.

And, I am sorry, but I just have to say it.

They ALWAYS! act as if they have done some great feat, not realizing that even Mayflies have sex without anyone telling them how.

That is to say, it is really not that big of a thing to be proud of.

But, then why the huge feelings of pride and conquering which are so prevalent?


Terrible, terrible sickness?


I am so sorry to have to report.

So, the love which the songs speak of will have sex with the young girl and completely destroy her life without caring.

No matter how much they do protest that this is not the case.

They do protest too much!

Now, let's compare this with self-sacrifice.

Here the young man refuses to do ANYTHING which could even potentially harm the reputation or chastity of his would-be-lover.

He will wait until matters such as housing, employment, education, and etc. are in order.

He will take care of his woman in the meantime.

But will simply never even try to have sex with her, because he holds her far to sacred to ever allow that to happen until such time as appropriate = LATER.

WOW!  What a difference.

I have to laugh, because I can hear a number of cynics out there saying how he will never be able to hold onto that girl over time like that.

This very well may be so.

But does that reflect poorly upon the young man who is trying to do right, or on the young woman, whom he actually is now far better off without, not to metion better off to know just what she really is and isn't made of.

As in, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Gotta get back to work.


3:03 p.m. pst