I posted photos of the crash scene,
taken on 6-21-13,
three days after the fatal collision,
last night at about 3 a.m.

I just finished the captions
for the photos,
now, at 1:05 p.m.

They are on a new page titled:


I hope you take a look,
and consider what it is
that I am saying in the captions,
along with my concluding remarks
in my post just prior to this one.

It is truth which is being held hostage.

And it is ourselves which need changing.

I say this after having been
a young idealist
who was out to change the world,
as best as I was able.

I did much toward that end,
and am very proud of
my life accomplishements,
with no regrets.

one thing has become
abundantly clear
as I have gotten older,
and that is this:

We really cannot change the world.

we CAN change ourselves.

We can refuse to take part
in any lie,
or obfuscations.

We can become dedicated
"warriors for truth"
and utterly oppose "the lie"
and all of it's progeny,
with every single breath
and hearbeat.

First we must not let it
enter into our own being
and life practices.

It is by doing this
that others become inspired
to do the same.

And this is especially the case
as you become older.

Liars get uglier and uglier
as they get older,
because they ARE ugly,

The ability to hide it
more and more difficult to sustain,
over time.

The inner beauty of
peace and truth,
on the other hand,
will radiate out
more and more
as the shields come down
due to our inability
to hide behind them any more.

I would much rather have
radiant inner beauty
beaming out of every pore
than I would to look like
so many of the persons
whom I have watched
during my short and evil sojourn
on this wicked Earth.

Take a good look around you
and see whether or not I am right.

So many persons
who look so good
when they are young,
literally must be hidden
from public view
when they get older,
because they are such
an horrific sight to behold.

Take your pick,
while you are still able.

That is my advice
to all young persons.

And may God bless you
in your efforts
to do right
and to be right.

w/ intense love
tempered with great trepidation


1:13 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA