Northbound 101.

To Highway 1.

To where the forests meet the sea.

All business.

Note that I am posting the texts to the various plainchants which I have posted so far.

I hope to give translations of them soon.

It is all a matter of having the time and the willingness to deal with the unbelievable tedium.

Those don't always go together simultaneously.

As a matter of fact ---

Now, now, I guess I had better not go there.

Just for the record we are preparing artwork this next week for several album covers and posters and cards.

Should be fun.

Also have begun editing four hours of video footage from Polynesia and 17 hours from China/Japan 30 day trip.

Some very interesting footage.

I should mention in this regard that it has been an incredible challenge to keep up with the gigantic amounts of data which we are now capable of utilizing with relative ease.

Every time a major change is made I have to create an entire series of systems in order to efficiently handle the workflow.

This is an area of study which used to be called Systems Analyis.

Basically reducing a business operation down into block diagrams and figuring out a way to process information regarding same with use of computers.

Things are moving so fast right now that there simply is no way to keep up.

I remember when I first heard of 9 gigabyte hard drives being used at Disney Studios by their animators.

We marveled and wondered how you could get enough platters inside the box and spin them all without it crashing.

Now I will not by a hard drive that is less than 2 terrabytes.

That is, 2,000 gigabytes.

And the drive is much smaller and faster and more efficient than the 9 gigabyte drive of yesteryear.

So, all of a sudden I am not constrained in my photography to 24 exposure rolls or 36 exposure rolls.

And I am not stuck with print or slide.

I now shoot anywhere from 800 to 1000 shots on any given photo outing.

That is a lot of photos to sort through and put into order for a slide show, much less to process and perfect.

And that in RAW!! format.

So, I have had to try really hard to figure this one out.

I have to laugh because by the time books and magazines are dealing with the subject in any kind of comprehensive way, I am already several generations ahead with the next set of problems which they still are not writing about.

In this case I have invented several systems, each being a further refinement of the preexisting ones.

I believe I can now handle this quanity with relative ease.

I am testing the system right now.

I must say, so far, so good.

But the real test does not take place until I am out to chip number 8 of 16, where I have processed enough photos to have a better idea of where, exactly, the flaws in the system are.

We shall see.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

(Who are THEY?anyway?)

I really must get going.

It's been fun.

Love (of the emotional sort and the self-sacrifice sort) to all.

p.s. I hope to have more to say on the LOVE issues.  Especially, as I hinted at above, the emotional side of all of this.

Should be interesting.

I almost started last night, but wanted more time to reflect upon the matter before committing to writing here, live, on the net.


Ventura, California

11:15 a.m. pst