note: I am writing this post
to document the facts herein contained.
I have no care what anyone else
thinks about it.
It is to me, nothing more than an entry 
into a journal of horrors
that I am witnessing,
such that I can be a witness
on the day of judgment
against the perpetrators
as they cry about how innocent
and well-intentioned they are and were.
"Don't believe a word of it."
That is all I will have to say.

While you slept
on the morning of 6-18-13
at about 4:15 a.m.
Michael Hastings,
one of the last
of the real investigative reporters
was seen speeding down
Highland Avenue
near Melrose Avenue,
in Hollywood area,
in a shiny new Mercedes,
which was then said to have
suddenly veered sharply out of control,
ran across a median divider
and into a tree.

The car was immediately consumed
in very intense flames.

I was doing some queries on John Law
for the continuation of my papers
on monetary inflation
when I ran into the story.

I knew that this was the man
who General McChrystal,
and numerous others wanted dead,
and that,
just as soon as possible,
so that my suspicions,
needless to say,
immediately aroused.

I stopped everything
and began running queries
to see just what it was
that was known
about this
and to try to get
some facts.

Well, it seems that facts
are very hard to get
from any of these
supposed news reporters today.

Lots of obituaries
in less that 24 hours
following his death.

Lots of nice words
what a great guy
he WAS.

But, no facts
other than
what I just told.

There was one quote
out of all of this
which did catch my eye.

It was as follows:

"I was just coming northbound
on Highland
and I seen a car
going really fast
and all of a sudden
I seen it jackknife,"
said Luis Cortez,
who witnessed the wreck.

"I just seen parts fly
and I slammed on my brakes
and stopped
and tried to call 911",
Cortez added.

End of quote.

That's all folks.

This is what passes
for news these days.

Obits in less that 24 hours,
which means they were
and sitting in a drawer somewhere
that everyone in the news business
is more interested in burying him
and forgetting him
than finding out
what in the world happened here.

Another suicide?
like all of those ones
which happen to other informers,
and REAL reporters,
and those unfortunate enough
to have witnessed
the wrong thing
at the wrong time?

So, I kept on digging
until I finally found
the local Los Angeles news station
which is located
not far from the location of the wreck.

And there it was,
the smoking gun evidence.

Fresh and very frightening.

It seems that the wreck happened
near the home
of a famous Hollywood producer
who got a video camera out
and filmed the fiercely burning car
before the fire deparment arrived
as a neighbor sprayed a hose
on the car,
trying to douse the flames.

Of course,
they have no idea
who is in that car.

They also got more footage
of the fire department
spraying down
the still fiercely burning fire.

The producer said
that he couldn't have written
such a scene for a movie,
because the wreck was so fierce
that the engine
was about 50 yards
down the road.

He pointed,
but the cameraman,
unfortunately did not pan.

they did show a very clean shot
of the engine.

Then a neighbor woman
was interviewed
who said that
she heard a loud explosion
which shook the walls
and windows
of her house.

She appeared
to be quite convinced
that the car had blown up.

Hmmmmm, I said to myself.

Intrepid reporter
who should be assumed
to be on any number of whack lists
dies in high speed exploding car
with lots of intense flames.

As I looked for more facts
I was only able to ascertain
that "friends" said
that it was a brand new Mercedes.

I spent the next hour
closely studying the footage
of the burning car
looking for evidence
of what may have happened.

When you work in ambulance rescue
you are trained to look for
mechanisms of injury
and points of impact.

We look for them
on every single wreck
that we encounter,
as we pull up.

This is because
we are trying to ascertain
the likely injuries
which we will be dealing with
the likely severity of such.

I first noticed some weird markings
on the rear of the car,
and a folding of the metal
around the gasoline tank inlet spout
where you would put gas in.

It definitely looked
as if it had been tapped
from the rear.

Their was a huge crease in the metal.

I have seen very high speed accidents
any number of times
and have eyewitnessed numerous wrecks.

I am familiar with the debris trails
and the way that metal
and other materials
will do things
which you will never see,

So, I tried to figure out
how hitting a tree in the front
at high speed
might crease the rear.

Then I noticed
that all of the windows were gone.

I should note,
in this regard,
that cars
do not normally explode.

They make a huge noise
when they hit a tree or telephone pole,
no doubt,
but they do not normally explode,
they do not normally explode into flames
like you always see in the movies.

They have to put explosives in the car,
for the movies,
along with incendiary devices,
to get the flames going.

And they will only burn fiercely
for a few seconds,
not for the five to ten minutes
that it will take the fire trucks
to get there.

We know,
because of the amateur footage
and the news footage
that it continued to burn fiercely
for way too long.

The gas should have burned up
much quicker
so that the flames
would not be at full intensity
for so long
as was recorded
on the videos.

not a whole lot to go on.

I stopped the video
to take a good look
at the engine
which was laying
on a neighbors lawn.

Why is the engine down the road?

It should be at the point of impact
or still in the vehicle.

As a matter of fact,
it should be in the driver's lap.

But it is not.

It has "exploded" out of the car
and is on the ground
far away from the car.

I know that Mercedes
builds very fine cars
and that they do not
fall to pieces on impact.

Such that I was having
a hard time with this.

I looked closely at the engine
for several minutes
until it occurred to me
that it appeared to be charred.

That is to say,
the entire engine
was darkened,
as if charred.

It was completely unrecognizable
as a Mercedes engine.

I could't tell which was the top
and which was the bottom,
but I could see on the parts
that were on top
as it sat there,
that they weren't just charred,
they were burned so bad
that they looked as if
they had been left outside
for a long time and rusted badly.

My impression was that
I was looking at an engine
out of a very old Ford pickup truck.

Part of the drive shaft
and the transmission
were still attached.

That engine appeared
to be badly burned,
and obviously so.

I wondered what color the engine
had started out as.

So, I ran a number of queries
in order to locate photos of the engines
which have been used
during the past three years.

What a shocker.

They are all silver,
and very beautiful.

Some had black paint
on the main portion of the block.

But most of the engine,
even on these,
was a nice shiny silver.

I went back and forth
between the video footage of the engine
and the photos of Mercedes engines
over and over again,
comparing the one with the other,
until I was personally satisfied
that the engine I was looking at
was most definitely
not just burned and charred,
but so badly so
as to be unrecognizable.

I sat in a rude state of shock
for quite awhile
as I considered how an engine
which has been thrown
over 100 feet away
from the impact site
could be so badly torn up
and charred.

I say this
after having seen
a number of engines,
in person,
following high speed wrecks.

They don't just tear apart into pieces,
and they are never badly charred,
even in flaming wrecks.

But this one is.

The top of the engine is long gone,
and the bottom,
as seen in the photos,
is long gone,
and what remains is partially shredded
and definitely burned badly.


Where have I seen this before?

Oh, that's right,
all of those car bombings
which take place in the very theater of war
where McChrystal and his buddies
were running around wreaking havoc in.

I have seen lots of photos of those.

A further look at the footage
of the burning wreckage
showed that the front of the car
was shredded.

Again, something you will not usually see,
even when a car hits a tree,
like this.

The impact must have been over 100 mph.

I would estimate between 120 and 140 mph.

But even giving that,
the amount of shredding
was nothing sort of astounding.

Just like when car bombs go off.

So, a woman claims
that she heard an explosion
and swears
that it shook her windows and walls.

Unlikely from a car hitting a palm tree.

There is an intense fire,
which lasts for a long time,
and the engine is badly charred,
and the front end is shredded,
and there is a weird crease
at the rear end on the right side
that looks like the vehicle
has been rearended.

That is as much
as I am able to ascertain.

Also, I found out
that these Mercedes
have numerous air bags.

Some, with as many as eleven.

You can be in a pretty fiersome wreck
and still live to tell about it.

One photo showed them coming at you
from all directions,
such that you would be well-cushioned,
even in an horrific wreck.

The person in the car
should have been alive enough
so that the first people on the scene
would hear him screaming
or see him moving,
but nothing of the sort was reported.

When we find out who it was
that was in the car,
this all looks VERY suspicious,

But, not a word of any of this 
can be found anywhere.

I saved the link to the KTLA news story
and went to bed,
very tired,
and very saddened
by what I had just seen.

Of course, just more of the same,
where I am concerned,
but I cannot help but be
a little bit pissed off
that someone chose
to murder this man,
who lives in Vermont,
on MY front doorstep.

That's right.


I can only wait
as they start to smear
this poor dead reporter.

I am sure that there will be
toxicology reports
telling that this bad man
was intoxicated
on drink or drugs,
or only God knows what.

Or, maybe, it will just disappear,
no one ever even expecting
these strange pieces of footage
and eyewitness accounts
have been recorded,
thanks to the incredible news blackout
which we have been experiencing
for some time now.

"We are at war, you know",
as George, Jr. was so happy to tell you
over and over again
as his excuse for
whatever latest incursion
into our liberties
he has in mind
time and again.

Oh, yeah?

War with ourselves?

Is that what you really mean?

Now complete
with one more Diana-like car crash
for the record books?

As I awoke this morning at 9 a.m.
I thought I had better go back
and look at this footage some more
in order to write down the quotes
from the eyewitnesses.

I wondered how long this story
would be on line.

Will probably take it down
within a matter of days,
I thought to myself
as I debated
whether to post the link here,
or not.

Well, guess what?

It didn't even make it overnight.

Gone, already.

And replaced
by one of the most pathetic things
I have ever seen in my life.

in it's place is
the "Young Turk"
(what a laughable farce)
telling how he knows this man
and that he was,
overly paranoid,
as in chasing shadows.

I don't know what he is doing
at 4 in the morning,
but I know that he was afraid,
was the gist of the statement.

How, ironic, I thought to myself,
as I had just been mentioning
how shameful the coverage had been,
and that Cenk,
the self-styled
"Young Turk"
had even
had some
"crocodilian tears"
(in my humble opinion)
on his show,
as he choked up
after explaining
that Hastings
had been on his show
several times
and that he was now
saddened by this.

Oh, boo hoo,
I thought to myself.

And this guy presents himself
as being the new spine of our nation.

What a joke.

And naming himself after Ataturk,
no less.

Remembering that
The Young Turks,
after whom he has named himself,
were the young military officers,
who overthrew the old guard,
who were as corrupt
as ours are today,
and replaced them
with a secular,
semi-democratic government
which is still in place
to this day.

What a difference.

One actually gets out
and fights for liberty,
while putting his life
very much on the line,
as REAL leaders do,
while the other sits
in a television studio
and cries "crocodile tears"
for his "friend"
who appears t
o have just been
and cruelly
for daring to speak truth to power,
without this modern,
parody of a person,
mentioning any of this,
while pretending to be something
of an investigative reporter, himself.

I remember listening to him
(and Rachel Maddow)
rail on and on about George Bush.

But once, their boy,
Barry (Obama),
was in office,
not a word.

All of a sudden these
pretended Libertarians
went back to their
old, party hack, ways.

Oh, so quickly.

Yes, so quickly,
that my head
is still spinning from it.

Enough for now.

I am sickened by all of this,
such that I must leave for awhile
and go do some more
REAL crying of my own.

Michael Hastings dies at 33 years old.

The same age as Alexander,
and the Messiah.

How ironic can you get, anyway?

I have looked heavenward
for a long time,
as I await
the" hand of the Lord",
which I know cannot be far off.

That is all you really can do
when the level of disgustingness
has gotten to where it is
at this very hour.

I have given up
on my fellow humans
to do right
or to fight for right,
and if you wonder why,
you need look no further.

w/ great distress
and intense hatred of
"the lie"

and all of those who perpetuate it
or roll over for it.

May God have mercy on all of us.

We sure are going to need it.

w/ very intense love


11:22 a.m
Ventura, California, USA