It is about 9:30 p.m.

I just got in from the beach,
finished getting cleaned up,
and had a quick bite to eat.

I have been musing
throughout the day
as regards what I should
or should not
write on this site.

As you may have guessed
from my last posts
I am a very politically-minded person.

I have kept it to myself on this site,
because I do not want to offend
or alienate music lovers
who have different political beliefs
and persuasions than I do.

I have been watching
a nearly continuous corrosion
in thought processes
for far too long
and have had to listen
to so many lies
being perpetrated
in the name of political correctness,
that I think that I am falling into
the "worst sedition is silence" category
if I do not speak out now.

after having given the matter
some thought
while riding waves in a kayak
(very dangerous and very scary)
this afternoon
I have pretty much decided
to just go stark raving bonkers
and just let it all hang out.

I have made allusions,
to the fear mongering.

I grew up in a climate of fear.

I grew up during the height of the Vietnam war
and the civil rights movement
and the Cold War,
complete with air raid drills
at 10 a.m. every Friday
while I was at elementary school
in Brentwood, California.

Because of this
I am more than a little sensitive
to the outright bullshit
that is being passed out
day in and day out
as news.

To put this matter in perspective
I am forced to tell a little bit
of background regarding these matters
that I would not normally want to bore you with.

I come from two very wealthy families
with deep roots.

My dad's family came up to California
with the original Spanish conquistadores
and were owners of some of the original ranchoes
which were deeded from the king and queen of Spain.

The landed nobility of Spain
live in a very peculiar way
in which I was also raised.

I still hold the same and similar beliefs
in many instances,
and couldn't disagree more
in other instances.

Enough disagreement
that I was basically considered
"persona non grata"
by the time I was a teen.

My grandfather and uncles were Navy men.

One uncle worked in Naval intelligence
in Japan
following the war.

I was taught great respect
for the U.S. military,
which I have maintained
throughout my life.

When I was about 11 years old
my parents divorced
and I left the high society
of downtown Los Angeles
(my grandmother's family
being one of the founders
of the city)
for the coastal beach community
of Ventura
because my mom felt like
we would all be destroyed
by the lifestyle which
she had known all too well.

Suddenly I met the other 99% of people.

What a shocker that was!

I cannot even begin to tell you
how much that is so.

I had no idea that there were
all of these peoples
with all of these viewpoints
which are quite different from mine.

It's really weird when you think
that everyone lives like we do,
but in fact such is very much NOT the case.

After about three years
of middle class American living,
during my junior high years,
my mom remarried.

Now, this is where
it is about to get really interesting.

Because she didn't just marry anybody.

No she married one of several civilians
who were the top level administrators
of the Pacific Missile Test Range
at Point Mugu, California
(a retired Army Captain,
who by the way, was given
a six gun salute at his funeral).

So, all of a sudden
I was very deep
into the dark side of things
with one of the leaders
having dinner with me
at my dinner table every night.

At first we hated one another.

After a number of years, however,
we began to appreciate our differences
as well as celebrate our similarities in belief.

We moved to Camarillo, California,
because it was closer to the base,
where I lived next to an Air Force base,
complete with a top secret nuclear arsenal.

I had many friends who worked on the air base
as well as many friends
whose parents were weapons designers,
such that we kids would share
with one another
what our different parents were talking about.

We probably knew more about
what was going on in the top secret world
during the height of the cold war
than any single one of our parents knew.

Because, while they were highly compartamentalized,
we were anything but.

My dad's dad was a very successful wildcat oil driller,
following a successful career in meat packing in San Jose
and water drilling all over the world,
including the Hawaiian Islands.

He drilled the oil
which they are currently fighting over
in Libya
and the Sinai pensinsula,
among numerous others.

He was a jet setter
before the jets were even invented.

They would typically fly in DC3s
and later in DC7s.

This grandfather was a family man as could be.

So, he took his oldest son,
my father,
and his three grandsons,
me and my two brothers,
to many places
to see many interesting things
that other people will never get to see.

I am mentioning him
because he was deep inside the system;
for example,
he was a close personal friend of Dick Nixon
(as Senator and President)
and an early big money
donor/supporter of him.

He got personal Christmas cards
from the White House every year
that Nixon was in office.

While working with him
I would listen
as he would pick up the telephone
and call our Senators and Congressmen
and state representatives 
and get put right through,

Something you are not likely
to hear
or get to see
very often.

I must admit,
as a young person,
I was both impressed
and astounded.

But to him it was all as nothing.

He was a Stanford economics grad
and knew a lot about finance
and as he would put it
"how things REALLY work"

(he was not corrupt
and was very opposed to corruption
in all it's forms).

He was my teacher
for many years
for which I am very grateful,
to say the least.

He basically hated politicians,
and union bosses,
and lawyers,
but not necessarily in that order.

You could not be seen in public
with him
without wearing a suit and tie.

As he got older
and became semi-blind
I moved in with him
and became his chauffeur
and helped him to conduct business
day in and day out
during his last several years.

He told me not to waste my time
by going to college
because he would show me
how "the real world works".

He said that two years with him
was better than any college education
you could ever get.

The one being theoretical,
while the other is very real.

So, during my formative years
I found myself deep inside
the military industrial complex
as an insider.

Because of having known
so many of these people
as friends and acquaintances
over the years
I see things far differently
than many other people.

I do not agree with much
of what they do now
or what they did then,
but I am able to see
the human side of things
far better than most.

I am telling all of this
in order to tell you
that I know what I am seeing,
and I know the difference
between what is real
and what is nonsense.

It used to be that real
far outweighed nonsense,
but during these past 25 years
I would have to say just the opposite.

It's like a bunch of really wicked degenerates
have gotten ahold of the levers of power
and are now using them
for their own personal gain
with no care,
for social responsibility
or the common good.

This is the exact opposite
of the values which I had instilled in me
as a young and very aristocratic child.

Again, I only tell you this
to say that I know very well
what I am speaking about,
from deep inside firsthand knowledge.

This new bunch would not be approved of
by the old warriors,
from the Revolutionary war,
in which a number of my relatives fought,
some on each side,
and up to WW II,
and up to and through the Cold War,
and right up to now.

As my stepfather so well put it,
just before dying several years ago,

"We did not fight Hitler and WWII for this !!"

Those are my sentiments exactly.

Your country really has been
wrongfully taken away from you,
and those who took it
have no intention of ever returning it.

Take a good hard look
at any of the gigantic totalitarian governments
of yesteryear,
and then see if the notorious robber barons
of yesteryear
have their hand in there somewhere.

I am speaking of J.P. Morgan and Samuel Chase,
as well as their mentors the Rothschilds, et al,
as examples

To find out numerous details about this
I suggest that you go onto
and find the series of books written by
Harvard Professor Anthony Sutton,
who did a fantastic job
of documenting much of this

As a matter of fact,
he is the only one who I know of 
who did or has
with such a level of detail.

Yes, the same people
who we today refer to
as the puppet masters
and the hidden enablers of "the banksters".

As a few examples of their handiwork,
they brought you I.G. Farben of Nazi Germany
(who made the gas for the gas chambers);
they forced the delivery of the gold
on the infamous gold train
which the Canadians captured
crossing their territory,
by which Lenin financed
the Russian Revolution of 1917.

They brought you the Federal Reserve system.

Which is, in acuality,
nothing more than
the Federal Debasement Board.

That is to say,
tell me anything else that they do,
worth speaking about,
besides debase your currency,
which is just another form
of income redistribution
a la Karl Marx,
and finally Stalin
= take the capital from the productive
and give it out to the unproductive
as patronage in order to spread corruption
in all of it's ugly and nefarious forms.

They brought you
the second plank of the Communist Party
ten plank platform.

The first plank being
the destruction of private property
with the second plank
providing the means to do it,
by use of a graduated income tax
(see 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

Why do you suppose
it had to be done by amendment,

Because the founding fathers
knew very well
how pernicious such a system is
such that they outlawed it
in the federal constitution
i.e. their shall be no DIRECT taxation.
(which had been used
by numerous tyrants and autocrats
throughout the centuries
in order to confiscate private property
to be devoted to much less worthy purposes)

Remember that the U.S.
went upon it's first outright missions
of world conquest beginning in 1898
and never stopped since
(Cuba, Phillippines, and Hawaii,
among others).

So by 1913,
fifteen years later,
the very year the U.S.
entered into WWI,
the robber baron elements
conned the people
into allowing them
to set up the system
by which they would finance
their war state
(Federal Reserve Act
and Federal Income Tax).

But, my personal favorite
is when they told you
that you had too much representation,
such that they made an amendment
to our federal constitution
making it so that you only have
435 representatives.

This was the most pernicious of all
and is directly responsible
for us degenerating into a system
of "clownism",
in place of the constitutional structure
envisioned by the founding fathers
(several of whom are direct ancestors of mine).

During the ratification debates
the original idea
was that there would be
one representative
per 10,000 persons.

By the time it was ratified
they made it
one representative per 30,000 persons.

why does this matter?

It is because the House of Representatives
is supposed to control the purse strings.

This is the ultimate check upon the entire system.

So that if your "wanna be King" President
and the aristocratic branch known as the Senate

(originally chosen by State Legislatures
instead of popular vote,
in order to keep the standards
and quality of representation
at the highest levels possible)

decided to join together in a way
which is pernicious to liberty

(as had been seen numerous
times in history)

the House of Representatives,
which was supposed to be
the democratic arm of the government,
could stop the wannabe king
and his aristocratic would-be court
dead in their tracks
with no probem whatsoever.

So, with the taking away
of real representation
you continuously degenerate
into a less and less representative body
until the worst,
and most self-serving losers imaginable
will take over all 435 seats
and let the monarchial interests
have their way,
with their continuous wars
and taxation,
and loss of liberty,
not dissimilar to King John
of Magna Carta fame,
or the Sun King,
Louis XIV,
who left a completely insolvent country
to his children and grandchildren
who then lost their lives
in the French Revolution
as a direct result
of the starvation
and mass hardships
caused by these ridiculous policies
of continuous taxation and warfare.

Is this starting to sound
all too familiar
to any of you out there?

Have you heard anyone
out of all of these people
who claim to know how to fix things up
tell you that we need
to get rid of the Income Tax
and restore representation
and get rid of the federal reserve board?
(other than Ron Paul, that is)



Yet it will literally be impossible
to get back to a representative democratic republic
any other way.

If they are not talking about this,
then they simply don't know
what they are talking about,

all of this did not happen by accident.

And we were assured
when more forward-looking people warned
that their fellows were being bamboozled
that these things would never come to pass.

here you are,
just like so many before you,
having sowed to the wind
and reaping the whirlwind,
for having listened to lesser persons
(mental "giants", but moral pygmies).

Only now
we do it with colorful lights
and strange and wonderful sounds
and lots of empty utopian promises.

Empty slogans
and meaningless mantras
having replaced intelligent discourse
and concerted action
intended to remedy the disasters
which have been directly caused
by the robber barons
and their progeny
and their lackeys
and sycophants.

Our founding fathers
would not be able to tell the difference
between the current country
and any absolutist government
of their own day.

And they would be both disgusted
and appalled,
I can assure you.

They created
and handed to us
a system which was so good
that it could not turn into
this perpetual war machine
until they had thoroughly dismantled
the original constitution

(see George Washington's Farewell Address,
in which he warns us NOT
to get involved in "foreign entanglements";
he knew very well what he was talking about,
and knew that our constitution
had been specifically designed,
by Thomas Jefferson
and James Madison
to make this difficult to do,
because of the lessons of history
with which they were both
more fully acquainted than most).

Think about what that means
for a minute.

We must restore
at least those elements
which are essential to protecting liberty 
and private property,
including the restoraton of
meaningful representation,
and above all else.

That means
repealing the amendment
that repealed the original intent
of the founding fathers
to have one representative per 30,000
in order to protect us all from the grotesque
overreach of the executive branch
their senatorial co-conspirators
by cutting off the money.

The men who created that amendment
claimed to have found a better way
and that the founding fathers
just were not so smart
as they had apparently thought they were.

These person were totally wrong,
and disingenous
from the very start.

It is like it says in the NT,

don't listen to their words,

but watch their actions,

and the fruits
which come out of those actions.

Here it is
continuous war,
oppressive taxation,
and the creation of non-stop lies
with a concurrent
and ever increasing drift
into poverty,
and social disintegration,
all unneccessarily.

I have much more to say
regarding these matters,
and will ask your indulgence
to allow me to spell some of this out
while blogging here,
with the intent of publishing it in print
before too much more time has passed.

I have been writing extensively
on these matters
since I was a teenager
and have given much thought
and study
to these matters
such that I really can provide you
with the diagnosis
and the prescription
which all of these sold out losers
who today pretend to be your leaders
never have known
and never will know,
because they are very happy
with just how things are today.

Well I am not,
and I suspect that many of you are not,
but simply do not even know
where to begin,
while those who do not care
one way or another
will soon enough
when they find themselves destitute
and poverty stricken
with their children starving
right in front of their eyes
as they ask themselves
how this could possibly be happening
to them.

They certainly will not be the first
having to ask those questions.

But they may very well be the first
who could have easily stopped it,
but, instead,
chose to go to their local sports bar,
or ball game,
or to sit in front of their television
while being spoonfed
a steady diet
of very paranoid drivel,
interspersed with a continuous supplement 
of non-stop fear mongering

(I would remind you
fear is of the devil
= those who promote fear
are doing the devil's work;
don't be fooled by all of their talk
of patriotism,
threats to existential existence,
the need to kill
their latest self-created bogey man
or political opponents;
pure and simple
and so they speak like the cowards
which they truly are).

I have had enough of this
garbagefest lifestyle
long ago.

I am sure many of you
will be joining me soon enough
if you have not already.

Let's start to live a real life,
in place of this ridiculous
worker bee drone existence
which you are told
by most of your
institutionalized "education"
(read propogandization)
as well as your numerous
"religious" institutions,
is the only possible way to live.

God did not make you to be a slave.

Maybe it's about time for you
to figure that out
and get rid of your "substitute life"
and replace it with true life.

What do you think?

I am only stopping now,
at 10:45 p.m.
because I am tired.

I hope all of you
who have living fathers
will contact them tomorrow
and tell them how much you appreciate them
and love them.

w/love, born of grace


10:46 p.m
Ventura, California, USA