(note:  this blog post was written
following the discloures
of the very intrusive and unlawful
NSA programs
which were being defended
by those who have hidden them
from public view. 
These programs were already suspected of existing,
but under the name "Echelon". 
The parliament of the European Union
had claimed the existence of the program
after a two year investigation
into the matter,
followed by a written report of findings. 
Other than that,
little or nothing was known of specifics. 
As soon as a whistleblower
by the name of Edward Snowden
disclosed documents
proving the existence
and very extensive and intrusive nature
of the program,
the criminals who were caught
in so many gross violations 
of our Constitution
and International Law
cried out "traitor" and "espionage". 
But, not a word
regarding the unbelievable disregard for law
on the part of the perpetrators
of these crimes,
far too numerous even to count.
What a shame they have brought on us
and onto our house.
No further "moral highround", here.)

I promised myself,
long ago,
that I would not begin
to get too political on this site.

It is, after all,
supposed to be about music.

But, the past several days
have pushed me to the point
that I find it very hard to keep from,
at least,
saying a few things about
just what it is
that is going on here.

I am literally sickened
by the persons who claim
to be our elected leaders.

They really are a bunch of clowns.

The more you see of them
the more you can only despair,
while wondering where in the world
such a group of utterly disgusting,
very ugly,
and very evil people
could have crawled out from
all at once.

I am remined over and over again,
beginning with George Bush, Jr.,
of the scripture passage in Revelation,
wherein it says
that the Lord will send
"strong delusion"
so that they should
"follow the Beast".

The Beast is said to be
a dragon-like creature
with seven heads
and ten horns
which are said to represent
various "kings".

Without getting too deeply
into the interpretations
and possible interpretations
of this passage,
I am, here, concerned
with the part that says
"strong delusion".

I always wondered what that meant.

And then I saw this guy
who really does look like
Alfred E. Neumann
("what, me worry?")
from MAD magazine,
who got 2 million
so-called "christians"
to vote for him
in his second election,
even though
the revelations
of Abu Ghraib,
complete with
the very disgusting photos
which proved just how evil
and un-American,
and un-Christian 
these people really are,
and were,
had become burned
into all of our collective minds.

Remember, at that time
"America doesn't do torture".

Oh yeah?

They don't?

Well it turns out
that all you have to do
in order to not
"do torture"
is change the definition
of the word
from what
it has always
been understood to be
into something
entirely new and different.

up is down,
in is out,
and black is white.

There you have it.

A complete inversion
of values
and meanings.

Your problem is simply
that you do not have
the "magic glasses"
required for you
to see these things,
as apparently do
the top 1%
of the top 1%
who "own" 60%
of the assets
in this country.

And you didn't think
filthy lucre
has a terrribly
corrupting influence?

Well, in my book
this makes them
a bunch of clowns.

Not as in funny clowns,
but as in their counterpart,
killer clowns.

Killer clowns?


Remember the clown
in Stephen King's
very frightening book
and mini-series titled


Remember John Wayne Gacy?

Remember the cult classic movie
Killer Clowns from Outer Space
(a favorite of my oldest daughter,
many years ago)?

Yes, murderous,

So, just what is it
that makes me
call them clowns,

Well, let's see,
our President is sworn
to uphold the U.S. Constitution
and has taken an oath
to that effect
(on a Bible, no less).

He is also supposed to be
the chief law enforcement officer.

But he cannot seek any justice,
from the pack of war criminals
which preceded him.

No, instead he claims
that we must look forward,
not backward.

And then quickly changes
as many laws
as possible,
which made such persons
criminally liable,
by just erasing them
as if they never even existed.

I am sure all of
the criminal defendants
who I worked with
over the years
would have loved
to have this done
for them,
in their cases.

Yes, don't look back
at the nasty,
which they
so cavalierly commit.

It is just
too damn inconvenient,
you know.

So, because we,
(as in count me out),
believed that we had
a new type of person
and party
taking the reins of power
we thought
that we could
just look the other way
as we were told that our
brand new President
was a
Nobel Peace Prize winner.

I will never forget the look
on my female black neighbor
as I spoke with her
in congratulatory tones,
as she was quick to correct me,
by saying,

"He has done NOTHING to earn it".

I remember saying to myself,
as I found myself
forced to concur with her,
out loud.

"What a bunch of clowns",
I said to myself,
as I realized
that I would never again
take such persons seriously.

How could I?

For I am no clown.

But that was lightweight
compared to what was coming.

Between 2005 and 2007
the FBI complained
that mortgage fraud
had become so widespread
that they did not have the ability
to do anything to stop it.

This was thanks to numerous Democrats
(now Obamaites)
who claimed that those
calling for rationality
and realism
"hated blacks"
and were just closet rascists,
intent on
hurting their fellow countrymen
and denying them housing.

Remember Angelo Mozilo
at Countrywide Mortgage
and his good buddies
the Senator Chris Dodd,
and the Congressman Barney Frank,
who repeatedly and forcefully
assured us
that we had it all wrong
and that this would all end well
for everybody?

The FBI wrote a huge report
telling everyone
just exactly how it is
and turned out to be.

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS)
in Switzerland
repeatedly warned
of the ensuing chaos,
and even the
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
put out a number of dire warnings.

Oh, but not to worry,
we were all told,
because we will
all get rich together.


How did that one turn out?

Another bunch of clowns,
or what?

So, now,
we are on the verge of
a catastrophic
and permanent meltdown
of our economy,
such as has rarely
been seen in history.

You would think
that the people
who were responsible
for this madness
would have been
"hung from
the highest yardarm"
or run out of town,
tarred and feathered,
on a rail.

Or, at least
some criminal prosecutions,
beginning with those
who continued to
lie through their teeth
all the way up to
and through
the housing meltdown.

But no.

we are looking forward,
not backward.

But to what?,
I am forced to
keep asking myself

Oh, what a coincidence,
those who profited the most
from this very destructive debacle
were the biggest donors
to our current President
and many members of Congress.

I guess it is a good thing
that we were all looking
in another direction.

"you can't handle the truth"
as was so well said
by Jack Nicholson
in the all too real movie
"A Few Good Men".

Hold on,
this is about to
get a lot better.

Remember "renditions"?

That is when you
unlawfully go
into a foreign country
with the intent of
kidnapping a person
or persons,
who will be sent
to "dark sites"
to be tortured,
I mean subjected to
"enhanced interrogation",
remembering that
we don't do torture.

how difficult could
this one be,

All of the European countries
where this took place
thought that it was
an outrageous criminal act.

So much so
that the Spanish government,
after repeatedly being threatened
by this administration
as well as it's predecessor,
nevertheless held a trial
with seven CIA defendants
being tried in absentia
and found all seven guilty,
such that they had better
never enter that country
unless they want to be arrested
as soon as it is known
that they have arrived.

Well, somehow
this set of legal values
escaped our current
Attorney General,
who argued that
there was nothing
illegal about this,
even before being
selected for this office.

More clownism?

kidnapping in
a foreign country
for the purpose of torture
is just too subtle for this guy,
and his enablers.

Don't try this on
your next law exam,
because you will get
a much deserved
for that test score.

Yes, the same guy
who now tells us
that we cannot prosecute
the huge RICO-style
criminal network
of "banksters",
because it might have
an adverse impact
on the economy.

Oh, how inconvenient
it is for him to do his job.

Surely you can appreciate
and understand that.

after 9-11
everything DID change.

But not for the better.

[note: be sure and check out
chemist Kevin Ryan's
four papers
who had access
to the towers;
it is rather illuminating,
to say the least.

If link doesn't work,
run a query on your
favorite search engine,
as follows:

Kevin R. Ryan
Demolition access
to the World Trade Center towers:
Part one - Tenants


I actually got just as nauseous reading the first two papers
in this four part series
as I did
when I first read
General Taguba's report
on Abu Ghraib


Just an excuse
for incredibly broad overreach,
or what?]

Now, it turns out
that we have a rogue element,
who have no regard
for centuries,
if not millennia,
of carefully reasoned
and tested

They have no problem
with all of that,
after all,
we as Americans
are exceptional,
and how else can we have
full spectrum dominance
without intrusively spying
on every single
man, woman, and child,
inside our own borders,

More clownism?


In is out.
Right is left.
Up is down.
Bad is good.
And good
is most definitely

How about treasonous,
no less.

That's right,
"aiding and abetting the enemy".

just who is this enemy?

As was so well said
in the long running,
and very popular comic strip,

"We have met the enemy,
and he is us."

Now, I know that
I sometimes speak
of being my own worst enemy,
but treason?

Do these people
even have any idea
what the term means
and what the case law
has to say
about this matter?

Apparently not.

Because if they did
they would see
that this is
simply wrong.

And very ignorant.

But coming from the mouths
of a large number
of your pretended leaders?

Wow !!

Oh, oh,
it is about to get
even more ironic.

Remember that little rag tag
group of losers and clowns
calling themselves "the Base"
(or in their own language,
Al Qaeda)?

if nothing else is clear,
it should be that
they have been declared
not just an enemy of our country
but even as an existential threat,
no less,
to our very existence,
such that we are supposed
to give up
all of our freedoms,
the freedom of thought.

So, why is it that
we gave weapons
and an unbelievable amount
of military "assistance"
to those who were
the top recruiters for Al Qaeda,
living in the highest recruitment area
known as of Benghazi,
as they literally raped Tripoli
while destroying
the richest country in Africa,
and plundered
the richest man in the world,
as we are told it turned out?

Well, by the time that
the common man on the street
figured out
that something was amiss
we had, already, 
further empowered Al Qaeda,
complete with lots of oil revenue,
and weapons,
and war materiel.

Aiding and abetting the enemy, anyone?

So, last night
I read that our glorious leader

(the meaning of Il Duce,
and Der Fuehrer,
by the way),

who apparently can do no wrong,
has proven to his own mind
that Syria has
"crossed the red line",
by supposedly
using chemical weapons
on 100-150 persons
in some small remote village
out in the middle of nowhere.

This being claimed by people
whose crediblity long ago
went out the window
with their ridiculous
Weapons of Mass Destruction

Remember Condaleeza Rice
and her mushroom clouds
which Sadam was supposed
to bring
to your neighborhood soon,
along with his aerial drones
spraying chemical agents on you?

Remember these
very same persons
assuring us that they knew
exactly where these
very non-existent weapons
are located?

Remember George, Jr.,
making a mockery
by running around a room,
on television,
and looking under a couch,
as he pretended
to be looking for
these non-existent weapons?

Clownism, anyone?

So, now it is known
beyond any dispute
that a large number
of the mercenaries
being utilized by our country
to destabilize a soverign nation
who has done nothing,
to us,
other than being in the way
of our land invasion of Iran

(remember, they are
"the Gateway" to Iran,
after all)

so that we can steal
all of that fine "Oklahoma crude"
in the Caspian Sea basin,
are members of Al Qaeda.

Many of them from Benghazi,
no less.

So, we have been supplying weapons,
and war materiel
to Al Qaeda operatives,
once again,
I should add,
but because they are
such a bunch of
inept killer Clowns
we are now going
to have to go in
and do the job for them,
just like in Libya.

Aiding and abetting the enemy?

And this while we continue
to suffer
under the Patriot Act
(think Adolf Hitler's
"Enabling Act"),
year after year.

So, our clowns think that
leaking material
high crimes and misdemeanors
(being committed by
these selfsame persons,
no less)

to the press
is high treason,
while not being able
to figure out that
aiding and abetting,
our enemy,
Al Qaeda  

(created by Ronald Reagan
while being clandestinely funded
by various CIA-types
and known ever since
as the Mujahideen,
or the Freedom Fighters,
at that time)  

is not treason.

backward is forwards
and losers are winners,
and winners are losers,
and clowns are to be
taken very seriously.

Especially the killer type,
I should add.

But all of that pales
in comparison
to what I am about
to tell you.

Our country is
the most indebted country
in the world.

We cannot sell our bonds
on the open market,
which are required to pay
for all of this war
and war mongering,
and spying on ourselves,

That is to say,
we are grossly,
and hopelessly insolvent,
as in ready for
Bankruptcy proceedings,
and inevitable default,
which is what
currency debasement is,
by the way.

Yes, we will
provide endless "liquidity",
that is to say,
keep creating currency
and credit out of thin air,
 on computer screens,
with nothing, whatsoever,
backing it up.

We have millions
of foreclosed homes
being hidden
in what is known as
"shadow inventory",
just waiting to all be forced
out into the open
and onto the market,
all at once, in a panic.

We simply cannot pay our bills.
And we owe, owe, owe.

Am I the only one
who can see
that necessaries
are becoming
more and more expensive
by the hour?

This is a trend
that simply cannot end well.

We are sure to see
the entire middle class
wiped out,
"Argentina 2002-style",
very soon,
if things continue
on this path.

So, what do the clowns
do about this
impending catastrophe,

Make more wars.
As in perpetual war
for perpteual "peace".

Did I forget,
war is peace.

And I guess the corollary is
that peace is war.

So, you would think
that we would
be doing something
about this imminent disaster,
just as you would be heading
to your storm shelter
if you saw a tornado
bearing down on you.

But, not if you are 
a bunch of clowns.

Then you will
chase each other around
in little fire trucks
and honk horns
and jump up and down merrily,
until you are simply
wiped off the face of this earth.

That's what clowns do.

How about the "green shoots".
Remember that one?

Yes, things are just getting
better and better.

So now the clowns
point to the stock market,
which is being fueled
by the credit
being created out of thin air,
as an indication
that things are just getting
better and better.

because the price of stocks
are going up,
along with the price
of all of your necessities,
as a result of
monetary inflation
(i.e. currency debasement),
we are becoming
more and more prosperous.

Yes, broke is rich.

And poverty is
just wonderful,
for you and me,
but of course,
but never
for the clowns
who are causing
all of this
grossest dislocation
and misallocation
of resources
ever seen in history.

the recent auctions
in Detroit,
where they could not even
unload the houses for $500 each?

While the amount of homeless persons increases by the hour?

What's wrong with that picture?

Oh, I could go
on and on and on.

But not without stopping
to throw up,
and forcefully.

Just go and
take a good look
at the persons
who are doing
all of the screaming
and yelling
about how we need
a domestic spy network,
said to be
"the envy of the STASI"
by a German parliament member
just several days ago.

For those who never knew,
or have forgotten,
were the secret police
in East Germany,
then under
Soviet Communist rule.

The ones who have
your neighbors
watching you,

The ones who
make people disappear.

just like the clowns
who rendition people.

What a coincidence.

As a closing note,
I will tell you a story
about my visit
to St. Petersburg
after it was
first opened to tourists
from the West.

I noticed, immediately,
that all of the older people
looked at the ground
and never looked up
at one another.

That is to say,
everyone was afraid
of their own neighbors.

It was very chilling
to see and watch.

But, right alongside this
was an entirely new
and fresh bunch
of young persons.

They were driving the taxis
and selling all kinds of goods
to tourists.

You would have thought
these people were
fresh off the boat
from my homeland
of California.

They loved everything
about Americans
and entrepreneurism,
and just couldn't
get enough information
from me,
on how to be

Yes, the new generation
was standing and walking
alongside the older ones
who didn't even dare
to look up.

What a stark contrast.

So, what is the lesson, here?

It is that clowns
can wreak havoc
until they have destroyed
everything in their path,
just like the locusts
in the book of
the Old Testament prophet,

But only for so long.

History is not just against them,
it is TOTALLY against them.

So, they can force us
to go through a sort of
hell on earth
for a time,
but they altogether
lack legitimacy,
now and forever,
and they are
on the wrong side
of history,
if ever anyone was.

That is,
after all,
what makes them clowns
to begin with.

and lies,
along with
a voracious appetite
for destruction.

I want no part of it,
and I expect you,
dear reader,
also want nothing to do
with such behavior.

I was encouraged
by poll results
which I read about
last night.

It seems at least 70%
of persons
under the age of 30
just ain't going for this.

Good job, kids.

Please do not be clowns.

For it is nothing to be proud of.

And yes,
it is something
which history will condemn,
and without equivocation,
right along with

(once very in vogue,
believe it or not)

and Communism
(once very in vogue,
believe it or not)

and Nazism
(once very in vogue,
believe it or not).

Yes the clowns
will ultimately be condemned
by their very own selves
and their very own actions,
as those looking back
will finally be able
to say that,

was once very in vogue,
believe it or not.

So much for
American exceptionalism.
And fake patriotism
(the last refuge of scoundrels?).
And fake religion.
And fake economics.

Yes, because "fake"
means lie.

And lie
is not truth.

No matter how hard
these clowns try
to persuade you
that it is otherwise.

I hope all of you
young people
will rise up
against this tyranny
and travesty.

You are our only hope
which we have left.

Everyone else
is just either too complicit
or too clownish
to see or care
what is happening.

w/ eternal gratitude
to all of you
who refuse to become clowns

9:30 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA