I can hear you
saying to yourself,
enough social commentary,
how about some new music.

I awakened at 3 a.m.
with a start.

I prayed, fervently,
for about fifteen minutes,
with much weeping
and trepidation
and then heard
my inner voice
say to me
that it is finally time
to write some more music.

It has been kind of weird
the last several weeks
as I just haven't had any desire
to write music at all.

This is partly because
I have been suffering
from some serious health problems
resulting from my last several
traumatic injuries.

My body is badly wiped out
and continues to be
on the edge of septicemia,
as I am barely pulling out
of the horrible episodes
which I reported awhile ago.

In addition,
my cervical vertebrae
have been moving all over the place
and popping again and again
in a most unusual and painful way,
as it seems to finally be realigning
after the huge speaker
fell on my head last year.

Yes, I can finally
almost turn my head
all the way to the left, again,
without excruciating pain
caused by the compression injury
which I sustained.

So, not to be left out,
my mouth decided
that it was a good time
to become totally inflamed,
such that I can barely chew or eat.

Is that f***ed up enough for you,
or what?

So, to continue my saga
for this evening,
I got up
and dragged myself
over to the keyboard.

As I turned on the computer,
while facing to the right,
I reached over to the left
and plopped my hand
onto the keyboard,
in order to test the sound.

I looked to see
what keys it had landed on,
and much to my suprise
(I expected A or D)
it was C.

Oh, good,
I thought to myself,
I am most definitely
in a C minor mood,
if ever I have been.

And so,
this humble effort

Notice the use
of a couple of motifs
which pretty much repeat
throughout the song.

It is written in a sort of
"call and response"

The call
is based around the C note,
while the response
is based around
what is known as
the dominant of C,
being the note G.

I can hear the birds
making a lot of noise
outside my window right now
which means that the sun
must be about to come up
such that I had better
go back to bed
and get some rest,
while I still can.

Hope this finds all well
with all of you
who are so special to me
and whom I love very much.

Have a good morning.

Hope there will be more songs soon.

w/ love beyond comprehension


5:26 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA


As regards our spiritual
brothers and sisters
in service to Christos
and in service to truth,

Remember those
who are bound in chains
as bound with them;

And those who are in prison
as in prison with them;

And especially
as to those
who have
put their lives,
and fortunes
on the line
for you and me,
in order to fight for truth
in place of all of the horrible lies
which are killing
and hurting
so many innocents.

As I always like to say,
I would far rather be the victim
than the perpetator
when the "day of judgment"
which it most assuredly shall,
in spite of all of the protesting
to the contrary.