Just as a quick aside.

There is a crime called
"compounding a felony".

This basically means
that you agree not to report a crime
in exchange for something of value.

Now, what is being claimed
by all of these people
who pretend to be
protecting your freedoms
is that when a person sees
a whole series of outrageous crimes
committed in their presence,
that they can be stopped
from reporting them
by virture of having signed
a non-disclosure agreement.

So, you will hear one talking head
after another,
and their hack supporters
tell how outrageous it is
for Edward Snowden,
or others like him,
to make known to the public 
numerous crimes
which they have eyewitnessed
after they find that they are unable
to get any relief or remedy 
in any other manner.

Their arguments actually boil down
to a claim that the person
is contracturally obligated
to not report the crimes.

This, of course,
in order to hold onto their job.

That is to say,
to take something of value
in exchange
for not reporting the crime.

This is known as "against public policy"
and would be void ab initio
(i.e. void from the start).

So, how is one expected
to take seriously these people
who pretend to be holding
the moral high ground,
with all of their pretended

And what about
when the very persons
doing all of the screaming
and carrying on
are the very ones
who are enabling
the continued commission
of such crimes?

And while being entirely
unrepentant as can be?

What is wrong with this picture?

And how can so many people
go along with such a twisted
and absurd
line of reasoning
so as to scream out
how the person
who is trying to report the crimes
is a "traitor",
or should be prosecuted
to the full extent of the law,
etc., etc.?

Is it just me, again?

Or isn't something
very wrong
with this picture?

Think about it
the next time you hear
one of these pompous,
and their "presstitute"
brethren and sisters
screaming about
the outrages being committed
by the latest whistleblower/s.

(thanks to Gerald Celente
for coining that word,
how apt it truly is)

One can only wonder
just how complicit
one would have to be
to carry on like this,

So, the next time
you hear or read this nonsense,
how in the world it is
that your supposed
elected "representatives"
cannot figure out
that they are screaming out
that it is o.k.
to compound a felony,
in spite of the fact
that all federal and state laws
will be found quite to the contrary
of their assertions.

(and reason)
has been
turned on it's head
in a way which is,
to me,
truly remarkable.

And you wonder
why I have long ago
pulled the plug (PTP)?

(note:  I get all of my news
from newspapers
and other print media,
as well as the internet,
as opposed to the television set,
for whatever it is worth).

Stop letting less worthy persons
do your thinking for you.

That is truly the lesson here,
don't you think?

w/love to all


4:57 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA