It is about 7:40 a.m. as I start this post.

I don't really have anything to say at this time,
but am sitting by the computer
waiting for some technicians to arrive at 8 a.m.
at CEB
in order to attempt to walk me through
some problems they are having
with running this new program
I told about several days ago.

They have a whole lot of really mad attorneys
= couldn't be a good thing,

I am not one of the mad ones,
unless you consider
"mad as a hatter"
to qualify me in that category.

I hope everyone is watching
this NSA debacle.

I would swear that I have been channeling,
to the hero/villian
(dependent upon your point of view)
in this incredible news story.

I have nothing but the highest regard
for persons who are willing
to put everything on the line
for the sake of truth
and transparency,

and nothing but scorn
for those who pretend to be protecting me
as I watch them actually doing anything but.

I am, quite frankly, sickened
by the whole mass murder
and mayhem
that has been committed
all across the world
in your's and my name.

As you may guess
from reading some of my writing,
I am a longtime and very deep student
of laws and legal institutions.

I am a very strong advocate of Magna Carta,
the rule of law
(the real one,
as opposed to the use of this term
by so many who have no idea
what it means,
and certainly have no real intention
of ever living within it's confines),
and constitutionalism.

I could write a lengthy treatise on the subject
off the top of my head,
starting with ancient Sumer
and leading all the way up to the present.

Yes, these issues have been thought about
and written about
throughout written history,
strangely enough.

We speak of "equal protection of the laws",
while the ancient Greeks spoke of
i.e. equality before the law.

It is not something which is new,
or which has just been invented.

The Magna Carta, in 1215,
spoke of the ancient laws,
of which it was intended to be a reflection.

Indeed, they are much more ancient
than the Barons at Runnymede
would even dared to have thought.

Your own Bill of Rights was modeled
after the English Bill of Rights of 1689.

And I am sure the roots of that
go back much further and deeper.

So, I find it amazing that the "moderns"
pretend that they are just discovering these things
or inventing them.

I can only wonder,
just what are they teaching you guys and girls
at school these days anyway?

I know that I was taught to be
a good litte communist
(or a "statist"
as Ludwig Von Mises so eloquently called it,
in French, but of course,
as in "etatism").

That is a legacy which continues to remain
following WWII and the Cold War,
which I was born into and grew up in.

I cannot begin to tell how shocked I was,
being one of the early groups of tourists
to go into Saint Petersburg in Russia
following the opening of the borders to westerners,
to find out just how poor they actually are
and what a pack of lies
I had been told
throughout my life.

I grew up ready to gleefully watch them all die
in a nuclear holocaust,
not even realizing
that they are us.

I met many wonderful people
who hold the same values as I do
and who hold them very dearly.

I have never been so ashamed in my life.

And I am very slow to believe
any of the propaganda
since that time.

Everywhere I have gone
in my 30 years of regular travels
I have seen the same thing.

Everybody is just trying to get by.

Everybody is just trying to take care
of their loved ones,
their children,
and their parents.


And there are good people
and bad people
in every group I have ever seen,
but with the good far outnumbering the bad,
so far as I am able to ascertain.

So, I continue to ask myself,
why must I go around the world
killing everybody.

For what exactly?

And how in the world
can it be done
in the name of religions
or rationality.

It just makes no sense whatsoever.

If you really believe
a bunch of people who live in a huge sandbox
and can't even afford shoes
are able to project power
in such away as to be an existential threat
to my very existence,
I've got really bad news for you.

It just ain't so.

So why are we being bled to death,
and spiritually,

Maybe it's evil that we are really dealing with,
in it's numerous different forms and shapes.

I would dare say that
anyone who thinks they have to lie to you
to protect you
r claims that this is so
has another agenda
that they are not telling you.

In my humble opinion
if you have to lie,
then you have a serious problem.

If whatever you are doing cannot exist
in the full light of full disclosure,
then maybe it is time
to change your wicked ways,
before it is too late.

Truth versus the lie.

Isn't that what it has always been about,
all along?

Right from the very first lie
which is recorded:
"you shall not surely see death"?

Oh, but you shall,
yes you shall.

Our war has always been the same one,
reality versus alternate reality
or unreality.

I know which side
I want to be on.

What about you?

I am so proud of any
who take the side of truth
and openness,
and especially when they put their life
and fortune
at stake by so doing.

We used to call that a hero.

Please don't tell me that the liars are the heroes.

That just simply doesn't ring true now,
does it?

Well, that's enough introspection
for the moment.

I have to get back on the phone
 to get this latest computerized fiasco
in some kind of workable order.

Wishing everybody a good day.

And don't forget,

Peace on Earth
Goodwill toward men.

Those are our marching orders.

I sure hope some of you are up to the job.

w/ astounding love


8:13 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA