I have been mainly in the field during the past ten days, and have been, accordingly, off the grid.

I have a few minutes here and there during which I can get near a signal and then send out what little I can in the short time that I have to do it.

Are going one day at a time, right now, so that do not know exact schedule for next week/s.

Although I do expect to have a better idea before too long.

In the meantime, I completed the FUKUSHIMA 2011 album, so that it is now ready for mastering and pressing.

I managed to collect a number of very important links which are directly related to this.

I will put descriptions on each link, just as soon as reasonably possible.

In the meantime, just click on each one and have a look.

Sergey Pulinets is definitely the star of this series.

He is a plasma physicist from Russia.

It seems than a number of his more important, and should I say, extremely controversial, views have just been given a hard push toward vindication and substantiation.

His book came out following the earthquake and became an instant best seller amongst those who keep an eye on such matters.

As of today, there is one copy left on Amazon.

I bought one of the very first ones when it first came out and was simply astounded at what I read, as I continue to be.

The interview with Dr. Pulinets on YouTube by Larouche Party interviewer is one of the most interesting I have ever heard, and all the moreso in light of what we have been finding out since March 2011.

This is VERY IMPORTANT stuff.

And any who would want to be on board as future leaders had best listen up to what is going on here.

This is POWER on a scale which is simply unimaginable in earthly terms.

One can only wonder what is going to happen when Pulinets meets CERN.

No wonder all of the people living on top of the huge particle accelerator rings, that go just outside Geneve (Geneva), are so afraid of falling into a manmade black hole which has been made by negligence, excusable neglect, or inadvertence.

Too bad everybody just had to die anyway!

Well, that is science, folks.

No mercy whatsoever.

Too many Dr. Mengeles, anyone?

Well, that is all of the fun which I can have right now.

Wishing everyone the best.

And with love to all of you.


9:22 p.m. local time

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several matters requiring immediate attention