While reading the book,
referenced below,
I was struck
by some of the language,
which I thought worthwhile
to share here.

The author speaks,
and then quotes Lewis Spence,
historian of occult beliefs and practices,
as well as a pamphlet from
the White Rose,
an anti-Nazi youth movement.

I find the parallels with today
rather striking,
especially in light of
the present administration
and their
immediate predecessors.

The same old nonsense
just seems to get recirculated
century after century
i.e. you must give up your thought life
your money
and everything else
for "the state"
or "the government"
or whatever name they want to call it.

In historical terms
things never turn out to be
how they were claimed to be
at the time.

Do you suppose
the same may be happening
right now?

Let the author begin:

The inherent tendency
to think in terms of racial stereotypes
was not exclusively a German vice,

it was symptomatic of this period,
as society was reduced
to the law of the jungle
by the Great Depression

America had it's gangsters,
Europe had it's fascist thugs.

Lawlessness and extremism
were on the rise
across the Western world. ---

The Nature of Evil

Whether one believes in evil
as a conscious entity
or defines it as
a lack of empathy -
the denial of the divine in oneself and others -
Spence was spot on when he noted:

'--- evil seeks its like,
its own reflection in its ministers,

It is indeed its prime imperfection that
it is doomed to work with tools
whose temper is as unsound as its own -
implements which outwardly
seem trenchant and effective,
but, which with the impact of use
soon lose their keenness
and reveal the baseness of their alloy.

The whole history of evil shows that
it is capable of functioning
only in fits and starts,
that it does not possess the reserves
and staying power
of its opposite,
and that,
though its purpose and impulse
are timeless,
its vigour and judgement are unequal
to the full achievement of its designs.'

Evil people are capable of wreaking havoc
and causing suffering on a vast scale,
but they are by definition self-centred
and therefore self-defeating
which ensures that they are fated to fail.

Evil can only succeed in the short term
and only if there is a lack of determination
to limit the damage that its agents can do. ---

It was no secret that certain elements
of European society
and an influential section in America
openly admired Hitler
for the economic miracle he had apparently
been able to create
(by excessive borrowing
with no intention of repaying the loans)

It is true that the evil nature
of the Nazi regime was not fully revealed
until the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945;
but only the most ignorant and callous individual
could have protested that they had no idea
what a fascist dictatorship would be capable of.

As the saying goes,
'It only requires good men to do nothing
for evil to exist.'

The lone voice of the anti-Nazi student organization
the White Rose,
failed to prick the conscience
of those who acquiesced
in the crimes perpetrated by Hitler's thugs. ---

But they willingly sacrificed themselves
in a vain effort
to awaken their countrymen
to the nature of the contagion
that had corrupted them,
which encouraged children
to inform on their parents
and the spiteful
to denounce their neighbors

One of their pamphlets expressed openly
what many must have feared even to think.

'Every word that comes from Hitler's mouth
is a lie.

When he says peace,
he means war,

and when he blasphemously
uses the name of the Almighty,
he means the power of evil,
the fallen angel, Satan.

His mouth is the foul-smelling maw of Hell,
and his might is at bottom accursed. ---

Behind the concrete,
the visible events,
behind all objective, logical considerations,
we find the irrational element:

the struggle against the demon,
against the servants of the Antichrist.

Everywhere and at all times
demons have been lurking in the dark,
waiting for the moment when man is weak;
when of his own volition
he leaves his place
in the order of Creation
as founded for him
by God
in freedom;

when he yields to the force of evil,
separates himself from the powers of
a higher order;

and after voluntarily
taking the next step,
he is driven on to the next
and the next
at a furiously accelerating rate

Nazis and the Occult
The Dark Forces Unleashed
by the Third Reich

by Paul Roland
copyright 2012
printed in the U.K.
pages 334, 335, 337-339, 344-346

note: Does any of this sound all-too-familiar,
post 9-11?

Is history repeating itself?
with only the costumes
and stage props
having changed,
and nothing more?

You can probably guess what I think.

Don't fall for the nonsense
which is propagated
from our most recent
Ministry of Truth?

See George Orwell's
to understand more fully
what I am saying, here.

Perhaps I can show you
a better way.

How about,
"Love one another",

And follow the path
of the "red letters"
in the NT.

Seems a much better way to go
for sustainability,
not to mention sanity.


w/ abundant love


3:47 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA