I am on the run.

But took a little bit of time to finish up the Fukushima album.

It was missing the first and last songs, which I had lost, in the hundreds of files in which they were found resting.

Finally, I have located them, and added them and then made a page just for this album.

There are notes at the bottom, which are going to be very important.

Particularly the links which I hope to supply.

Once again, I did all of the work during the months following the event in March of 2011, but have made hundreds of files since that time, and, therefore, don't know where the file with the links is.

Is just as well, because there are probably new things posted out there which I have not yet seen.

The most important of course are form NASA, JPL, and NOAA.

More to come --- which should make matters much more clear.

Hope all is well.

I am dealing with several emergency situations which require my immediate attention, and will, therefore, be away for awhile.

Those who need to know already know how to get in touch if urgently needed.

Although I believe I have been in touch with just about everybody who should know, during the past weeks.

At any rate, love you all.

6:03 p.m. pst
Ventura, California, USA