Well, after spending two weeks on the seawall watching the tide come in and go out, it is time to move on to my next location.

First, I must clean tanks, and clean all of the salt off of the side which was exposed to the waves last night.

The sea knew that I was getting ready to leave, so it decided to give me my very own, very private, and very spectacular show.

It culminated with a wave coming in the window of the RV, which is about 18 feet above the actual water.

Boy, that got my attention.

A new record.

I was playing one of the keyboards and testing systems when, all of a sudden, it was as if someone had taken a bucket of water and thrown it just outside, so that it went all over my elbow and arm, with enough coming inside the window to cause immediate and irrevocable concern over just what is coming next.

The waves pounded furiously all night long so that the RV is covered with huge amounts of crusted salt on the side which was being hit by the waves.

I am actually in town to get my semi-annual haircut.

Good thing I made the appointment two months ago, or I don't think I would be making it.

At any rate, I have to get going.

Sound system is shaping up nicely.

Took photos of the configuration which I have just arrived at last night and hope to post them shortly.

Here is the full power of Pro Tools on the dashboard of a motor vehicle, so that it is pretty much fully portable.

I will shake it down in the field and see just what it is good for and will report as soon as there is anything to report.

Am warming up on several songs which I am preparing for recording.

Is nice to not have to come back into town to do the actual recording.

I will be trying to move up the Rincon near Hobson Beach state park, just north of Faria Beach.

Don't expect to be back by a node until after I am up there and settled in.

Hope this finds all well with all of my loved ones and all of their loved ones.




Ventura, California, USA
12:33 p.m. pst