Sorry about the lack of music
or communication
these past couple of days.

I actually fell asleep at night
for several nights in a row.

Which, as you can imagine,
really throws me for a loop.

I do not know what to do
and when
or whether I like this idea,
even a little bit.

Unfortunately, my body does not care
about my opinion regarding this matter.

It rarely does.

I was up in Santa Barbara, yesterday,
making arrangements for today.

It seems that one of first five people
who is likely to have gone off that wall
I was telling about in the IASC post,
several weeks ago,
is coming into town for a visit,
and then taking off for one month
with my  cousin to go visit
a huge tribal conference
of American Indians
(centering around the Bear clan),
of which "the Wood" is an "adoptive" member,
for many years. 

A "must go", as he tells it
(in Bear clan family terms).

At any rate, this person,
whom I shall call BL
(remembering his two brothers
have the same initials),
is a 2009 IASC hall of famer.

We met at the awards,
where I asked him if he would be willing
to work with me on documenting
those very first years of
"sidewalk sufring"
as it turned into

He has built, for many years,
and still builds the best skateboards there are,
so that he knows
quite a little bit more
than most. 

HIs family business
was one of the early sponsors
of skating competitions,
along with Makaha,
and Hobie. 

I am told that BL is "the historian",
and has a wealth of knowledge
and contacts. 

But, best of all,
he was absolutely delighted
to help me out on this little project
upon which I seem to have
(unwittingly) embarked. 

So, he is coming in by train,
to Santa Barbara today,
and I need to get going
so we can spend a little time together,
and get to know one another. 

Am looking forward to it 

Duty calls, as they say. 

And opporutunity exists
"to be jumped on",
where I and all successful relatives and associates
or or are likely to be

I am listening to the last two songs
which I posted,
on big stereo,
with walls shaking and rattling. 

Yes, and I right along with it.

I love it when it gets extra dark,
which these two pieces
most certainly are,
at least from where I sit.

It can only make one wonder
what kind of a state of mind
I must be in.

Well, like Dan Margulis said, in my quote the other day,

 --- that will vary with mileage.

So, here's to a wonderful day
for all of you for whom I care,
and for whom I often bitterly weep,
and pray for
without ceasing.

Might sound strange to you.

Always rewember,
that cuts both ways.

w/ often very strained,
but never tenuous
or shakeable


1:33 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA