I tried to post several hours ago, but the computer hung up and I had to go immediately.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, it is now a little after 10 p.m. on Thursday, May 3, 2012.

I am by the computer for just a few minutes, on my way back out to beach office.

It was a truly amazing day.

After one week of almost nothing, except migrating birds, all of a sudden we get visited by one large pod of dolphins after another all day long.

Some of the dolphins were very large and impressive to look at.

They were playing in the waves, which are literally within one hundred feed of the seawall which I am parked on.

So, you could see and watch them about as good as you are likely to get to see anywhere at any time in their natural habitat.

Many of them are paired off and there are already a number of babies in the pod.

Well, as if that was not enough, who should decide to come by, once again, right inside the waveline, but, you guessed it, a whale.

Yes, for real.

The whale who I have been waiting for during the past several months finally turned up.

And he was certainly a beautiful sight to behold, I must tell you.

I could only see the length of his back, which looked to be about thirty feet long.

He sounded and then resurfaced hundreds of yards further north.

He did the same again, while aiming out toward the sea, and then just kind of disappeared.

Knowing that the whales tend to travel in pods, just like dolphins, I decided to keep a close watch for more.

Then, about one hour later, sure enough, several northbound pairs came by,  blowing from their spouts repeatedly.

We were about as close as you could get in a boat, without getting out the dinghy.

What a magnificent sight.

Finally, bringing up the rear, at sunset, was a huge seal, or sea lion.

He just stared from out in the ocean for several minutes and then disappeared beneath the waves.

I had two Pelicans almost run into my windshield, because they were so shocked to see me sitting there inside as they came very close so that they looked at me instead of in front of them.

It was a really weird sight to see, as they barely missed it by just an inch or two.

Weather has been cool and warm simultaneously, as is often the case on this stretch of coast.

I just got the hardware and software delivered to me today so that I may finish setting up the Roland SH-01 subtractive synthesizer and digital recording studio in the field.

This is one of the most advanced setups I will have tried in the field.

Hope I don't burn up my electical system, which is very real hazard.

Ten minutes and the entire rig is fully consumed in flames.

So, must be more careful than otherwise.

And I am well known for pushing the envelope way too far.

Oh, oh, sounds like the formula for upcoming disaster of epic proportions.

You had better just hope that I don't get on 1.8 beats per second.

I can, you know.

And, hmmmm ---- I wonder ----

For those who don't know, that is the frequency used to create "induced seismic events".

This means that if I hit a really nice low note on my SH-01, I could set off the infamous "butterfly effect", thereby causing a huge earthquake which will cause the entire continental shelf to collapse into the deep blue sea.

Oh, how sweet it will be.

Hope everyone else is having fun, or at least trying to.

Wishing everyone the best.

w/ love



10:30 p.m. pst

Ventura, California, USA