For any who need or want to know,
I got back into town yesterday evening.

Am on my way out the door right now
at almost 9 a.m.

Don't have much time,
right now,
to say anything.

Was very cold and windy
up on the north coast.

I spent two days out in that weather
in order to continue my "conditioning" program.

When I got back down to Ventura,
I thought I had just got off the plane in Honolulu.

Other than that nasty northern wind
the weather was downright perfect beach weather.

Oh, but that wind.

My Washingtonian "friends"
making themselves felt,
no doubt.

Well, here's the good news.

After being in it's northern portion
for several days,
the wind down here
felt more good than bad.

Oh, how strange
but a few days difference
can make.

I finally began taking animal photos again.

I have been unable to
since hitting my head so hard 
after falling 30 feet onto rocks

(badly breaking my left jaw,
right where three major facial muscles
go through the bone,
much to my dentist's terror;
not good, he explained in more forceful terms;
i.e. why you have not heard any audio for awhile
i.e. I have little to say,
being afraid to talk too much,
or rather,
should be more cautious
about what is coming out
at any given time,
to be a little more precise).

My brain simply
cannot process fast enough,
to keep up with
the very fast minds
of the little animals,
(who move very fast),
until now.

Sounds like progress to me.

Hope to post some of the photos,

I love working with the wild and semi-wild animals
outdoors in their own habitats.

It is PURE pleasure to me.

I missed it a lot.

And it sure did feel awful good
to get to be doing it again.

Oh, the things we just take so for granted.

Both of my clavicles are very unhappy,
at this very moment,
as are both shoulders,
because everything is still loose
and sloppy
following being torn to pieces
by the impact ending the fall.

I am very cautiously
trying to build the shoulder muscles
by use of numerous repetitions
of 15 and 20 pound dumbells,
one in each hand.

So far, so good.

Am also able to do situps again,
although there are some really weird noises
coming out of me that are worrisome.

I have not been able to until just recently
due to multiple fractures.

Bones were getting in the way.

Are now realigned enough,
from regular exercise,
so that I am able to do situps.. 


I missed them a lot.

O.K., ok, so I really don't want to tell you,
because I know it's going to make you
insanely jealous and envious as can be,
but I am going you know where.

Yes, to the land of sand and surf.

Yes, situp time.

And a lot more, I am sure.

i.e. three + mile walk/jog.

Then, I really MUST get some more work done

But, as I always say,

Play first,
then work
(if ---)

And -
one of my most famous axioms,
if ever there was one
(and definitely the one for which I am most renown)

never do today
what you can put off until tomorrow ---

I know it seems counter-intutive.

But when I was in law school
I had to learn this the hard way,
due to huge course overload
on the students
as a matter of academic policy
i.e. break them here,
so they don't break
in the federal courthouse
of downtown Los Angeles. 

Think about it.

Made good sense to me, then,
and even more now.

Speaking of which,
I got a sentence reduction
from 30 years to 6 months
in an experimental "boot camp"
from the Presiding Judge of that very court

[with a VERY pissed off
and very senior 
Deputy District Attorney,
who pissed off, or not,
had to sign off,
or it would not have happened].

Now that is a story I must write out
some day,
before too long, I should think.

As you probably can imagine,
there is a WHOLE LOT MORE
to that story than I am letting on, here.

So, I think my teachers got it right.

And now, you know why people think
we defense attorneys
are BBBBBAD to the bbbbbbone.

It's because we CAN BE
when we feel that we need to be

(and that,
ONLY when you are good enough
to be able to do
what actually needs to be done
in order to succeed;

and I am sure it is nothing
even remotely close
to what you likely MUST be thinking
to yourself,
upon hearing these words; 

NEVER FORGET this axiom,

even above expedience.

And all the more so as time goes on
and people get to know one another even better
and work together over long periods of time;

i.e. your credibility and honor is/are EVERYTHING.

sadly, it is often
only while laying down to die
that people suddenly,
and far too late,
realize this.).
Oh, by the way,

as Dan Margulis,
the King of Prepress,
so likes to say:

"(YOUR) mileage may vary"

Well, off we go, into the wild blue yonder.

w/ abundant and profoundly living love
to those whom I hold most dear
and everyone else,
along with,
and alongisde


9:12 a.m.
Ventura, Califrornia, USA