Last night, just before midnight,
I wrote this piece, titled,

I wanted to work on this melody
just a little bit more, and so I did.

I tried to post it
after converting to MP3
and uploading it,
but was overtaken by sleep,
once again.

I hope this cycle of insomnia
has finally come to an end.

Now I have narcolepsy,
instead, it would seem.

Life way out of balance?
or what?

It is a beautiful Sunday morning.

I should be on the road,
northbound, before too long.

I am told that tomorrow is
Memorial Day,
which means a holiday on Monday,
which means ???
so long as my travel plans
are concerned.

I used to go out of my way to
watch Indie 500 every year.

Hasn't happened in past several years.

While my enthusiasm for
Formula One racing
has waned not even a little bit,
my ability to get to a television set
for one morning per year
has become a major problem.

I am the father
of the
"Pull the Plug" (PTP) 
As such I pulled the plug
about ten years ago,
after witnessing the effects of
I recommend you run a query
and study this matter closely.
And then pull the plug,
as fast as you are able.
And never plug it back in.
That's what I did,
and have been nothing
but glad that I did,
until this very day.
I guess no convenient
Indie 500 venue
is not too large
of a price to pay
for what little mental peace
I get from all of this.
And I feel nothing but
pity and sorrow
for all of you
who are being made nuts
from all of this
paranoid garbage-fest
Oh no, be scared.
No, be really scared.
Seems hellishly manipulative
from where I sit and watch.
Especially when it says,
quite plainly in the NT
"fear is of the devil"
"perfect love casts out fear".
Hmmmmmmmm ---
And I thought all of these
persons claim to be such
wonderful "christians".
It can only make one wonder
just what, exactly,
is going on, here.]

The confusion which is being
caused by all of this is quite palpable.

Guess I had best get back
out to the coast
for a long, long walk,
during which I will figure
all of this out,
and then forget that I have,
and start all over again.

Does that sound circular?
or is it just me?

Anyway, I had best get moving,
I would think.

Hope you enjoy.

Speaking of which,
I, personally, have really enjoyed
the last several songs.
I love it when I get down
in a deep, dark (emotional) hole,
and then write, in music,
what it is that I both see and feel.

Good stuff.

On that note,

Good morning,
and may
The Good Lord
bless your day abundantly
and bountifully.
And may God continue to
protect you from "the evil"
as "something wicked this way comes".
w/ very intense and heated love
(is there any other kind?)


7:47 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA


Happy b-day to you CP.
or is it CPL?
or is it CPW?
since your real name
was stolen at birth,
along with you.
Miss you and love you very much.
A card is on it's way,
in the mail.
Let's go to LAX parking structure again,
and party down some more.
Never had so much fun in my life.
Am still laughing.
Would love to see the tapes
from the security cameras, NOT!
You are the best, C ---.

w/ fervent love from your very loving dad.