It is four minutes away from 3 a.m.

I am ready to fall over.

But, before doing so,
I wanted to write this song
for you to be able to listen to,

and to know ---

well, you know --- already.

The song is titled
and was written
at about 1:30
this morning.

I am using twelve synthesizers again,
on a new template I have just created,
this very night.

Eight synthesizers are dedicated
to orchestral and spatial
and atmospheric sounds,
while four are dedicated to choir.

In this particular song
I have begun in the key of C# minor,
and then went into several other keys.

I have used the 12 synthesizers
in three groups of four.

Each group has been kept separate
from the others,
for purposes of this song.

Other than that,
it is intended as nothing more
than good old fashioned fun,
believe it or not!

with extremely intense and devoted love,
for life
and until death do us part


3:02 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA