It is 12:30 a.m.

Could not decide what key to write in,
but finally ended up running with D major.

I wanted some more songs with solo choir.

This is the first one.

I am purposely trying to be quiet and mellow,
which is reflected in the rather amorphous
melodies and harmonies.

I don't want melody that grabs you too much,
or it will take you out of that contemplative state
and put you into a military marching mentality,
(for example),

I finished writing this song,
a little bit before midnight.

Because I was transferring numerous photos
and video

(finally getting to look
at the IASC footage and photos,
after being hounded by several
persons who want copies, pronto!
While I normally do not do things,
for these special people I am)

along with the bouncing and uploading
of this song,
it took a little bit longer than normal
to get it posted
= so I got pushed past midnight,
before being able to make this post.

Have had a very busy day.

Have had enough for one day.

See you later ---

and may God bless.



12:36 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA