As usual, it would seem, lately, I only have a few minutes to write.

Have to come in off of the wall tomorrow, because I must get ready to travel on Wednesday morning.

After almost 30 days of continuous waves, my mind feels much better than it has in a long time.

Add to that a little bit of chant at sunrise, and one can almost have some vestige of hope, where, otherwise, there would be none.

And, don 't forget the incredible starlit nights.

And, what about that incredible solar eclipse yesterday
(on SW's b-day, no less).

Was that just too awesome, or what?

I cannot believe that I am just as amazed now as I was when I first saw one as a very young child.

What a truly beautiful and marvelous world we live in.

And at the same time terrible, and frightening, while continuing to maintain an unbelievable majesty, in spite of all which seems to be going wrong on every side of us.

I long ago gave up on trying to figure out things which simply cannot be figured out.

Have simply enjoyed, and given much thanks and praise to our Creator being, nearly continuously.

What more can you or do you really need, anyway?

And what do you have without it?

All of the world's goods and earthly delights are not to be compared with one hour of intense love.

I just saw it the other day,

To live
is to love
and be loved

I would have to concur with this sentiment.

And while I am being sentimental I want to give thanks for our beautiful daughter SW, on whose b-day the latest chant was recorded.

SW has been deep on borrowed time for the past 6 years, as have I for much longer.

We don't question.

We just give thanks for every precious day we get to spend with our loved ones and cherish every moment with them and hold it as sacred as can be.

So, during the next several days we celebrate the births of three of my favorite girls.

For seven days in a row we get to celebrate the lives of our most dearest and cherished and to give thanks moment by moment for the very precious time we have all gotten to spend with one another.

And, oh, what an adventure it has been!

You are several of my rocks and anchors.

Your lives are most definitely an inspiration to me, in the most profound ways imaginable.

As I like so much to say,

Thanks for being.

i.e. as in existing.

Of course, you all three are always there and all who know you know you can be counted on no matter how hellish conditions are likely to become.

I am proud of all three of you and wish you all three happy and wonderful birthday celebrations.

And may God continue to bless abundantly.

Happy B-day to all three of you

and many more ---

you all know the drill..

w/ much love
and profound thanks



7:58 p.m. pst

Ventura, California, USA

p.s.  with any luck, when I get back from up north (assuming I do) I hope to be posting more photos.

I haven't forgotten that I promised more Zurich and Rincon.

Also, I think I still owe the story about how the antipathy between Apple/Canon users and IBMpc/Nikon users began.

It is a far different story than is being told today.

I was one of the consumers and factory workers during the very first days of these "contraptions" (as we used to call them), fresh out of high school, and intending to learn all I could about electronics, having just finished studying it for the past two years in high school.

I thought that there was a future, while everyone around me thought myself and all of the others (all 35 of us) were totally nuts.

They thought that the best you could hope for was stereo repairman or vacuum cleaner/small appliance repairman.

They just simply couldn't see the future then, and I'm not so sure they can see it any better now.

But, enough of that.

Gotta go ---

It's been fun, as usual


8:06 p.m.