I am staying on the wall for another several days.

Have to go up to Northern California on Wednesday.

Will return shortly thereafter, if all goes according to "plan".

Have been recording these very beautiful chants.

Have been up a little before dawn each morning and have listened to them as they are meant to be listened to, with the ocean waves crashing all around in front of you as the first glimmers of light hit the beach and as the first animals (always the Sandpipers) begin to move about just before the Sun rises.

I must say, it is most definitely much needed balm for the soul.

It has only taken me nearly one month to even begin to wind down.

I actually slept two nights out of the last 21.

One was last night, and the other probably the night before.

I am in no hurry to leave here right now, for obvious reasons.

Buy, as always, duty calls.

I hope to visit my friends up on top of the Santa Lucia Mountains on the Pacific Coast right next to Santa Lucia.

There is an active monastery up there, which I find rather interesting, to say the least.

And, you guessed it, they are big time into chant.

I have been surveying this operation for several years now, and have liked all of the people whom i have met.

So that I continue to search in that direction for wherever it may take me.

But, my reasons for going there now are quite different, as I am looking for a very rare (and expensive) book which they have there, and which I am unable (currently) to locate elsewhere.

The road has been closed for months, from the south side, due to a series of massive landslides, which took place over several years.

I am told that it is now open.

I shall see.

The poppies are blooming and can be seen all across the landscape on the drive up to see my friends, high up on the hill.

These coastal mountains are, quite simply, extraordinary.

But, here, you get to see it like you will at few other places, as there are no roads up into these mountains, except this one and several others (for example, Naciemiento Road, which is right next door, and is one of the few which comes to mind).

I actually go to the bookstore here, which gives me just the excuse i need to be able to use the road and various lookouts, without being chased off.

Besides, I contribute to keeping the road open, not to mention sheets and mattresses for the Calmaldoli monks who make this their home.

I do not give for that reason, but am happy to be able to go up into these mountains and spend some time enjoying the immense beauty which completely envelops and surrounds one as they stand and stare, not knowing just what to think at all.

As the song says, "It's all just too beautiful" (Itchycoo Park, for those of you who don't remember, or who weren't alive yet).

Anyway, while everything is just "all too beautiful", I had better get going.

So much to do and so little time.

w/love to all


5:26 p.m. pst
Ventura, California, USA