It is 2:10 a.m.

This piece, 051613a,
was written just a little after midnight.

I am using the 8 synth template again,
as I try to get a better idea
of what it is capable of
as it is set up right now.

I am thinking about the next "sound"
almost continuously
and hope to begin making the next template
before too long.

This piece is interesting in that I am becoming
more comfortable with writing contrasting sections
in different keys
with different tonal relationships 
to the beginning key I am playing in.

For example,
in one piece I may contrast
C# minor
G major. 
From there I may suddenly jump into
E minor,
as the relative minor of G major,
as a way of sneaking back into G major,
which will then be contrasted with the key of D minor,
in the next section,
for example. 
And finally ending in A minor. 
Remembering that we started in G major. 
That is, roughly,
what is taking place in this piece.

Then I will further contrast
by changing the orchestral emphasis
versus choral emphasis,
as I change from the main key
(or, more precisely the main tonal center)
to the new one.

NOTE:  Re: 5-15-13 post about "Melody".

Just for the record;

I have been wanting to write
something on melody and melodic development
(a la motifs)
for awhile now.

I finally broke down this afternoon
and decided to begin sketching out
some writing regarding this matter.

If I am able I will write more about this.

I have quite a bit in my head,
but time has been severely limited
during these past several years.

It may seem to end rather abruptly.

That is because
it is not intended as the end,
but as the beginning.

It really is an amazing subject
as I know you will agree
once I get some of this out of my head
and onto paper.

It is late enough
that I haven't got much to say,
right now,
other than,

and may God bless.

w/ love far beyond your ability to imagine,
but not beyond your ability to comprehend


2:26 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA