Wrote this song at about 10 p.m. this evening.

It is titled 051413a.

It is dark and moody,
like the several before it,
although I have changed templates
(i.e. back to 8 synth instead of 12).

I wanted to emphasize the choir more
and I wanted it to be nice and quiet
and meditative.

I wonder if I will ever get there.

I just seem to get rowdy
while I am trying hard to stay mellow.

I am reminded of so many distressing scenarios
with which I am currently dealing,
that the overwhelmedness is coming through
loud and clear,
and that rather uncontrollably,
it would seem.

I am tired and will go lay down.

As I already told,
I tried to write during the early a.m.
last night
and the night before,
but simply nodded off
to wake up later
wondering where I am
and how I got there.

I do not, therefore,
have a lot of hope for tonight.

But we shall see, --- yesss --- ?

Oh yes we shall.


from a very tired


11:01 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA