As you can see from the photos on the Rincon Highway May 2012 page (new), I have come under a sustained attack by whales and Orcas.

I had to fight my way out this morning in order to get down here to write this and to post the photos.

I do not think it is safe to swim at this beach just at this moment.

I am wondering how long it will be before JAWS joins the fracas.

Seriously, though, a huge pod of dolphins swimming merrily around with at least one Orca and whale, and several others which did not show enough of themselves to make positive i.d.

And that right there in the waves.

Not just outside the breakers, but in the breakers.

That means that if you went body surfing at this beach today, you would have some huge company romping around in the waves right alongside you.

I am not sure about that idea, at all!

So, once again, I really must go.

I apologize for always having to go right away, but that is just how it is at this hectic time in my life.

Not really a whole lot I can do about it.

Especially since I am the one who chose this path, and that with my eyes VERY wide open.

I just thought that this was a truly marvelous sight to behold this afternoon.

I consider myself very blessed to have seen this.

Especially to see an Orca or two playing with the dolphins, rather than eating them.




6:24 p.m. pst

Ventura, California, USA