I have been writing for choir and organ
during the past several months.

As can be seen with some of my earlier work
(this year)
I will combine the various different movements
together in different ways
when it seems beneficial.

In this case
I have hated 031813a
from the first moment that I heard it.

But upon further consideration
I realized that it was only the first five minutes
which was simply ruining the rest.

It is like
it was taking me several minutes
to come to life.

No big deal,
when it ruins all of the rest of the song.

That is what it did for me.

So, I have been waiting
from that date to this
to excise that portion
just as soon as possible,
which turned out to be today.

Just for the record,
this is not an uncommon occurrence
when "free composing" as I do.

You might go for several minutes
completely out of this world,
and then crash and burn hard
for several minutes
until the inspiration returns.

(Sounds similar to
my day to day existence,
don't you think?)

Sounds like a job for a sound editor.

That would be me.

Good riddance
to that five minutes,
is what I say.

Hope everyone is having a good night,
while remaining ever faithful
and pure
and true to our very high ideals.

Love you all
and wish you were with me
as I sit alone, once again,
and wondering --------

w/love which has been abundantly tested
and tried in the flames,
but which has withstood all
and which is stronger
and "fiercer"
than ever.


8:37 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA